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432. I logged back in just to post in this thread...
Thu Sep 29, 2022, 12:14 AM
Sep 2022

...but I'm gonna keep it short.

I will miss you, Will. You made a difference in my life and I'm proud to have been among your many friends.

Really????? He was young. Nevilledog Sep 2022 #1
He was 50 dweller Sep 2022 #14
Check out what appears to be his last tweet. Renew Deal Sep 2022 #85
Ouch. A cutting response, in retrospect. n/t NH Ethylene Sep 2022 #95
His last FB post was a day later... regnaD kciN Sep 2022 #149
And someone responded with this comment: PatSeg Sep 2022 #307
That just set me off again G2theD Sep 2022 #288
Lola is nine tavalon Sep 2022 #327
Oh, someone said she was 4, but 9 is just as bad I guess G2theD Sep 2022 #445
No. Fucking. Way. librechik Sep 2022 #297
It's awful when a parent outlives a child tavalon Sep 2022 #328
Damn. So sorry. I'm in shock and I never knew him. Evolve Dammit Sep 2022 #392
Oh my. He was one of my favorites. honest.abe Sep 2022 #2
His heart gave out. elleng Sep 2022 #4
What a shame. He was one of our finest. honest.abe Sep 2022 #10
Stout heart.. PlutosHeart Sep 2022 #19
He always said that tavalon Sep 2022 #330
Damn it mahina Sep 2022 #168
Sadly if we're honest it was probably the booze. Nt Maru Kitteh Sep 2022 #102
So tell me Rob H. Sep 2022 #190
That may be true BWdem4life Sep 2022 #192
He quit drinking awhile ago. babylonsister Sep 2022 #252
Thank you. GoddessOfGuinness Sep 2022 #421
I'll go all Harold Ross gratuitous Sep 2022 #3
So sad. FalloutShelter Sep 2022 #5
Didn't he used to post here? Or am I thinking of someone else who was a regular about 10 years ago Quixote1818 Sep 2022 #6
Yes, he did post here. Not sure why he stopped doing so. elleng Sep 2022 #11
Right. H2O Man Sep 2022 #18
Thought I remembered his daughter. elleng Sep 2022 #29
Exactly. likesmountains 52 Sep 2022 #40
This. RiP, Will. n/t ms liberty Sep 2022 #45
:thumbsup: Orrex Sep 2022 #123
I followed him on Facebook. Hadn't seen a post in a couple days. madinmaryland Sep 2022 #169
This message was self-deleted by its author PlutosHeart Sep 2022 #205
Some know why. PlutosHeart Sep 2022 #206
This message was self-deleted by its author Roisin Ni Fiachra Sep 2022 #246
Indeed, but the vultures can't resist. demmiblue Sep 2022 #231
yes, thank you G_j Sep 2022 #274
Lola is nine now. tavalon Sep 2022 #334
Do you know anything about his wife? I've not even heard her mentioned... hlthe2b Sep 2022 #344
She is still alive but Will didn't speak of her for many years tavalon Sep 2022 #345
Right. H2O Man Sep 2022 #370
+1000 MustLoveBeagles Sep 2022 #406
The Fitzmas mess malaise Sep 2022 #25
That Wasn't It ProfessorGAC Sep 2022 #27
yes NewJeffCT Sep 2022 #88
This Orrex Sep 2022 #130
Definitely not that. boston bean Sep 2022 #32
I remember that. It's too bad when frustration gets the better of you. Coventina Sep 2022 #91
That last. Well said. The ideals are real. If only. Hortensis Sep 2022 #202
Yes. We still see cracks about "business days" treestar Sep 2022 #263
He was banned like so many. He had a thriving Facebook group Arazi Sep 2022 #54
I left here of my own volition because the place became too DLC and too intolerant tavalon Sep 2022 #335
Isn't he the one who was banned from here for calling... brush Sep 2022 #96
This message was self-deleted by its author prodigitalson Sep 2022 #104
He wasn't banned. He was flagged for review... Violet_Crumble Sep 2022 #194
You're wrong. He did call Pres. Obama a pos. I was here. brush Sep 2022 #195
