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38. I have given this a lot of thought
Tue Feb 13, 2024, 08:40 PM
Feb 13

thank you for presenting it so succinctly. I have concluded I will never understand. No matter the underlying factor(s) I cannot comprehend. There are a lot of theories. Maybe all of them are true. Or, true in part. Or, none of them are true. Still...I cannot begin to be able to understand it.

Without all of the cult followers he would have no power. They give him the power...he has none without them. That part I do understand.

The worse yet, is none of those that follow, protect, and worship him can explain the hold.

None of it makes any sense.

To me the simplest explanation senseandsensibility Feb 13 #1
It's the only possible explanation. n/t Hugin Feb 13 #16
I don't think it's tsf they're afraid of redqueen Feb 13 #2
But What Are They Afraid OF?..... global1 Feb 13 #4
Kompromat would be my guess redqueen Feb 13 #6
Too late on the decent human thing Marthe48 Feb 13 #7
I suspect it's bad enough that their own families and followers would disown them redqueen Feb 13 #20
Birds of a feather Beachnutt Feb 13 #3
My Mother Mr.Bee Feb 13 #5
No one gave the correct answer yet, gab13by13 Feb 13 #8
The answer is Mr.Bee Feb 13 #9
Sounds familiar! Mossfern Feb 13 #17
I don't think it's a simple answer. I think is all of the above, but not in individual cases. Stinky The Clown Feb 13 #10
and if Trump wins the presidency he'll go after everyone who opposed him MadameButterfly Feb 13 #23
Blue bdamomma Feb 13 #37
My thoughts are that he has threatened them and their livetohike Feb 13 #11
If elected president Trump can ruin anyone he wants financially MadameButterfly Feb 13 #24
blackmail and bribery is how he got everything he didnt inherit or steal. mopinko Feb 13 #12
I think that "safe"... 2naSalit Feb 13 #31
It's because they want his supporters and most of the party loves him budkin Feb 13 #13
Here's another reason. TSExile Feb 13 #14
To answer your question: Plectranthus Feb 13 #15
yeah, important to remember that Putin hold the strings MadameButterfly Feb 13 #25
Putin is behind bdamomma Feb 13 #36
It's complicated and simple at the same time. BarbD Feb 13 #18
It's about getting re-elected. Qutzupalotl Feb 13 #19
Russia hacked the RNC MorbidButterflyTat Feb 13 #21
Because 40% of the country badly wants Fascism. Oneironaut Feb 13 #22
cowards, succumb to the bully. elleng Feb 13 #26
They are afraid of their voters bottomofthehill Feb 13 #27
Because they are followers, not leaders. Emile Feb 13 #28
I could see fear as a reason Marthe48 Feb 13 #29
I recently had a conversation with a MAGA relative. griffi94 Feb 13 #30
Did You Try To Convince Them To Look For Their News Elsewhere?...... global1 Feb 13 #32
I told them where I get my news. griffi94 Feb 13 #39
The #1 goal for the vast majority of politicians ITAL Feb 13 #33
Staying in Office qwlauren35 Feb 13 #34
A Lot Of It Is The Gig ProfessorGAC Feb 13 #35
I have given this a lot of thought FormerOstrich Feb 13 #38
Fascism, Fear, and Opportunism Martin Eden Feb 14 #40
They re note afraid. They love, adore and worship him like a true MAGAt Takket Feb 14 #41
All of the above, but with extra kompromat. GoCubsGo Feb 14 #42
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