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They are the scum of the earth. tritsofme Nov 28 #1
Tells you all you need to know about Hamas. Hermit-The-Prog Nov 28 #2
Is that from the claudette Nov 28 #4
Yes, I hesitated but baby Kfir, his brother and mother are still hostages question everything Nov 28 #16
Sometimes claudette Nov 28 #34
This is disgusting mcar Nov 28 #3
Remember claudette Nov 28 #6
And there it is. BannonsLiver Nov 28 #7
Even when it comes to an infant hostage mcar Nov 28 #8
Yep and check out the comment below BannonsLiver Nov 28 #9
Please claudette Nov 28 #24
With absolutely all due respect herding cats Nov 28 #36
BannonsLiver is Quite "calm". Why would you Cha Nov 28 #44
Telling someone to "calm down" is a passive-aggressive way of dismissing them. Oopsie Daisy Nov 29 #80
I know.. it's arrogant and insutng. Cha Nov 29 #85
Exactly right. sheshe2 Nov 29 #92
Indeed it is Hekate Nov 28 #13
Yes, there is a claudette Nov 28 #25
Keep walking it back BannonsLiver Nov 28 #31
I'm not walking anywhere claudette Nov 28 #33
Now why are you calling other members "hysterical" Cha Nov 29 #49
See: Post 80 Oopsie Daisy Nov 29 #81
I did.. same thing. Cha Nov 29 #86
They do, and attack other posters Goddessartist Nov 29 #61
Wrong Just_Vote_Dem Nov 29 #63
Look at how they're attacking her Goddessartist Nov 29 #64
I don't see an attack Just_Vote_Dem Nov 29 #69
Accusing her of supporting Hamas? Goddessartist Nov 29 #71
Oh, there's no need to jump to conclusions BannonsLiver Nov 29 #91
Loud and clear. sheshe2 Nov 29 #90
Oh, well, that's ok then mcar Nov 28 #10
No, it's not okay claudette Nov 28 #35
Out of the clear blue sky, Israel marybourg Nov 28 #37
So you are claudette Nov 28 #39
Are you aware of what happened on Oct. 7? mcar Nov 28 #40
Yes, I am aware claudette Nov 28 #41
Well, there's a jump, claudette mcar Nov 28 #45
Now you're putting words in mcar's mouth.. you have Cha Nov 29 #50
I will start answering questions from hamas-supporters when just one of them marybourg Nov 28 #43
Cannot be said enough mcar Nov 28 #46
Rec TY! Cha Nov 29 #51
I am proud to REC this post. Sal_NV Nov 29 #60
Who here is a Hamas supporter? Goddessartist Nov 29 #62
Oh and this isn't an attack on other posters? Sal_NV Nov 29 #65
I see you don't like being called out Goddessartist Nov 29 #67
Called out? By you? Sal_NV Nov 29 #70
Whatever makes you feel better Goddessartist Nov 29 #72
LOL. Sal_NV Nov 29 #73
Case in point. Goddessartist Nov 29 #74
Case in point.....what? Sal_NV Nov 29 #75
Everyone who claims they're just marybourg Nov 29 #76
This right here. Sal_NV Nov 29 #77
It seems Goddessartist Nov 29 #82
Because in this era where everyone knows everything everyone else is doing, there's not a whisper of this activity. marybourg Nov 29 #87
So Goddessartist Nov 29 #89
There do seem to be people who aren't aware that Hamas's stated mission lapucelle Nov 29 #78
My jaw hit the floor when I read that post. Sal_NV Nov 29 #79
It's difficult to see how anyone (at this point) would be so misinformed lapucelle Nov 29 #83
Wow...they don't even bother pretending anymore. tritsofme Nov 29 #84
What the absolute feck! xmas74 Nov 29 #94
No you don't "got it". Cha Nov 29 #47
So you are justifying the slaughter on October 7th. sheshe2 Nov 29 #93
Jesus Fucking Christ. No shame. nt LexVegas Nov 28 #42
Oh FFS, just fucking stop this nonsense. Sal_NV Nov 29 #59
This article states that claudette Nov 28 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author BannonsLiver Nov 28 #11
What are you suggesting here? mcar Nov 28 #12
No, of course, I'm not suggesting that claudette Nov 28 #22
Oh so it's like a fucking family outing to Disney? BannonsLiver Nov 28 #14
Who is saying that? claudette Nov 28 #26
Cool then. "In the care of his family" who are hostages to terrorists. It's all good. Hekate Nov 28 #29
Please claudette Nov 28 #30
Take your own advice. Cha Nov 29 #48
Yes, his family mercuryblues Nov 28 #19
The article doesn't state that "the baby is with his family". lapucelle Nov 29 #58
Hello, OP -- we need a source. I tried clicking on the picture and it goes nowhere... Hekate Nov 28 #15
Here Mosby Nov 28 #17
TY Hekate Nov 28 #27
Sorry. The Daily Mail. Yes, an RW but was posted in a Israeli paper question everything Nov 28 #18
Hi.. you might want Cha Nov 28 #38
Done question everything Nov 29 #55
Thanks Kiddo! Cha Nov 29 #56
He was 9 months old when kidnapped mercuryblues Nov 28 #20
Thank you for the link question everything Nov 28 #21
TY Hekate Nov 28 #28
I believe it's the claudette Nov 28 #23
SO sad and so irritating! calimary Nov 28 #32
Is it ok to NOT take sides? Aussie105 Nov 29 #52
Agreed. Bluesaph Nov 29 #53
Post removed Post removed Nov 29 #54
I'm allowed to have an opinion even if you don't like it. Bluesaph Nov 29 #57
BOTH SIDES Happy Hoosier Nov 29 #68
So, you can;t take sides against people... Happy Hoosier Nov 29 #66
Absolutely sick budkin Nov 29 #88
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