No, I'm not. I was here too... Violet_Crumble Sep 2022 #197
You're absolutely wrong. Create a post and ask that question. brush Sep 2022 #198
Because that's the most important thing tavalon Sep 2022 #338
Why lie about history? What happened happened. brush Sep 2022 #343
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #346
Pls stop with the insults. My familiarity with the guy... brush Sep 2022 #350
You don't need to be a fan tavalon Sep 2022 #355
Let's cut this short. I alerted on you as I don't appreciate the insults. brush Sep 2022 #359
Whatever tavalon Sep 2022 #364
Well said! Here for the day also/ n/t GCP Sep 2022 #420
He called him a POS used car salesman obamanut2012 Sep 2022 #199
Yes. He was before my time here, but I remember a thread with screenshots of those. Treefrog Sep 2022 #239
Omg. MrsCoffee Sep 2022 #214
Here is the Wayback machine archive version of the post BumRushDaShow Sep 2022 #216
+1 betsuni Sep 2022 #219
That was full of pain and understandable anger Maeve Sep 2022 #236
I do get that BumRushDaShow Sep 2022 #244
Time and place, man Sympthsical Sep 2022 #255
Try reading the rest of my post that you just replied to BumRushDaShow Sep 2022 #258
Just stop Sympthsical Sep 2022 #259
How about moving on to someone else? BumRushDaShow Sep 2022 #260
Take your advice and move on to someone else. He's gone. Autumn Sep 2022 #275
I'm surprised it took the bingo brigade this long. Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2022 #289
Is this joining in the grieving? Nixie Sep 2022 #293
Yeah, I came back to be with people who knew him tavalon Sep 2022 #341
We all say things in the heat of the moment we wish we hadn't Maeve Sep 2022 #295
As well said as could be, BumRushDaShow Hekate Sep 2022 #298
God, I didn't think I had any more tears left tavalon Sep 2022 #339
Word. salin Sep 2022 #438
Thank You Maeve Beetwasher. Sep 2022 #442
+2 betsuni Sep 2022 #237
Ahh JustAnotherGen Sep 2022 #291
"Fuck you, Mr. President, you piece of shit used-car salesman." 867-5309. Sep 2022 #292
+1. I think that's what is commonly referred to as an Inconvenient Truth.☝🏽 Tarheel_Dem Sep 2022 #367
That is sad. I never knew the details of what happened. The post was just gone... Demsrule86 Sep 2022 #407
+1 betsuni Sep 2022 #227
It was a huge dust up on DU tavalon Sep 2022 #337
He didn't leave then. W_HAMILTON Sep 2022 #405
Is he the one that called Obama a used car salesman? Demsrule86 Sep 2022 #385
Yes. A "piece of shit used-car salesman" to be exact. W_HAMILTON Sep 2022 #395
I never saw the post, it was gone pretty quickly. I just heard about it...so I wasn't sure. Demsrule86 Sep 2022 #408
I mean, it's all archived... W_HAMILTON Sep 2022 #201
+1 betsuni Sep 2022 #203
+1 MrsCoffee Sep 2022 #217
Here is the thread BumRushDaShow Sep 2022 #213
+1 betsuni Sep 2022 #218
wife, not child treestar Sep 2022 #261
No it wasn't questionseverything Sep 2022 #433
It doesn't take much Diraven Sep 2022 #262
Will was the kind to go loudly where many of us just left quietly tavalon Sep 2022 #336
Will and I both joined DU in May of 2001. Bo Zarts Sep 2022 #224
Thank you for this post. BComplex Sep 2022 #306
I've cried so many tears today tavalon Sep 2022 #349
He Vented RobinA Sep 2022 #240
No one said Obama was the second coming. That was right-wing propaganda. betsuni Sep 2022 #241
Because this place became to DLC for his taste tavalon Sep 2022 #333
I only knew him briefly. And I have to say the stuff about Clinton which was parroted here by more Demsrule86 Sep 2022 #412
He joined DU the day after I did in 2001. nt Gore1FL Sep 2022 #81
