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24. There are vast differences between the two horrific attacks.....
Mon Dec 4, 2023, 06:28 AM
Dec 4

and to say one is worse then the other? That is clearly assuming and distorting the facts! I wonder if you could explain why you think that people weren’t buried alive when when the towers came crashing down with people in them, or people were burned alive when several planes flew into the towers and the Pentagon and crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

Your argument is invalid. Both are terrible, but two totally different incidents. No one should have been killed or terrorizing anyone who wants to harm anyone.

I want to wipe hamas off the face of the earth too... Think. Again. Dec 3 #1
"I really would not care how many Palestinians died." jcgoldie Dec 3 #2
Here you forgot this part: "If that had been my child, my daughter, my wife," Then YOU GO LIVE next to Hamas GuppyGal Dec 4 #7
It's always that one line taken out Tickle Dec 4 #23
Please note, I'm talking about specific people. qwlauren35 Dec 4 #25
I have been watching Israeli news over the past 8 weeks. madaboutharry Dec 3 #3
+1 betsuni Dec 4 #9
Hamas is a terrorist organization, not a legitimate government or entity ot any kind. lees1975 Dec 3 #4
"...And as long as those problems go unresolved, it will be this way." calimary Dec 4 #20
Some people still don't get it Mossfern Dec 4 #5
Some people don't want to get it. madaboutharry Dec 4 #12
and after Hamas beheaded/tortured/raped/set fire to/dismembered/ agingdem Dec 4 #26
And can you IMAGINE HAMAS living in the NEXT STATE over from you???? How horrifying ! GuppyGal Dec 4 #6
Yeah, I'm starting to get it. qwlauren35 Dec 4 #10
" No one was burned alive on 9/11." mahatmakanejeeves Dec 4 #8
I should rephrase. qwlauren35 Dec 4 #11
An estimated 200 people fell from the towers on 9/11 Kennah Dec 4 #17
If Hamas is destroyed, Mr.Bill Dec 4 #13
yup, that shit is never going to end Skittles Dec 4 #18
And that is how DeSantis, Cheney, Bush were ok with torture JT45242 Dec 4 #14
It was Hamas that tortured . JI7 Dec 4 #15
The point is if vindictiveness is ok, you will end up like your enemies who tortured JT45242 Dec 4 #22
I got it from the beginning. William769 Dec 4 #16
Tis the Season nwliberalkiwi Dec 4 #19
One function government *should* serve is to embody our better nature... Silent3 Dec 4 #21
There are vast differences between the two horrific attacks..... imanamerican63 Dec 4 #24
What if Jilly_in_VA Dec 4 #27
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