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Wed Nov 29, 2023, 03:07 PM Nov 29

Schumer Condemns Antisemitism, Warning the Left Against Abetting It [View all]

Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York and the majority leader, on Wednesday warned that some liberals and young people were “unknowingly aiding and abetting” antisemitism in the name of social justice, fueling a dangerous rise in bigotry against Jews amid Israel’s war against Hamas.

In a deeply personal speech from the Senate floor aimed largely at members of his own party, Mr. Schumer, the country’s highest-ranking Jewish elected official, issued a more than 40-minute explanation and condemnation of antisemitism in America that has flared since Israel began retaliating against Hamas for its Oct. 7 terrorist attack against defenseless Israeli civilians.

In the wake of the attack, he said, many Americans had skipped over any expression of sympathy for the victims and instead attacked the past actions of the Israeli government against the Palestinians.

“Can anybody imagine a horrific terrorist attack in another country receiving such a reception?” he asked, noting that the long arc of history had taught Jews a painful lesson: “ultimately, that we are alone.”


Thank you for always speaking truth and standing against hate, Senator Schumer!
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Great speech. Thank you claudette Nov 29 #1
It happened here, claudette Hekate Nov 29 #2
Then, I'm claudette Nov 29 #4
The antisemitism comes via the years' long MOMFUDSKI Nov 29 #6
Yes, he did mention claudette Nov 29 #7
There were 3,697 antisemitic incidents in the U.S. 2022. DemocratSinceBirth Nov 29 #59
Do you really think anti-semitism is a recent thing? onenote Nov 29 #23
Then how do you explain sarisataka Nov 29 #26
I guess that explains Germany circa 1939 CincyDem Nov 29 #32
There were 3,697 antisemitic incidents in the U.S. in 2022. DemocratSinceBirth Nov 29 #55
It was hard to miss, & still bubbles up like acid. I've spent much of the past 2 months sick at heart Hekate Nov 29 #19
Can't claudette Nov 29 #31
I'll help. Though he did respond directly to you, it's possible there was a glitch... Hekate Nov 29 #34
That totally claudette Nov 29 #37
I still hope you read in my post what he said, because that is the unfortunate truth about Hamas... Hekate Nov 29 #40
Okay claudette Nov 29 #42
Oh I understand what you meant all right -- I just gave you the benefit of the doubt Hekate Nov 29 #43
Then What's this, caludette? & my Reply to you in that thread... Cha Nov 29 #75
You attempted to excuse it in a thread about a 10 month old yesterday BannonsLiver Nov 29 #90
"By the way, Hamas is a terrible terrorist group, but they are NOT the same as Hitler and the Nazis." lapucelle Nov 29 #45
Busy, busy, busy Hekate Nov 29 #53
My reply to that post.. I Explained it with HAMAS' UGLY Ideology & Covenant Cha Nov 29 #77
I saw no excuse or excusing of Hamas. Hermit-The-Prog Nov 29 #49
Neither did I Goddessartist Nov 30 #95
Emotions are running very high, just as Hamas intended Hermit-The-Prog Nov 30 #98
Nor I. enid602 Nov 29 #65
What happened in NY within 24 hours of the attack was national news. lapucelle Nov 29 #39
You hit all of the right beats for me Mad_Machine76 Nov 29 #47
👍 claudette Nov 29 #50
Thank you for saying that. I believe you are correct. n/t Chautauquas Nov 29 #91
Irony died with that first sentence BannonsLiver Nov 29 #88
Evidently you love to hate. Butterflylady Nov 30 #99
Thanks! BannonsLiver Nov 30 #106
and some are also knowingly "aiding and abetting" JohnSJ Nov 29 #3
Who? And how? claudette Nov 29 #5
I'll Put It Clear And Slow Like I Were Talking To A Police Officer, Ma'am The Magistrate Nov 29 #8
Rec TY Cha Nov 29 #13
Thank you, Sir, from the bottom of my heart Hekate Nov 29 #16
Well said mcar Nov 29 #18
Damn I wish I'd said that. Thank you. CincyDem Nov 29 #30
Thank you. betsuni Nov 29 #58
I believe former President George W. Bush put it best when he said a little over twenty years ago. Uncle Joe Nov 29 #15
'humanity has grown beyond such simple mindedness' The Magistrate Nov 29 #22
Thank you for your posts on this issue, Sir yardwork Nov 29 #27
Humans are the product of our DNA and environment or culture, those are the equivalent Uncle Joe Nov 29 #38
None Of Which Seems To Effect How Our Minds Work, Or How We Use Them The Magistrate Nov 29 #44
