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Wed Nov 22, 2023, 07:08 AM Nov 2023

Joe Biden will get no credit for the Gaza ceasefire. None. [View all]

And it's a damn shame, and he doesn't care. He took this job to make things better, and once again he's pulled a damn rabbit out of a hat.

He got a ceasefire. He's getting hostages out, along with a ladder to extend the ceasefire for the release of more hostages.

I say this as a committed Obama fan: Joe Biden is the greatest President of my lifetime.

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That's part of his strength, he's a humanitarian, he doesn't care who gets the credit if he can bring peace Walleye Nov 2023 #1
I don't know if he's the greatest of my lifetime, but he (along with Jimmy Carter) is the most modest. DFW Nov 2023 #2
The election is a year away .. agingdem Nov 2023 #3
He has an unselfish reason to start needing to care more about getting credit for what he does Silent3 Nov 2023 #4
In my humble opinion, there should never have been a cease fire. SlimJimmy Nov 2023 #5
Disagree. nt Celerity Nov 2023 #7
Disagree! pazzyanne Nov 2023 #9
so Israel had not destroyed enough of Gaza for you? LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #12
For some on this site radicalleft Nov 2023 #16
Ah, "some on this site" again. "Some" are the worst. maxsolomon Nov 2023 #33
I see the Hamas propaganda is strong in you. SlimJimmy Nov 2023 #22
Not so much this time Big Blue Marble Nov 2023 #34
Cost enid602 Nov 2023 #52
I've been more supportive of Israel's response than most here. But there's been too much destruction LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #38
I was against this all from the start because I had a feeling the IDF was going to go too far Lanius Nov 2023 #40
Did General Sherman say it was time for a pause when he was marching to the SlimJimmy Nov 2023 #50
Although Sherman is famous for being ruthless and burning Southern cities, LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #58
Although bad things happen TheFarseer Nov 2023 #61
you mean Union forces, the IDF or both? LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #62
I was talking about Union forces TheFarseer Nov 2023 #63
He took all the food and burned their farms and cities. SlimJimmy Nov 2023 #64
Killing more than 10,000 isn't avoiding civilian casualties. Lanius Nov 2023 #39
I'm saying that taking the word of the Hamas run Gaza Health Ministry is folly. SlimJimmy Nov 2023 #66
how many do you think it is? It surely is in the thousands LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #67
Possibly. And how many of those is Hamas responsible for? SlimJimmy Nov 2023 #68
Hamas bears a huge part of the blame but there should be accountability for every home bombed in Gaza LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #71
Agreed SlimJimmy Nov 2023 #73
Meanwhile in the West Bank - shove those old ladies while taking their houses womanofthehills Nov 2023 #59
The West Bank, formally known as Sameria and Judea for thousands of years. SlimJimmy Nov 2023 #65
That's a really unfair comment. n/t EndlessWire Nov 2023 #43
Not enough dead babies yet? Basic LA Nov 2023 #18
If Hamas didn't put them in harms way (on purpose) SlimJimmy Nov 2023 #20
That same argument was used to justify burning down villages in Vietnam Lanius Nov 2023 #41
The international community's rules for war disagrees with your assessment. SlimJimmy Nov 2023 #49
This is so obviously collective punishment. David__77 Nov 2023 #24
I'm confused. Why do you assume it's our call to accept/reject this agreement? MyNameIsJonas Nov 2023 #27
I'm giving my opinion. SlimJimmy Nov 2023 #53
You didn't answer my question. MyNameIsJonas Nov 2023 #56
Hamas does not have control over all of the hostages... DemocraticPatriot Nov 2023 #51
Obama fan here, too, and I couldn't agree with you more calimary Nov 2023 #6
i agree.. i was ready to follow obama to a desert island if he set up a colony samnsara Nov 2023 #8
True!! TSExile Nov 2023 #10
And the chatter is now about how that only gives Hamas the chance to reboot. Native Nov 2023 #11
This so sad to against any kind of cease fire. Lives are at risk. sjr2323 Nov 2023 #15
It's just SOP for the media. I'm surprised they haven't started with "only" 50 yet. Native Nov 2023 #17
Did the Germans reboot after Dresden and they surrendered? SlimJimmy Nov 2023 #23
Apparently the nazi reboot just took a little longer... getagrip_already Nov 2023 #26
There is no national Nazi reboot in Germany. SlimJimmy Nov 2023 #54
No, it's booting here. Or didnt you notice? Nt getagrip_already Nov 2023 #55
Hamas can't reboot Butterflylady Nov 2023 #29
4 or 5 days is inconsequential. Calista241 Nov 2023 #31
I agree with this. EndlessWire Nov 2023 #44
That's our media for you Bettie Nov 2023 #13
Worse than that he will be blamed Voltaire2 Nov 2023 #14
This is what... 2naSalit Nov 2023 #37
He should care. RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #19
Definitely the greatest President of my lifetime as well PatSeg Nov 2023 #21
Do you think perhaps protesters will stop referring to him sarisataka Nov 2023 #25
Bigger achievement he should get credit for: no widespread regional war or WWIII. I imagine wiggs Nov 2023 #28
Exactly this Deep State Witch Nov 2023 #30
It's not a ceasefire miffelplix Nov 2023 #32
A ceasefire can last for hours, days, weeks, months, or longer. This is a ceasefire. David__77 Nov 2023 #35
Statement from President Biden on the Hostage Release in Gaza LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2023 #36
I know Biden had to back Israel publicly, but he could have been savvier with his wording in the early days of the war Lanius Nov 2023 #42
Mr. Biden has always been underestimated. wyldwolf Nov 2023 #45
Well, I'm crediting him, as are many here. NNadir Nov 2023 #46
Thank you President Biden for the hard work in negotiating this hostage release LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2023 #47
Joe Biden will get little credit but ample blame. hay rick Nov 2023 #48
Headline wryter2000 Nov 2023 #57
Thanks to Joe Biden's inflation TheFarseer Nov 2023 #60
Biden makes great "presidenting" look easy gulliver Nov 2023 #69
The exercises of both extremes will make sure he doesn't 340ing Nov 2023 #70
President Biden's persistent pressure on Middle East leaders was a key factor in sealing the deal LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2023 #72
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