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Fri Feb 9, 2024, 12:02 PM Feb 9

I Have One Last Thing To Say About Hur's Report [View all]

Robert Hur wrote in his report that President Biden couldn't even remember when his son died.

What a horrible, despicable thing to say. Everyfuckingbody should be condemning Hur for putting that lie in his report.

If Merrick Garland read that line in Hur's report and allowed it to be made public, then Garland is complicit.

No President Biden can't fire Garland, it is way too late, besides, I'm not sure that incompetence is legal grounds for firing someone.

I'm going grocery shopping, maybe I will buy a chunk of big fat bologna.

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Testify brother! Testify! n/t brewens Feb 9 #1
EXACTLY how I feel. To those handful of posters defending Hur and this report, where is your humanity? hlthe2b Feb 9 #2
Huh? There are DUers who are defending Hur? Unbelievable. KPN Feb 9 #17
Yup... Few, but very vocal hlthe2b Feb 9 #19
Same at The Daily Kos ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 9 #60
Yes. I've been following that controversy.... hlthe2b Feb 9 #64
Adding the part about his son's death was a particularly nasty piece of work. Irish_Dem Feb 9 #3
The Republicans go after Biden's sons all the time. yardwork Feb 9 #65
Yes to get at Biden. And to discourage decent people from running for office. Irish_Dem Feb 9 #70
Ummm... ScratchCat Feb 9 #4
If Garland saw any reference to Biden's memory yorkster Feb 9 #5
Can't fire him at this point, I mean. yorkster Feb 9 #8
I'm quite tired of worrying about what is legal but might look bad redqueen Feb 9 #73
So what Nasruddin Feb 9 #79
Obviously he did orangecrush Feb 9 #50
How did tfg fire Comey then? Maraya1969 Feb 9 #6
Exactly! Rebl2 Feb 9 #22
Ha.. I had the same thought mountain grammy Feb 9 #38
IANAL but can't appointees be just dismissed? usonian Feb 9 #7
My aunt died 11 months after my mother. I still cannot remember if my mother's death was in January Maraya1969 Feb 9 #9
My parents died three months apart and my father went through three months of ICU hell, arresting hlthe2b Feb 9 #12
Your last paragraph: love_katz Feb 9 #13
Thank you... hlthe2b Feb 9 #14
Great post Doc Sportello Feb 9 #33
Same. Furthermore, as the years pass, I'm not as obsessed with the dates anymore. Arazi Feb 9 #20
I only remember the date Mossfern Feb 9 #68
Agreed. I'm almost 20 years younger than Biden and my mom passed in 2022. yardwork Feb 9 #27
Yep, my parents died in March 2000 and April 2001 ... or was it April 2001 and KPN Feb 9 #28
Well, when it's nothing but a lie... Trueblue Texan Feb 9 #49
We don't even know the context of that statement. It's not even germane to the case. LeftInTX Feb 9 #57
Based on the snide comments in the written report yardwork Feb 9 #66
My mother died 60 years ago when i was 13. I can not remember the date of her death Trueblue1968 Feb 10 #86
The AG serves at the pleasure of the President Cattledog Feb 9 #10
This! Borchkins Feb 9 #11
Exactly Poiuyt Feb 9 #15
Well the last thing I'll say about Hur's report, probably not the last thing, republianmushroom Feb 9 #16
Wonder if you'll feel the same way in October Doc Sportello Feb 9 #35
Yup, will still feel it is a lot political, as I do now. republianmushroom Feb 9 #37
You wrote that it was a "little" political Doc Sportello Feb 9 #39
Did you read " no more than a little "political", myself. But than that is just me. republianmushroom Feb 9 #42
Yes and it comes across the same Doc Sportello Feb 9 #43
If so, than I can't help you. republianmushroom Feb 9 #44
See intrepidity's reply Doc Sportello Feb 9 #77
I think he left out a comma intrepidity Feb 9 #72
I think it is as political as it can be...and Hur needs to be let go officially so we don't Demsrule86 Feb 9 #80
I'm for next term POTUS appoint a new AG onetexan Feb 9 #18
ditto et tu Feb 9 #47
I haven't read the report, but what exactly... ECL213 Feb 9 #21