Was here from the beginning. Activist, history teacher, journalist, author, devoted father & husband Hekate Sep 2022 #154
He used to post here and yes, he was a journalist and has a number of books. tavalon Sep 2022 #332
This message was self-deleted by its author Skittles Sep 2022 #429
... Docreed2003 Sep 2022 #7
Goddamnit. BigDemVoter Sep 2022 #8
Seconded Mira Sep 2022 #161
This message was self-deleted by its author BigDemVoter Sep 2022 #9
RIP cate94 Sep 2022 #12
I'm still in shock. H2O Man Sep 2022 #13
Same. What a tragic loss for our community. n/t OneGrassRoot Sep 2022 #230
Heartbreak and Shock Beetwasher. Sep 2022 #447
Part of my life just ended. PlutosHeart Sep 2022 #15
... vanlassie Sep 2022 #112
Same. He was a part of my life, peripherally, tavalon Sep 2022 #347
Oh noooooo!! babylonsister Sep 2022 #16
wtf? leftstreet Sep 2022 #17
He was 51. honest.abe Sep 2022 #42
Yeah, it was a heart attack tavalon Sep 2022 #353
I'm afraid it is tavalon Sep 2022 #352
DAAAAAMN! I read him often here back in the day and at Truthout Hugh_Lebowski Sep 2022 #20
RIP sakabatou Sep 2022 #21
Sad... Mike Nelson Sep 2022 #22
Unconfirmed at Wikipedia, mobile phone edit by anonymous. No link here or there. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2022 #23
His friends on Facebook seem to be confirming it. Sky Jewels Sep 2022 #51
God, I wish it weren't true. tavalon Sep 2022 #354
It's a shame, especially with half an adult lifetime ahead of him. . . .nt Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2022 #357
How sad malaise Sep 2022 #24
A true force of nature when the spirit moved him tavernier Sep 2022 #26
as sharp as they come G_j Sep 2022 #277
How awful kimbutgar Sep 2022 #28
RIP. Kingofalldems Sep 2022 #30
So sad!!! I remember when he was a regular Demovictory9 Sep 2022 #31
I read a Truthout article about DU dweller Sep 2022 #33
He was a pain in the ass.... SergeStorms Sep 2022 #34
If true, this is horrendously bad news. I feel for his family. CousinIT Sep 2022 #35
He was the reason I discovered Truthout. Geechie Sep 2022 #36
Very Sad News WiVoter Sep 2022 #37
Only 50? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Sep 2022 #38
PLEASE! HAS THIS BEEN CONFIRMED? His wiki page and truthout.com say NOTHING about this hlthe2b Sep 2022 #39
It's not confirmed leftstreet Sep 2022 #43
It's all over his Facebook page, which is public, so anyone can see it. WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2022 #44
I am not on FB and trust it no more than the wrapper my fish comes in. hlthe2b Sep 2022 #47
I mean, it's his page, where his friends are all confirming to each other that the news is true, and WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2022 #50
https://www.facebook.com/william.r.pitt.1/about hlthe2b Sep 2022 #56
That's his "about" page. WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2022 #59
I can't see that unless I log in senseandsensibility Sep 2022 #71
And one can't see that if they have no account. Facebutt demands a login. CousinIT Sep 2022 #60
The only place I see it on his fb page is within comments boston bean Sep 2022 #76
I don't know him well enough to know if those posters were close friends of his or not dsc Sep 2022 #83
Me neither. So I am not sure. Seemed to all start over there around same time as here. boston bean Sep 2022 #87
I''m sorry tavalon Sep 2022 #369
I Saw That WiVoter Sep 2022 #48
Wikipedia lists September 26, 2022 as his death date. Gore1FL Sep 2022 #99
The date has been entered with no sourcing and no comment in the text. hlthe2b Sep 2022 #107
