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21. Anyone, repeat ANYONE, in the DOJ, Pentagon, USSS, Congress, White House, ANYONE...
Thu Aug 4, 2022, 08:10 AM
Aug 2022

...that played any part in January 6 or has any evidence needs to come forward.

That said: This was a deliberate attempt to overthrow the government of the United States of America. ANYONE that violated their oaths to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic" should be vigorously prosecuted and if found guilty, sentenced to the full letter of the law. There must be no ambiguities of the consequences for such nefarious acts.

If it looks like a conspiracy and acts like a conspiracy, it is most likely a conspiracy.
A conspiracy to commit sedition and seditious acts.
A conspiracy to overturn the lawful results of a federal election.
A conspiracy to retain power and position for Donald J. Trump* by any and all means necessary.

Conspiracy. We should get familiar with the word. I suspect we'll be hearing a lot of it in the future.

They should have done this automatically already or at least, tell someone else of tRUMP's SWBTATTReg Aug 2022 #1
Both DOJ and Jan 6th committee needs to uncover all involved in the military, duforsure Aug 2022 #2
Agree! I am still struck by the fact that not one person stepped forward. Where are the patriotic SWBTATTReg Aug 2022 #4
Patriots? Not in Trump world. BlueJac Aug 2022 #18
Special prosecutor! gab13by13 Aug 2022 #3
Agree 100% duforsure Aug 2022 #5
This is the October surprise. rubbersole Aug 2022 #6
October is Steve Kornacki time. gab13by13 Aug 2022 #7
Could be. duforsure Aug 2022 #8
High ranking deep state is above the law apparently. Irish_Dem Aug 2022 #9
Was anyone on the Supreme Court involved too? duforsure Aug 2022 #10
Many more high ranking R officials were involved than we realized. Irish_Dem Aug 2022 #12
I think we're at the tip of the iceberg moment discovering those who conspired in the insurrection, duforsure Aug 2022 #13
The R's either directly aided 1/6 or knew about it and did nothing. Irish_Dem Aug 2022 #14
Good point, duforsure Aug 2022 #16
Often small clues tell the story. The missing panic buttons in Dem offices. Irish_Dem Aug 2022 #17
Ii wonder if all the Supreme Court Justices have been ordered to save everything from Nov. to now, duforsure Aug 2022 #19
The messages were all deleted or on burner phones? Irish_Dem Aug 2022 #20
We need answers -- an investigator who can't be shut down by GOP. Hermit-The-Prog Aug 2022 #26
Yes, we're in a world of treason here & sadly enabled by people who didn't sound the alarm Joinfortmill Aug 2022 #11
We need to whole truth about everything that's happened to our country, duforsure Aug 2022 #15
Anyone, repeat ANYONE, in the DOJ, Pentagon, USSS, Congress, White House, ANYONE... Raster Aug 2022 #21
I have often wondered moniss Aug 2022 #22
Wonder if Charles Flynn is one of those with missing texts. lark Aug 2022 #23
Will they want to reveal the data on a divided military? bucolic_frolic Aug 2022 #24
Wow, that's a good point duckworth969 Aug 2022 #25
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