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16. Can't agree
Fri Aug 26, 2022, 01:58 PM
Aug 2022

Just read it and there is nothing there that tells me he is fucked. Not sure how you got to that “point”. Please share if you would. One statement doesn’t do it for me. Sorry

Agree, malaise! Elessar Zappa Aug 2022 #1
Agreed. I don't expect indictments before mid term. n/t Claustrum Aug 2022 #2
I expect indictments next month malaise Aug 2022 #3
I hope you're right! Elessar Zappa Aug 2022 #4
Trump deserves to be in handcuffs right now. sop Aug 2022 #9
I don't know. Indictments would wake up the MAGAts Mr. Ected Aug 2022 #13
Bwahaha, now I see MAGATs crying tiny tears in their Coup Coup Puffs. txwhitedove Aug 2022 #18
Perfect MAGAT cereal Evolve Dammit Aug 2022 #23
the longer he is loose, the more damage he can do to our contry rurallib Aug 2022 #17
If you're correct, then the DOJ would be politicizing justice. jaxexpat Aug 2022 #28
Fruits of crime. underpants Aug 2022 #5
Thanks malaise Aug 2022 #7
That's probably the first time Chump has been anywhere near fruit. Sky Jewels Aug 2022 #14
He's the most dangerous threat America has......! spanone Aug 2022 #6
+1,000 malaise Aug 2022 #8
It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say Trump is the most dangerous internal threat America has sop Aug 2022 #11
Agreed. spanone Aug 2022 #12
Agree, a dangerous buffoon. Strangely so American. Joinfortmill Aug 2022 #27
What damage has he done to your life? Kaleva Aug 2022 #33
Seriously? Or are you just playing the role of contrarian? sop Aug 2022 #34
If he hasn't, just say so. Kaleva Aug 2022 #35
You are playing the role of contrarian. sop Aug 2022 #36
So your life hasn't been affected negatively by TFG Kaleva Aug 2022 #37
But it's more of a Sting style fucking... lame54 Aug 2022 #10
From this thread malaise Aug 2022 #29
Recommended. H2O Man Aug 2022 #15
Folks on Wallace's program are referring to him as a malaise Aug 2022 #31
Can't agree AKwannabe Aug 2022 #16
+1 beaglelover Aug 2022 #20
I want him fucked good and hard wildman76 Aug 2022 #19
And he wanted the Affidavit released ASAP! no_hypocrisy Aug 2022 #21
He was bluffing malaise Aug 2022 #30
We sincerely hope so Warpy Aug 2022 #22
Yes, indeed wendyb-NC Aug 2022 #24
We ain't seen nothing yet.!!! K and R...The next show will be the best for all of us here..!! "The Stuart G Aug 2022 #25
Hang on for the ride malaise Aug 2022 #32
Amen Joinfortmill Aug 2022 #26
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