this wiki pages shows no date of death Hamlette Sep 2022 #122
It was removed by a professor from Slovenia dsc Sep 2022 #125
Dr Melanoma Knauss, dual PhD in Goldiggery and Backworkology Celerity Sep 2022 #319
I didn't see that dsc Sep 2022 #323
It was a joke. 'Dr Knauss' is, of course, the ex FLOT, and also a VPN can make you appear to be from Celerity Sep 2022 #324
I immediately thought of his mother as well. She is still an active member here. Rhiannon12866 Sep 2022 #111
Me too. Deepest condolences to Raven Wicked Blue Sep 2022 #127
I just can't imagine. Rhiannon12866 Sep 2022 #131
It's been confirmed by a person who knows his family tavalon Sep 2022 #358
I'm sorry tavalon Sep 2022 #362
His little girl is only in fourth grade. Sky Jewels Sep 2022 #41
That's so sad. NH Ethylene Sep 2022 #93
very sad. very young. NewHendoLib Sep 2022 #46
Oh Lola. My heart. Grasswire2 Sep 2022 #49
My heart hurts. Autumn Sep 2022 #57
He did. PlutosHeart Sep 2022 #207
Sad day... Ellipsis Sep 2022 #52
So sad. RIP,. n/t ms liberty Sep 2022 #53
RIP Condolences to the family. So sad. He was an awesome man. Samrob Sep 2022 #55
yes Grasswire2 Sep 2022 #62
I'll miss him. Aristus Sep 2022 #58
I met him at Andy's funeral. LisaM Sep 2022 #69
That is the second time I met him. tavalon Sep 2022 #371
Yes, I was sorry I didn't go to that. LisaM Sep 2022 #388
Oh Andy! MuseRider Sep 2022 #80
No one has posted the news on his twitter feed. Grasswire2 Sep 2022 #61
I checked there after I went to his FB page and saw the posts. No posts on Twitter Autumn Sep 2022 #72
right Grasswire2 Sep 2022 #94
Dahr Jamail and Wills friend James say it's true. Autumn Sep 2022 #133
Such a good writer mountain grammy Sep 2022 #63
Wow! BluesRunTheGame Sep 2022 #64
Oh no! Such a light. So ahead of everyone in calling out the corrupt playbook of politics. ancianita Sep 2022 #65
fearless, too Grasswire2 Sep 2022 #135
Sorry to hear this. I read him often at Truthout wnylib Sep 2022 #66
May his memory be a blessing tishaLA Sep 2022 #67
Very sad if true senseandsensibility Sep 2022 #68
It's true. Very Sad. Such a loss for his young family. R.I.P Will Pitt n/t auntAgonist Sep 2022 #74
Oh noooo!! AmBlue Sep 2022 #70
William Rivers Pitt was a prolific poster here when I joined in 2004. Greybnk48 Sep 2022 #73
I found this place because of Will. Autumn Sep 2022 #75
Me too mahina Sep 2022 #188
Oh man. Way back in the day of Matcom peacefreak2.0 Sep 2022 #77
Yes... I think about Matcom from time to time and he was close (at least for a time) w Will... hlthe2b Sep 2022 #92
What ever became of Mat Com? suegeo Sep 2022 #305
He never came over from DU2--so I think he's been missing since at least 2007.. hlthe2b Sep 2022 #308
It got weird here. tavalon Sep 2022 #372
Matcom was hilarious. Elessar Zappa Sep 2022 #340
R.I.P. hay rick Sep 2022 #78
That's terrible. His last tweet was 4 days ago Renew Deal Sep 2022 #79
Nooooooo! AllyCat Sep 2022 #82
He had his issues towards the end of his DU tenure Tommy Carcetti Sep 2022 #84
"his" issues? Grasswire2 Sep 2022 #97
I remember him going off on President Obama towards the end. Tommy Carcetti Sep 2022 #253
maybe the issues were with the way many people attacked him for a rather benign comment. Grasswire2 Sep 2022 #311
My thoughts precisely. GoddessOfGuinness Sep 2022 #422
I am so saddened. For me, this is like when Kephra died. Coventina Sep 2022 #86
Yes, Kephra is still very fondly remembered here. I am still hopeful Will's report is wrong. hlthe2b Sep 2022 #98
