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39. We can't presume racism underlying any or every post that is expressing horror at mass casualties of any population
Mon Dec 4, 2023, 05:56 PM
Dec 4

Unless there is reason to consider such a concern racist, the accusation should not be made

Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #1
Who is "they"? NCIndie Dec 4 #4
Those in power to make decisions about the Palestinians ? WarGamer Dec 4 #5
Those in power in Gaza paleotn Dec 4 #34
Post removed Post removed Dec 4 #53
Hamas. They're talking about Hamas. Who else? AnrothElf Dec 4 #64
The billionaire terrorists roosting in Qatar have the power lapucelle Dec 4 #80
Israeli leaders like Netanyahu who has bowed to prevent Palestinians from ever having a state. Lonestarblue Dec 4 #19
Posts saying Israel has no right to exist would be deleted NCIndie Dec 4 #20
We can't presume racism underlying any or every post that is expressing horror at mass casualties of any population MadameButterfly Dec 4 #39
Agree 100% NCIndie Dec 4 #43
Funny! That's not unlike the saying "When did you stop beating your wife?" Do you see what I mean? To create a scenario TeamProg Dec 4 #47
It's nothing like that. NCIndie Dec 4 #92
What I said is pretty much it. False accusations. TeamProg Dec 5 #99
Sure. Have a conversation with yourself. NCIndie Dec 5 #101
I would, but you keep talking! TeamProg Dec 5 #108
Referring to Palestine as internment camps is antisemitic. yardwork Dec 4 #32
Does that make terrorism OK? Just checking. paleotn Dec 4 #37
There is very little in this paragraph marybourg Dec 4 #49
The word "exterminating" when used to describe Israelis is considered antisemitic. yardwork Dec 4 #29
Is there a rule that only non-Jews can be guilty of estermination? MadameButterfly Dec 4 #38
It's not a rule. Human rights groups consider this usage to be antisemitic. yardwork Dec 4 #40
The stated objective of Hamas is to exterminate Jews. AnrothElf Dec 4 #66
The stated goal of Israeli govt. is to destroy Hamas MadameButterfly Dec 6 #142
No that is Hezbollah territory TheKentuckian Dec 6 #148
Ahhhh...Islamophobia raises it's ugly head. brush Dec 6 #157
Hamas and its supporters certainly exist in the West Bank tritsofme Dec 6 #151
Strawman Sympthsical Dec 4 #2
I think the knuckle dragging Jew haters... the neo Nazis and extremists of all flavors are a small minority WarGamer Dec 4 #3
Open your eyes. They are not some vanishingly small minority Sympthsical Dec 4 #6
When yo look at someone in the street shouting abusive comments... WarGamer Dec 4 #7
Can both be true? NCIndie Dec 4 #8
Indie - It appears that you're new here. I gave up a long time ago trying to express sentiments like yours..... EarnestPutz Dec 5 #127
It's gotten to where I cringe when someone says, "Welcome to DU" NCIndie Dec 5 #130
You're welcome. EarnestPutz Dec 6 #141
The Palestinian problem gives them the excuse that they need to justify their hatred. GoneOffShore Dec 4 #12
Exactly my thoughts Mossfern Dec 4 #28
Look, you're just advertising you're unfamiliar with this stuff Sympthsical Dec 4 #70
Sympthsical -- just wanted to thank you for your contributions to this thread Hekate Dec 4 #73
Thanks, I appreciate it Sympthsical Dec 4 #74
Boom. yardwork Dec 5 #121
They are taking JustAnotherGen Dec 4 #71
The Netherlands? Is it acceptable to be racist in Holland? brush Dec 6 #158
When yo look at someone in the street shouting abusive comments Beastly Boy Dec 4 #90
Worse has happened in Yemen, Syria , and many other places JI7 Dec 5 #102
The U.S. abandoned our allies the Kurds to likely genocide. yardwork Dec 5 #122
Absolutely. It ain't who or how many are being killed...it's who's doing the killing that has everyone's hair on fire. CincyDem Dec 6 #156
