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14. Other
Tue Jan 23, 2024, 02:06 AM
Jan 2024

It will be utter chaos if he wins or loses. He will wage another insurrection that I’m sure his buddies have well planned out. If he actually wins he will begin picking off those who didn’t vote for him. His grifting and denuding of this country will be in full force. We are in trouble either way. Registered Dems will be in grave danger come November.

Voted chaos. The first one. underpants Jan 2024 #1
Other: - WORSE than what we can imagine. Like with W.Shrub, we knew it would be bad, but UTUSN Jan 2024 #2
Good chance he'll be assassinated Jarqui Jan 2024 #3
I can totally see a patriotic military General doing something like this. Quixote1818 Jan 2024 #7
Better chance he strokes our or chokes to death on a way too big bite of a burger Attilatheblond Jan 2024 #13
Global chaos, including multiple regional conflicts. Celerity Jan 2024 #4
I agree with this 100%. The US being an isolationist is going to let a lot of countries exert power thinking we won't Quixote1818 Jan 2024 #6
there will be European countries developing their own nukes to deter Russia MistakenLamb Jan 2024 #15
He will pick the next few scotus Demovictory9 Jan 2024 #5
I'm not sure. bamagal62 Jan 2024 #8
If *rump becomes President, he will be the first President to become divorced while in office. Uncle Joe Jan 2024 #9
I can't recommend this thread! ellisonz Jan 2024 #10
Pitchfork Time czarjak Jan 2024 #11
I will purchase an AR-15, and begin practicing with it.... DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #12
Get one now before the election, a dictator may stop sales and make them illegal. Can't have Dems and Libs Hotler Jan 2024 #17
Other Hope22 Jan 2024 #14
A second Trump term in office will be the end of Democracy in the US Kennah Jan 2024 #16
Europe and NATO will fall for the most part bucolic_frolic Jan 2024 #18
Application for passports will go up as will Prairie_Seagull Jan 2024 #19
He will die in office of natural causes n/t Shrek Jan 2024 #20
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