I remember Keph Raine Sep 2022 #184
I remember Kephra too. So sad. Greybnk48 Sep 2022 #103
Keph was taken by a blood clot IIRC. It was very sudden. Coventina Sep 2022 #108
Same UpInArms Sep 2022 #139
Kephra was an amazing DUer. mahina Sep 2022 #189
It was Andy who had pancreatic cancer. LisaM Sep 2022 #141
The same lump in gut feeling.. likesmountains 52 Sep 2022 #242
So sorry to hear that. JanMichael Sep 2022 #89
He posted this quote on Facebook when one of his good friends passed away: Sky Jewels Sep 2022 #90
good advice, but hard to follow senseandsensibility Sep 2022 #100
Very true. Sky Jewels Sep 2022 #106
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Sep 2022 #155
I'm in shock. Solly Mack Sep 2022 #101
Nice choice of music. The Irish know how to memorialize. I too am in shock, Solly Mack. hlthe2b Sep 2022 #265
I've checked and rechecked this thread, half expecting to find out this is some cruel Solly Mack Sep 2022 #280
I wanted that so badly, too. tavalon Sep 2022 #373
So many people from the early days now gone. Solly Mack Sep 2022 #379
It saddens me to hear this Chautauquas Sep 2022 #105
RIP Mr. Pitt. I missed you when you left DU. panader0 Sep 2022 #109
Recommend that to the Admins. I'm sure they'll say yes. Hekate Sep 2022 #159
Agree 100% Bluethroughu Sep 2022 #285
He should. AngryOldDem Sep 2022 #290
Very Sad news. Texasgal Sep 2022 #110
Oh no CanonRay Sep 2022 #113
I remember him being one of the more active DUers liberal N proud Sep 2022 #114
:( n/t FreeState Sep 2022 #115
This message was self-deleted by its author 867-5309. Sep 2022 #116
Apparently Dahr Jamail confirmed it. vanlassie Sep 2022 #117
RIP William Rivers Pitt Yorkie Mom Sep 2022 #118
RIP, Mr. Pitt. MissB Sep 2022 #119
Oh, no! Kid Berwyn Sep 2022 #120
well said nt Grasswire2 Sep 2022 #426
If I saw his name on something, I read it. chriscan64 Sep 2022 #121
So many names from years ago mentioned in this thread. crickets Sep 2022 #124
The most horrendous news of the day. donheld Sep 2022 #126
So sad. I was hoping it wasn't true, but looks like it is mvd Sep 2022 #128
Nooooo please no mahina Sep 2022 #129
Wikipedia? Elwood P Dowd Sep 2022 #132
Dang. Rip. BootinUp Sep 2022 #134
Was really sad when William Rivers Pitt left DU ... doublethink Sep 2022 #136
So was I tavalon Sep 2022 #374
OMG! I'm so sorry to hear that! mike_c Sep 2022 #137
Aww Gee. RIP Will. I used to love catching his observations here Liberal In Texas Sep 2022 #138
Here's a speech and Q&A from Will Pitt in 2003. It's on CSPAN Renew Deal Sep 2022 #140
My heart is heavy. Haven't been in touch for yrs, but in the era of the drumbeats 4 the Iraq war, salin Sep 2022 #142
Very well said. H2O Man Sep 2022 #160
Well Said, Old Friend Beetwasher. Sep 2022 #434
For me, too. salin Sep 2022 #437
Yes, a Toast Beetwasher. Sep 2022 #439
William - A Parting Glass blm Sep 2022 #143
Beautifully said. salin Sep 2022 #150
Mopinko says she sang the song for him. Tetrachloride Sep 2022 #248
I sent Mopinko some mail...when she/he didn't reply, I checked the profile...was worried... FFR. Demsrule86 Sep 2022 #387
oh no Kali Sep 2022 #418
thank you G_j Sep 2022 #279
A beautiful song. mia Sep 2022 #326
Thanks BLM Beetwasher. Sep 2022 #440
He spoke on my campus about 10 years ago SYFROYH Sep 2022 #144
Profoundly sad news. bluesbassman Sep 2022 #145
I hope this is false news, Elleng. Nothing found on any news or progressive sites I searched. KY_EnviroGuy Sep 2022 #146
I am so sorry. I wish it weren't true tavalon Sep 2022 #376
Goodbye, Will blogslug Sep 2022 #147
RIP IronLionZion Sep 2022 #148
