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50. Are there any known instances of an elected and vocal right-wing gun humper changing his/her tune
Thu Mar 30, 2023, 06:56 AM
Mar 2023

after one or more close relatives have become victims, either killed or injured, in a mass shooting?

With the ever-increasing fraction of the population having a close friend or relative who has been so affected by a mass shooting, you'd think it would be a matter of time until this happens.

I tried to search online for such a change of mind, and couldn't find anything.

But it makes you wonder what Thune, Donalds, Cornyn or Burchett would say if their spouse or parent or child or sibling were murdered in a hail of bullets from an AR-15-weilding psychopath. Would they remain steadfast, or would something crumble in their belief system? If they changed their tune, would they be ostracized by the party?

This is the result of gerrymandering... LakeVermilion Mar 2023 #1
Truly the Party of Death. The Unmitigated Gall Mar 2023 #2
Good question here underpants Mar 2023 #3
The NRA has solved the problem... no guns at their conventions. keithbvadu2 Mar 2023 #7
I wish they would allow guns at the NRA convention. OMGWTF Mar 2023 #44
Perfect question to ask Rs we know! KS Toronado Mar 2023 #8
K & R n/t FSogol Mar 2023 #4
GQP Traildogbob Mar 2023 #5
"Emotions"... So we should treat the killing of schoolchildren as...? Routine? Ordinary? No big dea keithbvadu2 Mar 2023 #6
K&R LetMyPeopleVote Mar 2023 #9
God Speaks smb Mar 2023 #10
Every time a mass shooting will (hopefully not) happen... Jrose Mar 2023 #11
The worst congresspeople Big Money can buy... Nt spooky3 Mar 2023 #12
Post removed Post removed Mar 2023 #13
"Remember how upset they got when the shooter showed up at their baseball game" BumRushDaShow Mar 2023 #17
Right. So if that wasn't enough to make him PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2023 #37
Right, we can't talk about gun laws after a mass shooting IronLionZion Mar 2023 #14
Maybe it won't be "too soon" right beofre the next massacre? lastlib Mar 2023 #34
There will always be more massacres IronLionZion Mar 2023 #35
C U L T Johonny Mar 2023 #15
Byron Donalds' whole Congressional district (FL-19) got torn up by Hurricane Ian BumRushDaShow Mar 2023 #16
Truly evil gademocrat7 Mar 2023 #18
They just don't care. Little kids shot to pieces is the price for their NRA money. hadEnuf Mar 2023 #19
Of course they don't durablend Mar 2023 #21
K&R Thanks for posting. n/t TeamProg Mar 2023 #20
To me these men are nothing but robots. Butterflylady Mar 2023 #22
These responses are just pathetic. They've lost their humanity. nt Biophilic Mar 2023 #23
Damn that NRA money. republianmushroom Mar 2023 #24
sad BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 2023 #25
They are the crime party YoshidaYui Mar 2023 #26
Republicans are why we cannot have nice things. AllyCat Mar 2023 #27
"We're not gonna fix it..." At least he told the truth. live love laugh Mar 2023 #28
Be sure to point this out to any Republican who dares call themselves pro-life Marius25 Mar 2023 #29
The real problem with the GOP is they have monetized every outcome and situation such that it always Ford_Prefect Mar 2023 #30
If we revive/improve the old assault weapons ban bill, there might emerge some bipartisan support ancianita Mar 2023 #31
Great chart. Bookmarked. nt crickets Mar 2023 #38
Where is RocRizzo55 Mar 2023 #41
It says at the bottom of the chart. ancianita Mar 2023 #49
Attention media! keets Mar 2023 #32
Excellent notion. nt crickets Mar 2023 #40
This message was self-deleted by its author keets Mar 2023 #33
We can't have motions about dead children IronLionZion Mar 2023 #36
If criminals are gonna be criminals RocRizzo55 Mar 2023 #39
They're Sickening, Repulsive, Cha Mar 2023 #42
This message was self-deleted by its author Writethinker Mar 2023 #43
If those are their thoughts, I wonder what their prayers are like. tclambert Mar 2023 #45
God damn them every one. COL Mustard Mar 2023 #46
May they, and their enablers, receive everything they deserve. niyad Mar 2023 #47
You need to make people feel safe before they will give up their guns ripcord Mar 2023 #48
Are there any known instances of an elected and vocal right-wing gun humper changing his/her tune royable Mar 2023 #50
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