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9. Let's say the big billionaire friends of SCOTUS were also big advertisers.
Wed Sep 20, 2023, 11:25 AM
Sep 2023

Let’s say they told the MSM they were not sure they would advertise if certain stories were reported on. Do you think the MSM would run those stories or give them much air time?

Let’s briefly discuss another related issue. Let’s say the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, through its Institute for Legal Reform, created courthouse newspapers (all with the word “Record” in the name, I.e. Louisiana Record, West Virginia Record, Southeast Texas Record…) for potential and current jurors to read. Let’s say these papers were put in areas considered “judicial hellholes” by the Institute for Legal Reform. Let’s say they hid their ownership of said papers and put in (off-times fabricated) pro business stories to demonstrate the unfairness of laws or prosecutions. Let’s say that these stories coincidentally matched cases going to trial where the courthouse newspaper was published for potential jurors to read before their deliberations.

We have so much big money corruption. They control our politicians with donations, our media with advertising, and us with propaganda. We have a shadow government which would explain why the will of the people is ignored routinely. Campaign finance and propaganda are the two root causes for most of our country’s problems. We need to support and back anyone who is committed to addressing these two root causes!

The Scheme 23: Let's Say [View all] Joinfortmill Sep 2023 OP
We never knew the depth of the corruption... kentuck Sep 2023 #1
Just letting you know this is a double post. ancianita Sep 2023 #2
This one's more useful, because the post includes descriptive text, thesquanderer Sep 2023 #14
Just sayin'. Didn't know that Whitehouse has to be sold. ancianita Sep 2023 #15
I could be wrong, but I think dupes are only deleted for LBN. n/t thesquanderer Sep 2023 #16
You're probably right; I haven't read DU rules lately. ancianita Sep 2023 #17
I don't mind getting duplicate posts of really good material such as this. erronis Sep 2023 #18
it's cuz this is gd, and the other is videos. mopinko Sep 2023 #21
Good point, that this one has 5x as many views, thesquanderer Sep 2023 #22
In the 1700,s or 1800,s a Native American Shaman said in the future there would no longer be America Stargazer99 Sep 2023 #3
Good lord what a den of open criminality. byronius Sep 2023 #4
Whitehouse for the win! And maybe the White House in future? : ) Abigail_Adams Sep 2023 #5
I believe Rebl2 Sep 2023 #6
I listened to excerpts last night Marthe48 Sep 2023 #7
This was incredible. cilla4progress Sep 2023 #8
Let's say the big billionaire friends of SCOTUS were also big advertisers. Dustlawyer Sep 2023 #9
You've hit a couple of the corrupt connections between $$$ and media and politics. Thx! erronis Sep 2023 #19
"President Whitehouse" has a certain prophetic ring to it, doesn't it? fredamoss3 Sep 2023 #10
Laws and ethics are only for the little people. The rich and politically connected swim in a sea of Pepsidog Sep 2023 #11
My only surprise here is that ANYONE is surprised by this at all... Moostache Sep 2023 #12
I'm guessing I'm in the same boat. But I'm not sure it's our aging but rather the degradation erronis Sep 2023 #20
I'm afraid one of two things will need to happen Warpy Sep 2023 #13
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