Very sad news. I hope this isn't true. Owl Sep 2022 #151
Rest in power, Will Mr. Scorpio Sep 2022 #152
Sad news. RIP Mr. Pitt. Condolences to your daughter, family and friends. yonder Sep 2022 #153
I don't want to believe this true and still hope I'll wake tomorrow to find it all an error. hlthe2b Sep 2022 #156
Tragic. Here are his last posts on Truthout, where he was a frequent contributor: Liberty Belle Sep 2022 #157
RIP William Rivers Pitt Backseat Driver Sep 2022 #158
I remember when he went to Camp Casey. Damn, I am sorry he's gone so young.... Hekate Sep 2022 #162
His 2013-2016 profile below (no longer comes up on search results but old links work) hlthe2b Sep 2022 #165
Thank you. It provides the link to his last post, which judging from the replies must have been ... Hekate Sep 2022 #171
I remember Camp Casey. I remember senseandsensibility Sep 2022 #390
I was working with the Veterans for Peace in those years, & Casey's mom Cindy Sheehan came by... Hekate Sep 2022 #419
R.I.P. to a good man. dalton99a Sep 2022 #163
Oh, so sorry. kskiska Sep 2022 #164
Sorry to hear this johnnie Sep 2022 #166
Where is this coming from that Will has died? Pachamama Sep 2022 #167
Many of us old DUers who no longer fit in her tavalon Sep 2022 #375
R.I.P. William Rivers Pitt. He was one of the first to welcome me to DU. oasis Sep 2022 #170
William Rivers Pitt spanone Sep 2022 #172
... Tom Yossarian Joad Sep 2022 #173
William Rivers Pitt, you will be missed. flvegan Sep 2022 #174
What a damn shame, and so young shanti Sep 2022 #175
We lost a fine wordsmith. ZZenith Sep 2022 #176
RIP - nt Ohio Joe Sep 2022 #177
I'm just stunned. We fought like crazy. nolabear Sep 2022 #178
I really like this. H2O Man Sep 2022 #185
Safe travels, Will Sugarcoated Sep 2022 #179
Will came to SF in 2004 and a bunch Tree Lady Sep 2022 #180
Such sad news 😥 ... R-I-P Will 🙏🕯️ Raine Sep 2022 #181
stunned Kali Sep 2022 #182
RIP, Will JCMach1 Sep 2022 #183
RIP Will progressoid Sep 2022 #186
This is shocking news. I remember him so well. Crunchy Frog Sep 2022 #187
Very sad CountAllVotes Sep 2022 #191
Thus is the 3rd post about this that I've seen so far. ShazzieB Sep 2022 #193
Well, that sucks a lot... Violet_Crumble Sep 2022 #196
I've been on DU since the beginning Elessar Zappa Sep 2022 #243
RIP WRP! burrowowl Sep 2022 #200
RIP! BlueMTexpat Sep 2022 #204
Farewell, my friend. mia Sep 2022 #208
My heart goes out to his mother and young daughter. herding cats Sep 2022 #209
How awful kcr Sep 2022 #210
So sad to hear this Rastapopoulos Sep 2022 #211
Yeah, me too. calimary Sep 2022 #312
S'long Will... MiHale Sep 2022 #212
I'm sadden to hear this Tickle Sep 2022 #215
His reporting on the PNAC was first rate. A huge loss. Auggie Sep 2022 #220
I discovered DU through Truthout- callous taoboy Sep 2022 #221
Our deepest regrets for his family and all they and he have lost. Hortensis Sep 2022 #222
Say it isn't so! His writing on Truthout (especially re PNAC) was unequalled. CaptainTruth Sep 2022 #223
A truly gifted soul. I've missed him here at DU over the years. Ilsa Sep 2022 #225
R.I.P. Will gademocrat7 Sep 2022 #226
n/t onethatcares Sep 2022 #228
I'm very sorry to hear this news. My deepest condolences to his family. yardwork Sep 2022 #229
... demmiblue Sep 2022 #232
This saddens me deeply. Thank you for letting us know Tom Rinaldo Sep 2022 #233
RIP, he was a great writer and DUer Shellback Squid Sep 2022 #234
His Infraction RobinA Sep 2022 #302
Not from me Horse with no Name Sep 2022 #320
