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65. FWIW: I am a Veteran & my father was a Veteran & I know lots of military in my family, ALL branches
Sat Nov 10, 2012, 04:16 PM
Nov 2012

I am also a teacher. There are teachers in my family, with decades of experience. I am also a learning research professional. I know lots of teachers, so do other educators and my nieces and nephews around the USA.

To do:

Consider reading the Pentagon's description of Benghazi, CIA misguidance about that youtube "Muslim" cartoon video, which had been on the internet for at least a year. All of which has been the topic of F*x Ewes, Royal+Church+ Corporate Propaganda about Libya.

I remember wondering, at the time, why in Egypt everyone went out and demonstrated loudly, then went home to supper, but Libya . . .


I'm Very Sorry to say.


Our country needs to talk about what's going on with OUR military.

As a Veteran myself, in a military family. I feel it's necessary to say this.




AnyWay, . . .

Happy Holidays,
to All,
a Blessed Community
in One!
all Families of Man,
of Peace on Earth and
Light to All
One Heart


bookmarking for later. Your posts are usually deep. nt silvershadow Nov 2012 #1
Please remember the name: WESTHUSING Octafish Nov 2012 #5
I was just thinking about him today while writing about Bradley Manning. And I was also sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #13
When all are not equal under law, it is not the United States of America. Octafish Nov 2012 #54
And Bunnatine "Bunny" Greenhouse. Whistleblower extraordinaire. reusrename Nov 2012 #57
''Bug Splat'' is reportedly a term used to describe the human victims of drone warfare. Octafish Nov 2012 #73
Another suicided victim? ailsagirl Nov 2012 #32
Oh he killed himself on his mother's birthday doncha know, the person he was closest to riderinthestorm Nov 2012 #40
People who don't believe in "conspiracy theories" should take note ailsagirl Nov 2012 #45
Poppy Bush brought up JFK Assassination and ''Conspiracy Theorists'' at Ford Funeral Octafish Nov 2012 #75
Thank you, Octafish. I think it's crucial to get this information out. ailsagirl Nov 2012 #76
+ Pat Tilman & Gold Star Military Families, also Cindy Sheehan's son, and all families of patrice Nov 2012 #66
+1 & Sharing. patrice Nov 2012 #67
me too. msanthrope Nov 2012 #9
I remember that hootinholler Nov 2012 #2
Thanks to Porter Goss, the CIA was a Big Profit Center or Fiscal Black Hole, take your pick... Octafish Nov 2012 #10
Oh Shit Not Those Horrid People AGAIN Foggo, Duke, Wilkes etc HangOnKids Nov 2012 #23
Funny that it all kind of ended when Duke Cunningham went to jail. hootinholler Nov 2012 #41
Like the 2T that Rummy copped to on 9/10/2001? hootinholler Nov 2012 #44
Agreed. nt riderinthestorm Nov 2012 #17
That's probably what the FBI investigation is about - TBF Nov 2012 #38
The Federal Burrial Institution? hootinholler Nov 2012 #42
Exactly - they need to know what TBF Nov 2012 #46
Bookmarking as well, Petraeus was in the end, a Republican flamingdem Nov 2012 #3
Lie, Cheat & Steal is practically a coat-of-arms for sophisticated crime families. Octafish Nov 2012 #15
Thank you for this. Rec. n/t Judi Lynn Nov 2012 #4
'I went to the police, but it was like reporting the devil to the witch.' Octafish Nov 2012 #47
I'll read this later Hydra Nov 2012 #6
'I'll be found dead in the woods' Octafish Nov 2012 #74
K & R AzDar Nov 2012 #7
How War Made the Bush Family Rich Octafish Nov 2012 #58
to read later snagglepuss Nov 2012 #8
Love you Octafish malaise Nov 2012 #11
Why was he so...trusting? WinkyDink Nov 2012 #12
That kept jumping out at me as well. Weird nt riderinthestorm Nov 2012 #16
Because he was a good person. sibelian Nov 2012 #56
K&R n/t glinda Nov 2012 #14
Provocative and fascinating tie-in... things that make you go hmmm. K&R! riderinthestorm Nov 2012 #18
Thank you for another thought-provoking post, Octafish. LongTomH Nov 2012 #19
I found the Q and A of his wife after his death very interesting; see link below. ciking724 Nov 2012 #28
'It was almost verbatim.' Octafish Nov 2012 #50
I wonder if the wife is mad at herself marlakay Nov 2012 #60
I just heard on the news that now he will not testify in the Autumn Nov 2012 #20
Who? GeorgeGist Nov 2012 #25
Petraeus. Wolf on CNN said it.n/t Autumn Nov 2012 #26
Of course the Petraeus is dirty. He wouldn't have gotten the job othewise. He was a fraud too... Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2012 #21
Halliburton. PowerToThePeople Nov 2012 #22
i'm finding it very fortuitous timing that Petraus' affair comes out nashville_brook Nov 2012 #24
There are some people here on DU who raised holy-effing hell when Petraus was installed. patrice Nov 2012 #27
i was one. nashville_brook Nov 2012 #55
I remember that. I was puzzled. I don't know very much about military culture, so he looked patrice Nov 2012 #59
I read all this years ago marlakay Nov 2012 #62
I remember a strong & early critique of that war was "a lack of human intelligence" which means that patrice Nov 2012 #64
Wow! k and r, and bookmarking this to read later eom amborin Nov 2012 #29
Wow. Thanks for posting this. I remember this too, and also posted an OP 99th_Monkey Nov 2012 #30
K&R. OnyxCollie Nov 2012 #31
Copied and emailed to the relevant few..... ouch, this looks like it is going to 2on2u Nov 2012 #33
Pallets of shrink-wrapped $100 bills usually do draw some interest when they are 'lost'. Ikonoklast Nov 2012 #34
I read the entire thread, Octafish, and the links embedded Samantha Nov 2012 #35
Thank you for posting this....almost ashamed I didn't know about this sooner. Missn-Hitch Nov 2012 #36
K&R to read more carefully later. Cracklin Charlie Nov 2012 #37
a tragedy to learn the lesson of questioning authority so late NuttyFluffers Nov 2012 #39
You come up with the most marvelous information. dixiegrrrrl Nov 2012 #43
Never liked or trusted him Ichingcarpenter Nov 2012 #48
There is the larger context of shrinking the military budget to consider. ancianita Nov 2012 #49
I've followed you for many years, mostly lurking.... OldDem2012 Nov 2012 #51
R#97 & K n/t UTUSN Nov 2012 #52
K&R nt raouldukelives Nov 2012 #53
Betrayus was a toadie for the AWOL Bush regime tabasco Nov 2012 #61
War Crimes Act of 1996: definition to include a "grave breach of the Geneva Conventions" reusrename Nov 2012 #63
FWIW: I am a Veteran & my father was a Veteran & I know lots of military in my family, ALL branches patrice Nov 2012 #65
Whose Soldiers?!! *O*U*R* Soldiers! Never Forget! patrice Nov 2012 #68
More links. proverbialwisdom Nov 2012 #69
Thank you, proverbialwisdom. Must-Reads. Octafish Nov 2012 #72
Bookmarking for later. nt Mojorabbit Nov 2012 #70
k & r MinM Nov 2012 #71
This message was self-deleted by its author Hey There2 Jan 2014 #77
Thank you, Hey There2! Octafish Jan 2014 #79
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