Your observation is part of the ongoing public memory and Uncle Joe Nov 29 #52
Divinity Of The Ruler is Not the Question, Sir The Magistrate Nov 29 #56
Yes because that was among the very first embedded memories in order for the human species to survive, but Uncle Joe Nov 29 #72
It Would Be Unkind, Sir, To Exert Myself Further Against Your Faith In Human Progress The Magistrate Nov 29 #76
That's cool, Uncle Joe Nov 29 #78
That doesn't remove from us our free will, nor the consequences of our behavior. Hekate Nov 29 #46
It changes the parameters of our free will, people living a bubble may believe Uncle Joe Nov 29 #54
And yet they are still held responsible for their behavior by the law, regardless of their opinion Hekate Nov 29 #60
Thank you! markpkessinger Nov 29 #33
Are You With Democracy Or Trump, Sir? The Magistrate Nov 29 #35
I believe I specifically stipulated "when it comes to war." n/t markpkessinger Nov 29 #41
War, Sir, Is The Ultimate Simplification, For Participants, Anyway The Magistrate Nov 29 #48
With the Nazis or the Allies? Yes, simple when it comes to war. question everything Nov 29 #51
But that isn't how this question is being framed in the real world . . . markpkessinger Nov 29 #61
Is the left listening? nt LexVegas Nov 29 #9
Look to the responses here. Behind the Aegis Nov 29 #11
And don't forget "look over there!!!" yardwork Nov 29 #28
convenient memories. The former co-chairs of the Women's march. Remember Tamika Mallory? JohnSJ Nov 29 #79
Native Americans can answer that. Cartoonist Nov 29 #10
Back when BushCheney were ginning up their war I was in a lot of local marches. Then went to DC... Hekate Nov 29 #12
I didn't know all that back then.. Mahalo, Hekate Cha Nov 29 #20
Senator Schumer's speech Mosby Nov 29 #14
TY, Mosby Hekate Nov 29 #17
It really resonates with me Mosby Nov 29 #62
Whoa.. Mahalo, Mosby! Cha Nov 29 #21
TY Cha Mosby Nov 29 #66
Aww.. You're Welcome, Mosby.. Cha Nov 29 #69
Thank you for posting the transcript. It's too easy to miss things in a speech. Hermit-The-Prog Nov 29 #68
Thank you so much for posting this. madaboutharry Nov 29 #73
Sen Schumer made me cry.. Cha Nov 29 #83
Sen Schumer made me cry.. Cha Nov 29 #84
Another thank you for posting the full transcript, I've only seen excerpts. It is an important speech emulatorloo Nov 30 #109
Some of the hardest antisemitism to spot sarisataka Nov 29 #24
Post removed Post removed Nov 30 #100
What would make you say that? sarisataka Nov 30 #101
He's right about this. yardwork Nov 29 #25
When I warned about the same thing here, I was called a conspiracy nut. Irish_Dem Nov 29 #29
That's the thing about conspiracies...when ya look back at them everyone says "who coulda known?" CincyDem Nov 29 #36
Exactly. Irish_Dem Nov 29 #57
WTF? enid602 Nov 29 #63
You read it right, I wish Schumer was wrong too, unfortunately he is not. tritsofme Nov 29 #64
The list enid602 Nov 29 #67
This is not "advocating for social justice". It's anti-Semitism. lapucelle Nov 29 #71
Intent vs action enid602 Nov 29 #74
The title of the OP is "Schumer Condemns Antisemitism, Warning the Left Against Abetting It" lapucelle Nov 29 #92
Stop wasting your breath. Butterflylady Nov 30 #102
About that young woman holding up the swastika... Polybius Nov 30 #105
Depends On For What Purpose, Sir The Magistrate Nov 30 #107
No, you're not reading it wrong. Democratic Senate Majority Leader/ New Yorker Chuck Schumer lapucelle Nov 29 #70
Tweets enid602 Nov 29 #82
Yes, I know that all the tweets are dated October 8. lapucelle Nov 29 #87
Rec TY.. you can show some people Proof & Cha Nov 29 #86
He is absolutely right Deep State Witch Nov 29 #80
It's A FACT so it's not "incredible". Cha Nov 29 #85
It has become really clear that many on the left have fallen into the wave of extreme Israel hate, madaboutharry Nov 29 #81
I have been to Israel several times. former9thward Nov 29 #89
That's interesting. yardwork Nov 29 #93
Egypt and Jordan won't take that land back. madaboutharry Nov 29 #94
What identity? former9thward Nov 30 #96
I know the history. madaboutharry Nov 30 #97
Thing is..... claudette Nov 30 #103
Yet, it's not claudette Nov 30 #104
k & r. Thank you Sen. Schumer rollin74 Nov 30 #108
Sums it up for me, especially given some of the comments in this thread Behind the Aegis Nov 30 #110
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