"Didn't tow the party line"? How so? Is that how you remember it? Tarheel_Dem Sep 2022 #329
I hope at our death, those who grieve us are not beaten down by our worst moments. Cuthbert Allgood Sep 2022 #348
Why zoom in on me? Did you miss the many revisionist posts, and outright mistruths about... Tarheel_Dem Sep 2022 #363
Why not you? Why someone else? Does it not apply? Cuthbert Allgood Sep 2022 #365
Apparently, you got back to me before you got to others. Oh well. We could do this all day... Tarheel_Dem Sep 2022 #366
I left far more quietly tavalon Sep 2022 #377
Toe, not tow. Sorry but that is irksome. Treefrog Sep 2022 #382
Well, let's post a link to one old thread, picked at random. Grasswire2 Sep 2022 #427
Oh, hell no. No, no no no no. Roisin Ni Fiachra Sep 2022 #235
I've read and watched this thread since last night CatWoman Sep 2022 #238
Heartbreaking Beetwasher. Sep 2022 #435
RIP Will Pitt. Elessar Zappa Sep 2022 #245
Very sad.... ewagner Sep 2022 #247
Condolences to Raven. likesmountains 52 Sep 2022 #249
Adios, amigo. A-Schwarzenegger Sep 2022 #250
Via Con Dios Beetwasher. Sep 2022 #448
Hey, Beet A-Schwarzenegger Oct 2022 #452
Hey there old friend Beetwasher. Oct 2022 #453
Rest in peace, Mr. Pitt. Raster Sep 2022 #251
So sorry to read this sad news. I had the pleasure of meeting him during the Bush Reign of Terror msfiddlestix Sep 2022 #254
51 is far too young Sympthsical Sep 2022 #256
Rest in peace William Uncle Joe Sep 2022 #257
Confirmation please? haele Sep 2022 #264
Why don't Democrats get the benefit of doubt for being authors, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, betsuni Sep 2022 #266
What the fuck is wrong with you? demmiblue Sep 2022 #267
This message was self-deleted by its author betsuni Sep 2022 #268
Looking at your posts alone, grieving a lost friend is not all that's Nixie Sep 2022 #272
Would you (and a few others) PLEASE read the room? It doesn't matter any more. hlthe2b Sep 2022 #271
I'm being authentic and holding feet to the fire. betsuni Sep 2022 #276
You are being insensitive as hell to the majority of fellow DUers, not to mention Raven, his mother hlthe2b Sep 2022 #278
On the day he's said to have died? 867-5309. Sep 2022 #294
You're being something, all right Rob H. Sep 2022 #314
You are being a smug typical "centrist" who always thinks they are right regardless of anything else JanMichael Sep 2022 #321
Wait. You are holding a deceased mans feet to the fire? A waste of time betsuni, but you be you. Autumn Sep 2022 #360
We are in the minority here obamanut2012 Sep 2022 #281
+1 Thank you. betsuni Sep 2022 #283
On a death thread? What does that say about the "minority" here? JanMichael Sep 2022 #322
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #351
It's every bit a part of his legacy and it should be mentioned. W_HAMILTON Sep 2022 #378
Oh, she absolutely deserves to be shouted down Rob H. Sep 2022 #383
If accurately pointing out his past... W_HAMILTON Sep 2022 #391
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #397
No, I didn't. W_HAMILTON Sep 2022 #400
He did have a way with words. Like it or not, a lot of people agreed with him. Autumn Sep 2022 #393
Yes, I see that. W_HAMILTON Sep 2022 #394
I don't get where the few of you who keep insisting that so and so didn't clap hard enough Autumn Sep 2022 #396
"No single rain drop thinks it's responsible for the flood." W_HAMILTON Sep 2022 #398
I'm a Democrat and an intelligent woman. I don't need a fucking thought leader. Autumn Sep 2022 #399
Good for you? W_HAMILTON Sep 2022 #401