Wish I still had a heart to give you! Scrivener7 Feb 9 #29
I took care of it for you. phylny Feb 9 #41
Thank you!!! Scrivener7 Feb 9 #51
Not a thing. Hur was supposed to be checking the documents True Blue American Feb 9 #34
That just shows the type of BS questioning that Biden was up against with this clown Hur. hadEnuf Feb 9 #78
It's a rare moment when almost all of DU is unified in rage at Hur. yardwork Feb 9 #23
Thank you for the steadfast posting about Garland in a headwind. PufPuf23 Feb 9 #24
I said one last time, but I must reply to this, gab13by13 Feb 9 #53
What in the ever loving fuck does that have to do with documents?? MorbidButterflyTat Feb 9 #25
If Garland laid one finger on those lines it would come out as interference bigtree Feb 9 #26
Excellent points! ShazzieB Feb 10 #90
Smiling yankee87 Feb 9 #30
Of COURSE Biden can fire Garland AkFemDem Feb 9 #31
We live in unprecedented times DC77 Feb 9 #83
Why would Hur ask True Blue American Feb 9 #32
Yeah, I forgot about his wife. What does 1972 have to do with anything???? LeftInTX Feb 9 #62
I do my family tree. I don't remember when my parents died or my sister. LiberalFighter Feb 9 #36
After the re-election Owens Feb 9 #40
Those comments had no place in the report, but it's a bit late to protest that. Unforunately, I'm not sure Silent Type Feb 9 #45
Sure, have Biden fire Garland if he wants to come off doing the same kind of thing Trump would do. elocs Feb 9 #46
+1,000 malaise Feb 9 #48
That was disgraceful. As was so much of Hur's report. For the record, I have lost my mother, my father and my sister. Nanjeanne Feb 9 #52
That's a good point. I remember my parents' birthdays, not their death days. yardwork Feb 9 #67
Exactly the same for me. Nanjeanne Feb 9 #74
This was meant to be the October surprise MattNC2021 Feb 9 #54
Absolutely! And Joe Biden is doing a great job as president. yardwork Feb 9 #69
Hur took advantage of Biden who followed through w testimony day after Oct 7 crisis broke Bernardo de La Paz Feb 9 #55
His son's death was not even germane to the case. Much less his wife's death in 1972. LeftInTX Feb 9 #58
I cant remember the date my mom died - I must be weak minded I guess. NoMoreRepugs Feb 9 #56
I'm 74 (let's get that out of the way) 😀 Mblaze Feb 9 #59
Same here with dates Mossfern Feb 9 #71
We've seen three years of his mediocrity ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 9 #61
I had a bone marrow transplant as treatment for Cancer mercuryblues Feb 9 #63
Was it a trap? moondust Feb 9 #75
Can Hur be indicted for The Wizard Feb 9 #76
Audition Aaeia Feb 9 #81
I feel I know exactly what happened crimycarny Feb 9 #82
Post removed Post removed Feb 9 #84
Did the report say Biden was senile?? Sugarcoated Feb 10 #87
'Confidential' in name only: Merrick Garland's delicate decision to release the Hur report LetMyPeopleVote Feb 9 #85
Interesting! ShazzieB Feb 10 #89
HurIs A MD? DallasNE Feb 10 #88
"Complicit" ?? 🤣😂 Oh, dear! Such drama! 🙄😜 Oopsie Daisy Feb 10 #91
Because laughing at someone's grief and associated memory loss is so funny, right? hlthe2b Feb 10 #93
I don't see anyone laughing at grief (perhaps I overlooked it). Instead, I see a bunch of dramatic hand-wringing * Oopsie Daisy Feb 10 #94
You are in your own post. hlthe2b Feb 10 #95
Oh brother! No I'm not. Oopsie Daisy Feb 10 #96
Laughing at other's grief on this thread is the most despicable thing I have ever seen on DU. hlthe2b Feb 10 #97
LOL! Nobody is laughing at grief. Oopsie Daisy Feb 10 #98
What the hell do you call your mocking those of us who have expressed our sincere, honest accounts hlthe2b Feb 10 #99
LOL! What a ridiculous accusation! I've done no such thing. Oopsie Daisy Feb 10 #100
Truth hurts? WHat the hell do you call it? hlthe2b Feb 10 #101
Someone has grabbed the wrong end of the stick. (Not me.) Oopsie Daisy Feb 10 #102
Garland gone in January 2025 Sienna86 Feb 10 #92
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