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Thu Jan 4, 2024, 07:01 PM Jan 2024

"When You Say Trump Should Be Allowed to Run for Office, You Sound Like a Fucking Idiot" [View all]


Jesus fuck, stop being such pedantic idiots about whether or not Donald Trump should be prohibited from holding public office. The fucking 14th Amendment is absolutely fucking clear that he shouldn't be allowed near an election. And yet we keep having these pearl-clutching debates about what it means, how it's the end of democracy, and other assorted shit. No, it's the way the country avoids our stupid electoral system and our stupid voters putting a madman into office...again.

Look at these insane arguments.

1. "We should let the people decide." You sound like an absolutely pathetic little bitch if you say this and more than a little brain-damaged. The fucking people fucking decided in 2020 and the reason we're even having this discussion is because Donald Trump and a whole bunch of other elected officials decided that they were going to overturn that result because of shit they made up, shit that no court anywhere with every kind of judge agreed was real, and shit that no one has every been able to prove other than to keep asserting the shit is actual shit when it's just shit shit. If Trump is on the ballot again in 2024 and the people decide again that he should be shoved into the history books as another "holy fuck, that really happened" chapter, do you honestly think that this time he'll go quietly? He never goes quietly. Between the bellowing and the flatulence and the heavy breathing, he will always make a racket. It's madness to insist that any election with Trump involved will end up as a regular election unless he outright wins (even when he does, he's a total cockknob about it), and he shouldn't even have a chance to do that. I don't wanna keep going through this shit again and again like some moronic time loop we can't escape from. It's not supporting democracy to allow the person who says he's going to pretty much murder democracy run for the office that will let him do it. Fucking madness.

2. "He needs to be convicted of insurrection first." Read the third section of the 14th. You see anything in there about a conviction being necessary? That's also part of Trump's argument that he shouldn't be tried for anything because the Senate already absolved him of all crimes (actually only one and that one isn't even part of the indictments against him). Being prevented from holding office isn't even really a punishment. Barring his conviction on any of the roughly 8000 other crimes he's committed, Trump is free to speak his normal bullshit. He can wander the mildew-scented halls of Mar-a-Lago, waiting for the omelet bar to open up again. He can pretend he's a businessman and launder more cash for Russian oligarchs. Fuck, he can do anything he likes. But he violated his oath of office pretty fucking clearly, so fuck off on running for president. It's like if you write a bad check at a business and they put your fuckin' photo up and say, "Don't sell cigarettes to this asshole." You can go to any other store you like, just not the one you fucked with. Oh, and everyone forgets the final part of Section 3: "But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability." Yeah, Congress can, if it wants, say, "Oh, it's cool that you wanted to dick over the entirety of democracy. All is forgiven." Wait. On the other hand, keep that part quiet. I could see Democrats actually going along with that for the sake of going high when they go low or some other lie that conveniently lets you off the hook of actually doing something.

3. "The 14th Amendment doesn't include the presidency." Oh, fuck off. The Constitution doesn't specifically bar dead people from running for office. Look at it. Someone should try running the corpse of JFK or something. Except everyone fucking knows that dead people can't run. In the debate over the 14th Amendment in 1866, one senator asked why it didn't say the president or vice president. Senator Lot Morrill from Maine responded, "Let me call the Senator's attention to the words 'or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States.'" In other words, are you fucking blind? Stupid? Both? Of course it includes the presidency. And if you are also saying that it was only meant for the Confederacy, well, they also debated whether or not to put a sunset date on it and decided against it. C'mon, motherfucking textualist judges, you know what to do.

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I think the word rebellion is also in there, there's no crime called rebellion, how could he be convicted of it? Walleye Jan 2024 #1
Sorry - The word rebellion is also in 18 USC 2383. FBaggins Jan 2024 #27
So what!? triron Jan 2024 #32
I love Rude mountain grammy Jan 2024 #2
The Rude one speaks the truth n/t FreeForm73 Jan 2024 #5
"You know what to do" gratuitous Jan 2024 #8
As sure as the sun rises in the east JoseBalow Jan 2024 #13
Yessiree. triron Jan 2024 #33
I'd as soon vote for a steaming sack of shit than Diarrhea Donald tRump Blue Owl Jan 2024 #4
Me too. At least a sack of shit JoseBalow Jan 2024 #12
And a sack of shit is up front about what it is and doesn't pretend to be a bouquet of roses. ShazzieB Jan 2024 #15
This is America Turbineguy Jan 2024 #6
Says it all samplegirl Jan 2024 #24
K&R ismnotwasm Jan 2024 #7
I love The Rude One area51 Jan 2024 #9
On the claim that a conviction is required. creeksneakers2 Jan 2024 #10
Yes, you are right. It was about failing the oath to protect the Constitution, not about conviction Ohioboy Jan 2024 #36
Ok. So its a choice between doing the right thing Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2024 #43
sorry, dupe creeksneakers2 Jan 2024 #11
i love this! thanks for posting it! nt orleans Jan 2024 #14
Right on! SouthernDem4ever Jan 2024 #16
This Rude Dude gets it. sellitman Jan 2024 #17
Problem is ..that they don't believe he's horrible tho Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2024 #18
"THEY" is not the constitution. triron Jan 2024 #34
"We should let the people decide." AverageOldGuy Jan 2024 #19
K&R Emile Jan 2024 #20
Spot on, RP. As always. niyad Jan 2024 #21
Amen, Rude One Hekate Jan 2024 #22
Kick dalton99a Jan 2024 #23
k&r nt orleans Jan 2024 #25
most people never read the constitution AlexSFCA Jan 2024 #26
"Let the people decide!" 70sEraVet Jan 2024 #28
This should be on every news page near the top. pandr32 Jan 2024 #29
What if a liberal or two (or three) on the Supreme Court decides that he should not be removed? Polybius Jan 2024 #30
Section 5 is a problem: maxsolomon Jan 2024 #31
Since Section 3 precedes section 5. My reading is based on an election in progress. cayugafalls Jan 2024 #37
I read it as being the method whereby the preceding clauses are enforced. maxsolomon Jan 2024 #38
Well, we could have an entire discussion on just section 4... cayugafalls Jan 2024 #39
Section 5 is 1 sentence: maxsolomon Jan 2024 #40
That same boilerplate is at the end of lots of Amendments. creeksneakers2 Jan 2024 #45
Thanks for your post Ohioboy Jan 2024 #35
Well said, Mr. Rude! Elessar Zappa Jan 2024 #41
People who believe in rule by force and insurrection want the people to decide. bucolic_frolic Jan 2024 #42
Several ex-confederates were barred from serving in congress by this amendment, DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #44
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