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56. No, it just originated in NC
Fri Nov 16, 2012, 12:22 AM
Nov 2012

This petition will be presented to folks in DC as well as in Raleigh. If enough people in other states sign it, I hope that people will deliver those names to other state capitals. Could be quite an event.

It's going to be hard to undo. 2008 voters who did not vote in 2010 really screwed us. onehandle Nov 2012 #1
Perhaps he should have considered the consequences of alienating a big part of Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #2
Perhaps his base should have considered the consequences of republican legislatures and governors Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #7
You are not going to convince the "Nader did not cost Florida 2000" crowd of the folly bluestate10 Nov 2012 #15
Right idea, wrong year.... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #18
You can't dictate to the voters, that's why it is incumbent on the Party to attract them. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #38
No, irresponsible and lazy voters who don't turn out to vote are bear to blame.... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #45
I don't disagree, but you left out other very important differences. They have a representative form Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #47
I just become so frustrated ... Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #49
I share your frustration, but we do not have a representative government. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #51
Well said Liberalynn Nov 2012 #55
I share your frustration, but we do not have a representative government. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #52
+10000000000 woo me with science Nov 2012 #54
That is a truly defeatist attitude, Sekhmets Daughter Nov 2012 #74
And right now the exchange rate is about even marions ghost Nov 2012 #66
"Fuck the UAW" Rahm E. was quoted as saying and no denial, no apology from the White byeya Nov 2012 #27
Perhaps you should have considered the consequences of treestar Nov 2012 #62
As usual, you completely miss the point, but kudos for another in your series of Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #77
Then what party do they like? treestar Nov 2012 #78
Generally, it's the state legislatures that determine the shape of the districts - hedgehog Nov 2012 #6
It's not necessarily quite that bad -- thanks to Texas R's, it doesn't have to take a decade Bibliovore Nov 2012 #50
That's the truth. I'm proud to say that I voted. But both sides gerrymander. Obamamite Nov 2012 #79
k/r Fridays Child Nov 2012 #3
Kick! hedgehog Nov 2012 #4
PA's 7th Congressional District BumRushDaShow Nov 2012 #5
That is one bizarre-looking district. PotatoChip Nov 2012 #13
Holder's DOJ was very approving unc70 Nov 2012 #21
I was gerrymandered into that district InsultComicDog Nov 2012 #19
I have to admit Aerows Nov 2012 #73
the entire right side of the picture InsultComicDog Nov 2012 #82
That is a disgrace treestar Nov 2012 #63
I was gerrymandered into that district, I used to be PA-6. MadrasT Nov 2012 #65
My Area Was 13th RobinA Nov 2012 #69
same here! InsultComicDog Nov 2012 #83
Nasty. nc4bo Nov 2012 #8
Didn't California passes legislation to stop it? justice1 Nov 2012 #9
sort of Johonny Nov 2012 #17
Worked for ME.. We ditched Bono finally SoCalDem Nov 2012 #35
didn't also have a big affect on the make up in Sacramento? Johonny Nov 2012 #36
Yes it did.. nt SoCalDem Nov 2012 #37
California Citizens Redistricting Commission pinto Nov 2012 #30
TX congressional district 10 is a crime against Austin. ananda Nov 2012 #10
Yes! I live in north-central Austin, very urban, basically surrounded by 'hippy-town'... smackd Nov 2012 #16
Adding link to Moveon's "An End to Gerrymandering" NC petition - for more eyes! nc4bo Nov 2012 #11
Not surprised this is coming out of NC marions ghost Nov 2012 #67
If you would like to take action against gerrymandering ... Persondem Nov 2012 #12
Thanks for the link. athena Nov 2012 #25
I signed thanks Liberalynn Nov 2012 #29
Signed. Thank you! Blue4Texas Nov 2012 #43
Is this for North Carolina only? justice1 Nov 2012 #53
No, it just originated in NC Persondem Nov 2012 #56
Consequence of democratic voters sitting on their asses in 2010. It will take 9 more years bluestate10 Nov 2012 #14
They've got to be using computers. DCKit Nov 2012 #20
Yes, they have consultants with computers who travel around Persondem Nov 2012 #24
Like Mine (Texas 6th) w8liftinglady Nov 2012 #22
I support the death penalty because of this... leftlibdem420 Nov 2012 #23
And who will vote to stop it? Atman Nov 2012 #26
Agreed - Ohio had an issue on the ballot but it got defeated liberal N proud Nov 2012 #28
illinois democrats picked up a couple of seats madrchsod Nov 2012 #31
If we were in charge of the 2010 redistricting process you don't think we would gerrymander. iandhr Nov 2012 #32
Actually, a lot of the districts in that list... regnaD kciN Nov 2012 #33
At what point does the phrase synapticwave Nov 2012 #34
Computers (preferably CANADIAN) should just slap a grid on each state SoCalDem Nov 2012 #39
I think geographic divides and travel corridors should be taken into consideration XemaSab Nov 2012 #84
The maps in NC at that link are out of date. They've been re-gerrymandered by the Republicans yardwork Nov 2012 #40
FL voters passed a ballot measure a couple of years ago to end the insanity Roland99 Nov 2012 #41
Thank God third parties are history (as the repubs) and neither will ever be a force in America graham4anything Nov 2012 #42
NY-28 is such a joke... Earth_First Nov 2012 #44
Louise Slaughter is a wonderful Democrat! KittyWampus Nov 2012 #60
Why link to a google search? MiniMe Nov 2012 #46
Mistake - It's been corrected! AAO Nov 2012 #80
I corrected the link - I must have been busy (at work, multitasking, DU)... AAO Nov 2012 #48
so 13 of the top 15 are Democratic districts? hfojvt Nov 2012 #57
Cram all the Democratic voters into as few districts as possible strategery blunder Nov 2012 #59
Yeah, I dunno about any of the others, JoeyT Nov 2012 #64
but THAT is actually part of civil rights law hfojvt Nov 2012 #68
Should be up to a non partisan panel of judges to draw the lines. hrmjustin Nov 2012 #58
It's worth pointing out that JoeyT Nov 2012 #61
Info from 2011, but 16 seats are held by Democrats! nt Shanti Mama Nov 2012 #70
It should just be fair, period. nc4bo Nov 2012 #71
HOLD ON!!!! Le Taz Hot Nov 2012 #72
I remember a couple of decades ago when Repubs bitched... KansDem Nov 2012 #75
We play that game here in IL . I live in one of the 20. mucifer Nov 2012 #76
Gerrymandering put me in wingnut Scott Garrett's 5th NJ Cong District Jersey Devil Nov 2012 #81
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