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25. Added bonus
Wed Feb 7, 2024, 04:11 PM
Feb 7

Trump releases the Kompromat he has on SCOTUS as retaliation.

I don't seeing either happening though.

The Republicans were fools for not voting for impeachment in 2021. I tried to tell that to my newly minted Representative, and she had some fluff about him going away anyway as Biden takes office. This has played out just how I expected it would to this point.

If Trump is on the ballot, it is a coin flip as to whether he gets back into office (even with 10 million less votes).

Sure hope you are correct rurallib Feb 7 #1
Will he leave the country then? vanlassie Feb 7 #2
Fuck yes he'll leave the country! Glamrock Feb 7 #14
Hell yes he'll leave the country! Glamrock Feb 7 #16
Right this way sir Blue Owl Feb 7 #35
You're right about self preservation. Joinfortmill Feb 7 #3
And if we get TFA as a dictator the SCOTUS becomes moot! kimbutgar Feb 7 #4
SCOTUS need to understand what happens to them if he does become dictator. LiberalFighter Feb 7 #10
Add in his comment Dan Feb 7 #5
Has anyone asked him about days 2 and 3? 0rganism Feb 7 #20
He'll play golf on days 2 and 3. louis-t Feb 7 #27
LOL we should be so lucky 0rganism Feb 7 #30
Yes, if they completely miss their off-ramp. Frasier Balzov Feb 7 #6
There is no right orangecrush Feb 7 #26
The thing is this court doesn't care about anything Tribetime Feb 7 #7
Except for how history will judge them. Do they really want Trump to be in their legacy? CTyankee Feb 7 #13
Thing is, there will be no truthful history if Trump manages to steal this election Attilatheblond Feb 7 #36
yeah but what helps Republicans MadameButterfly Feb 7 #22
I'm not as convinced as you are Fiendish Thingy Feb 7 #8
I'm sure they will. Colorado ballots are being mailed out on Monday. They won't make a decision before then. LeftInTX Feb 7 #17
If the SCOTUS applies the law and look at real history, I agree with you LetMyPeopleVote Feb 7 #9
I agree... S/V Loner Feb 7 #11
Consider that if they go the wrong way there could be an insurrection by the other side. LiberalFighter Feb 7 #12
Personally I doubt Court will remove him. They will find a legal way not to remove. FloridaBlues Feb 7 #15
I agree DUgosh Feb 7 #32
They're too chicken to do it. bif Feb 7 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Feb 7 #37
All very strong points except #3 where they are screwed either way. MadameButterfly Feb 7 #19
The SC will at least remove any doubt Blue Idaho Feb 7 #21
I don't know if they can stop him from being on a ballot, though. They were all states' rights when Vinca Feb 7 #23
I'm not betting on it orangecrush Feb 7 #24
Added bonus exboyfil Feb 7 #25
Suppposedly, Clarence Thomas's buddy, Harlan Crow, is opposed to trump, as are Kochs. But, I think SC will Silent Type Feb 7 #28
I don't think so iemanja Feb 7 #29
Your prediction may be a longshot, but senseandsensibility Feb 7 #31
There's no way 5 of them will vote against him on this budkin Feb 7 #33
Never underestimate the scumminess of republican justices. Goodheart Feb 7 #34
Number 4 is the one that gives me hope. D23MIURG23 Feb 7 #38
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