It mattered only on DU to a few posters. It never made the national news and Obama never Autumn Sep 2022 #404
Trump won in 2016 and a lot of us lost sleep over it. W_HAMILTON Sep 2022 #409
2016 had nothing to do with Obama and what William had to say. Not one damn thing to do with it. Autumn Sep 2022 #410
I'm referring to his final moments here on DU. W_HAMILTON Sep 2022 #411
I hosted the Sanders group. Will supported Bernie during the primary so I know Autumn Sep 2022 #413
"She has my vote if she needs it." W_HAMILTON Sep 2022 #414
He was right. " She has my vote if she needs it not good enough" Autumn Sep 2022 #415
Of course it's not good enough. And it turns out, it wasn't good enough. W_HAMILTON Sep 2022 #416
oh, my friend bigtree Sep 2022 #269
One of the first politically aware posts I read that would eventually Baitball Blogger Sep 2022 #270
I remember reading a lot of his posts. I didn't always agree with him, but I admired his highplainsdem Sep 2022 #273
This world needs more people like you... GoddessOfGuinness Sep 2022 #423
Belatedly I respond with a plus 10. salin Sep 2022 #443
I'm frankly surprised he didn't stroke out long ago... malthaussen Sep 2022 #282
I'm just sitting here blubbering G2theD Sep 2022 #284
So sad. Will was the most well-known poster in the early days of DU! ElementaryPenguin Sep 2022 #286
Will was the first person to welcome me to DU PatSeg Sep 2022 #304
Oh Will. What shock. Rip uppityperson Sep 2022 #287
Truthout Mz Pip Sep 2022 #296
It's on their Twitter Sympthsical Sep 2022 #301
how do you like your blue-eyed boy suegeo Sep 2022 #299
our celebrity, perhaps bigtree Sep 2022 #303
Buffalo Bill's defunct who used to ride a watersmooth-silver elleng Sep 2022 #310
Using an open grave to dig up old wars is unseemly at best. He was one of DU's bright lights.... Hekate Sep 2022 #300
I like that, Hekate. calimary Sep 2022 #313
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Sep 2022 #318
+1 leftstreet Sep 2022 #331
+1 H2O Man Sep 2022 #386
This GoddessOfGuinness Sep 2022 #424
RIP,Will Pathwalker Sep 2022 #309
Always sad to lose one of us. hamsterjill Sep 2022 #315
Damn d_b Sep 2022 #316
I've been here for 20+ years and I remember Will Pitt... virgdem Sep 2022 #317
Very sad, he was young Beringia Sep 2022 #325
Very saddened to hear this. NEOBuckeye Sep 2022 #342
Really sorry to hear this news Marthe48 Sep 2022 #356
How sad OldEurope Sep 2022 #361
Will had a profoundly powerful way with words. dawg Sep 2022 #368
I'm glad that he was able to outlast the Trump presidency texasleo Sep 2022 #380
This appears to be the funeral home taking care of WRP suegeo Sep 2022 #381
Truthout.org has just published their eulogy: hlthe2b Sep 2022 #384
His essay here in 2002 brought me to DU. . . DinahMoeHum Sep 2022 #389
+1 GoddessOfGuinness Sep 2022 #425
Godspeed Will. Tommymac Sep 2022 #402
Well, shit. yewberry Sep 2022 #403
RIP Will Pitt Owl Sep 2022 #417
... Niagara Sep 2022 #428
Post removed ! stonecutter357 Sep 2022 #430
Mom taught me never Hobo Sep 2022 #431
I logged back in just to post in this thread... rbnyc Sep 2022 #432
Nice to see you Beetwasher. Sep 2022 #441
Short, and very sweet and poignent. salin Sep 2022 #444
He was a fixture here in my younger days and often worth reading struggle4progress Sep 2022 #436
Beautiful rendition, as always from Mississippi John Hurt Hekate Sep 2022 #449
I think Will Pitt left a little early... kentuck Sep 2022 #446
Yes, we could Hekate Sep 2022 #450
I am still trying to process this MandelaObama Sep 2022 #451
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