No, I must not. It all spends the same. TheKentuckian Dec 6 #149
Or are they clueless. And know zero of any history NoRethugFriends Dec 6 #153
Why do you think that is? Chainfire Dec 4 #16
and for the survivors, their whole world is destroyed. MadameButterfly Dec 4 #45
Germany JustAnotherGen Dec 4 #72
A lot of money, education, and an occupation by Allied forces went into that MadameButterfly Dec 6 #144
They also JustAnotherGen Dec 6 #146
The non-Jewish Germans who cleaned up their act MadameButterfly Dec 7 #160
I agree about Hamas and Nazis MadameButterfly Dec 7 #161
Hamas terrorist billionaires living the high life in Qatar should pay. lapucelle Dec 5 #129
Well, they should. is anyone going after them? MadameButterfly Dec 6 #145
"15,000 women and children" Wow, so all the suspect numbers reported by Hamas are now just women & children? EX500rider Dec 4 #54
Thank you for the correction. The generally reported number is 15,000 total deaths Chainfire Dec 5 #112
I believe the numbers are a unknown EX500rider Dec 5 #115
You dispute the numbers of killed, then what numbers would you suggest as an alternative? Chainfire Dec 5 #125
As I said, as the only number come from a terrorist group with lots of reasons to lie it is unknown EX500rider Dec 5 #132
Ok, that is your guess. Fair enough, are you happy with the thought that only 5,000 women and children Chainfire Dec 5 #133
The relief orgs and the UN have just passed along Hamas numbers EX500rider Dec 5 #134
I will not quibble with you over the exact number. The rest of the message is stil the same. Chainfire Dec 5 #136
"It is a human disaster." Wars usually are EX500rider Dec 5 #137
There is a rise in antisemetism but it's not the people you are attacking MadameButterfly Dec 4 #51
I see antisemitism across the political spectrum today and in full view Kennah Dec 5 #105
I hope you see the people who in solidarity with Jews are against it MadameButterfly Dec 6 #143
Absolutely Kennah Dec 6 #159
Talk to HAMAS they Violated the Ceasefire. Cha Dec 4 #25
Obviously the number of antisemites is larger than you thought. yardwork Dec 4 #30
Like the "compassion and empathy" toward random Jewish shopkeepers just selling falafels? Hekate Dec 4 #76
I think the knuckle dragging Jew haters, the neo Nazis and extremists of all flavors Beastly Boy Dec 4 #89
War is ugly... no doubt about that. Happy Hoosier Dec 5 #117
Remember the people who were carrying tikki torches and chanting 'Jews may not replace me" MadameButterfly Dec 4 #42
The far left and far right bend and meet at antisemitism. nt LexVegas Dec 4 #9
Nauseatingly true Hekate Dec 4 #77
Referring to him as Nuttyahoo kind of diminishes your credentials as an expert on antisemitism. n/t CincyDem Dec 4 #10
I'm not an expert... that's why I posted the linked article from an expert. WarGamer Dec 4 #11
He is a fascist and a hardcore racist. David__77 Dec 4 #13
I have not seen any - any at all Mossfern Dec 4 #31
I haven't either. Not one. yardwork Dec 4 #35
I support Bibi Kennah Dec 5 #106
Don't forget... Behind the Aegis Dec 4 #14
This Hekate Dec 4 #78
Worst components of Godwin's Law are being realized Kennah Dec 5 #107
No. MOMFUDSKI Dec 4 #15
When they attack and deface a Jewish deli with anti-Semitic slurs, is that just "anti-Bibi"? tritsofme Dec 4 #17
I am speaking for myself in my post. MOMFUDSKI Dec 4 #88
Wait...is anyone here defending that disgusting action? electric_blue68 Dec 5 #104
I believe most of the posts have been removed, but yes, it was quite a disgusting display tritsofme Dec 5 #123
Ok. good. electric_blue68 Dec 5 #140
The Israeli SC is a mess. Igel Dec 4 #52
What they need to do is put together a bipartisan commission Mosby Dec 5 #113
... lapucelle Dec 4 #82
