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42. The rich want us poor and desperate.
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 04:42 PM
Jan 2024

SocSec removes a lot of fear and anxiety from working people. Fear and anxiety is the whip of the rich.

Can't he just croak and malaise Jan 2024 #1
No, because you see, they'll just shellac him over, prop him B.See Jan 2024 #2
ROFL malaise Jan 2024 #6
Like Weekend at Bernie's?? vapor2 Jan 2024 #28
Yes please. I get nauseous just hearing his rancid pontifications. FailureToCommunicate Jan 2024 #3
He did, several years ago. kwijybo Jan 2024 #8
ROFL😂😂 malaise Jan 2024 #9
That wouldn't change what the Republican Party has been wanting to do for decades Martin Eden Jan 2024 #12
Sadly you are correct malaise Jan 2024 #14
Because, sadly, Joe 6-pack is an oafish lout. jaxexpat Jan 2024 #16
In the last three weeks in the Coachella Valley, I met four strangers who have turned out to be OMGWTF Jan 2024 #53
3 weeks?! Thank you for your service. jaxexpat Jan 2024 #54
And therein lies the problem. calimary Jan 2024 #34
Good question. Why? orthoclad Jan 2024 #41
Rightwing propaganda networks have been very effective at manipulating perceptions Martin Eden Jan 2024 #55
I keep thinking of the Powell Memo orthoclad Feb 2024 #57
THAT is one of the most important articles ever posted in DU Martin Eden Feb 2024 #58
I repeatedly post the orthoclad Feb 2024 #59
Time to French Revolution tirtleman ...... Trueblue1968 Jan 2024 #49
THIS malaise Jan 2024 #52
Him and every other rethug since SS became law. They haven't succeeded yet. Takket Jan 2024 #4
They have had some success. markodochartaigh Jan 2024 #20
Any change like this to Social Security videohead5 Jan 2024 #5
Yet they will... 2naSalit Jan 2024 #11
"But we're broke!" orthoclad Feb 2024 #60
Nor do I. ...nt 2naSalit Feb 2024 #61
And if Trump is elected, Republicans will take the Senate and possibly the House. Plan accomplished. Lonestarblue Jan 2024 #17
I just don't see videohead5 Jan 2024 #25
I thought so too at one time but Akacia Jan 2024 #31
I know how you feel, Akacia. calimary Jan 2024 #35
No secret there. LakeArenal Jan 2024 #7
K&R spanone Jan 2024 #10
The bs these fkrs get away with is infuriating B.See Jan 2024 #13
Total elimination of the Social Security administration is McConnel's wet dream, his raison d'etre. jaxexpat Jan 2024 #15
In other words, he's a mean spirited, narrow minded, underhanded B.See Jan 2024 #19
babylonsister .. Upthevibe Jan 2024 #18
Add this to the Dems campaign message.... ProudMNDemocrat Jan 2024 #21
ProudMNDemocrat..... Upthevibe Jan 2024 #26
THIS!!! calimary Jan 2024 #36
Cuts to S.S. is smoke and mirrors, their goal is to steal every penny in the trust fund. Hotler Jan 2024 #22
That gently alive corpse needs to die already. BradBo Jan 2024 #23
75 years they been nickleing and diming it. leave it the heck alone and dont mess with me. AllaN01Bear Jan 2024 #24
Yet Traildogbob Jan 2024 #27
Fuckers. Money trickles to the TOP anyway. Most Soc Sec $ is spent on goods that the rich control. Sure, some middle TeamProg Jan 2024 #29
Why does McConnell get a pick? wryter2000 Jan 2024 #30
K&R Wild blueberry Jan 2024 #32
Anything MoscowMitch likes is dangerous to the rest of us. Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2024 #33
VOTE! Mr.Bee Jan 2024 #37
Thanks! I just wrote to both of my US Senators. n/t PatrickforB Jan 2024 #38
... and now please enjoy a musical interlude from Rihanna.... IcyPeas Jan 2024 #39
It is interesting to me that the people who hate Social Security the most are the ones who need it the least. LoisB Jan 2024 #40
Actually DENVERPOPS Jan 2024 #44
The rich want us poor and desperate. orthoclad Jan 2024 #42
Like they're doing to the Postal Service and other agencies like Agriculture. live love laugh Jan 2024 #43
President Biden could withdraw this nomination WyLoochka Jan 2024 #45
I'm very much looking forward to watching his funeral on TV. Oopsie Daisy Jan 2024 #46
Very important post and I hope Senate Dems senseandsensibility Jan 2024 #47
McConnell is a soulless pervert without a shred of decency GiqueCee Jan 2024 #48
Ass wipe republicans don't pay into social security Puppyjive Jan 2024 #50
Of course. grumpyduck Jan 2024 #51
Maybe we need wealth limits I_UndergroundPanther Feb 2024 #56
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