Israel didnt lock millions of people in an "open air prison". Mosby Dec 4 #18
Gaza is an open-air prison. Israel controls their water, their food, the Internet, their lives. Lonestarblue Dec 4 #21
Does Israel control the Gaza border with Egypt? EX500rider Dec 4 #57
Yes IronLionZion Dec 5 #124
But I keep seeing JustAnotherGen Dec 4 #69
A closed border is not a prison TheKentuckian Dec 11 #162
The lies about 'genocide', 'war crimes' and 'open air prisons,' Tomconroy Dec 5 #111
No. Criticism of Israel is not antisemitic. Are some people antisemitic? Yes. Autumn Dec 4 #22
Happy to rec this post. yardwork Dec 4 #27
Nope Faux pas Dec 4 #23
Always the opposing teams Roy Rolling Dec 4 #24
Sorry to be anal, but, no he did not. Oneironaut Dec 5 #139
Criticism of Israel doesn't have to be antisemitic but lots of it is. yardwork Dec 4 #26
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #33
No. Polly Hennessey Dec 4 #36
Is criticism of Italy anti-Catholic? Basic LA Dec 4 #41
No ..... I am Not anti semetic !!!i think israel has commitedcrimes just like all countries Trueblue1968 Dec 4 #44
Like any massively large, complex situation, some forms most definitely are and some forms most definitely are not. Celerity Dec 4 #46
It's not deep or morally correct lately, but it's usually not antisemitic. gulliver Dec 4 #48
For me personally: grumpyduck Dec 4 #50
Simply put, BidenRocks Dec 4 #55
No. If you can't criticize someone who you think is doing something wrong, what can you do? patphil Dec 4 #56
And nobody is doing that. It's a straw man. yardwork Dec 4 #60
I recently remarked... GiqueCee Dec 4 #58
Exactly. yardwork Dec 4 #61
Meaning of antisemitic Ksout Dec 4 #59
It's just a Google away KS Toronado Dec 4 #68
Here ya go Mossfern Dec 4 #75
Dictionaries are helpful. lapucelle Dec 4 #84
Yes. marble falls Dec 4 #85
The term is specifically associated with Jews. TwilightZone Dec 5 #126
There are ample oil and gas reserves for Gaza. GreenWave Dec 4 #62
True, but crying "genocide" is. And "Free Palestine from the river to the sea" is. AnrothElf Dec 4 #63
No ismnotwasm Dec 4 #65
Everything is ForgedCrank Dec 4 #67
Not at all. Sky Jewels Dec 4 #79
Bernie criticizing Israel - from Senate floor today womanofthehills Dec 4 #81
Bernie Sanders is a Jewish American politician. Emile Dec 6 #150
Depends upon the criticism. NT Happy Hoosier Dec 4 #83
Obviously, you didn't read the article to the end. Beastly Boy Dec 4 #86
Not sure what you're reading... WarGamer Dec 4 #93
I am reading your post prior to your edit at 11:03 pm, Beastly Boy Dec 4 #95
You're trying REALLY hard to paint me as something I'm not... and it's not fair. WarGamer Dec 4 #96
It was easy. I had help. Beastly Boy Dec 4 #97
Absolutely NOT! Jilly_in_VA Dec 4 #87
Interesting. H2O Man Dec 4 #91
I think most people understand... WarGamer Dec 4 #94
Right. H2O Man Dec 5 #98
No. treestar Dec 5 #100
Only when they're wrong. Iggo Dec 5 #103
Sadly, the point of the article you posted isn't in the excerpt you shared. herding cats Dec 5 #109
Both sides are evil. Lunabell Dec 5 #110
Nope Chakaconcarne Dec 5 #114
No! DenaliDemocrat Dec 5 #116
Criticism of Israel is necessary. David__77 Dec 5 #118
If we criticize US government policy do we hate America? IronLionZion Dec 5 #119
Jon Stewart said SocialDemocrat61 Dec 5 #120
How many claudette Dec 5 #128
As with anything, the answer is... "it depends" Caliman73 Dec 5 #131
No! We criticize the US, we can criticize other countries. LeftInTX Dec 5 #135
You can NEVER say anything negative about Israel bif Dec 5 #138
False. The actual issue is so many struggle to TheKentuckian Dec 6 #154
no pfitz59 Dec 6 #147
Nope walkingman Dec 6 #152
No. But it's often used as a disguise. egduj Dec 6 #155
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