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I wish they would apply actual Christian values instead of the ones they've made up Walleye Feb 20 #1
Yup. Christian nationalists in Texas are against gun control. applegrove Feb 20 #2
How about explaining what a graven image is. I've never gotten an answer to that one Walleye Feb 20 #4
Wouldn't worshiping Trump Old Crank Feb 20 #6
Perfect! Walleye Feb 20 #11
"graven images" was meant to attack the various symbols, statues, amulets, niyad Feb 20 #13
That's pretty interesting, I'll have to look that one up Walleye Feb 20 #14
Well, the prohibition existed long before photography, but I would imagine niyad Feb 20 #21
I lived near the Amish people, and they were against photography on the grounds of that commandment. Never understood it Walleye Feb 20 #26
You might like Neal Stephenson's ancianita Feb 20 #20
Thank you. I will add this to my reading list. niyad Feb 20 #22
Thank you. I always learn interesting facts on DU Walleye Feb 20 #25
As an old lit teacher, I hold to Camus' idea that "Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth." ancianita Feb 20 #28
Consistently good. limbicnuminousity Feb 20 #33
Yes. ancianita Feb 20 #34
Have not, thank you for the suggestion. :) limbicnuminousity Feb 20 #37
And thank you for yours. ancianita Feb 20 #39
Someone wearing TSF's gold tennies is pretty graven to me. rubbersole Feb 20 #19
Goodbye Establishment Clause (First Amendment) no_hypocrisy Feb 20 #3
The Supreme Court already neutered it in several cases. Lonestarblue Feb 20 #5
What you said here... ancianita Feb 20 #12
So much of religion is gross, evil and the maker of wars and hostilities. A truly civilized RKP5637 Feb 20 #7
It's happening right before our eyes. Don't doubt it. twodogsbarking Feb 20 #8
I posted this earlier... jmbar2 Feb 20 #9
They aren't Christian. themaguffin Feb 20 #10
"Being anti-woke" is being racist, anti-Bible and anti-Christian. DeSantis is like the rest -- making shit up, ancianita Feb 20 #15
They are using religion to hide White Supremacy Farmer-Rick Feb 20 #16
Not all Christians are letting them, because Christianity is not a monolith. ancianita Feb 20 #17
Wow look at that chart Farmer-Rick Feb 20 #29
Cool, I hadn't noticed that -- and it's from last year, no less ancianita Feb 20 #30
I run from bible bangers. I have seen them in action. twodogsbarking Feb 20 #18
Beyond sick of this fucking shit John Shaft Feb 20 #23
Christian Nationalism is about as anti-Constitutional as you can get. Martin68 Feb 20 #24
Their Christian values: Oneironaut Feb 20 #27
Russell Vought. that bastard again Grins Feb 20 #31
The next step would be to change the name of the Republican Party. Permanut Feb 20 #32
They're not religious limbicnuminousity Feb 20 #35
This documentary is now out: God and Country (Rob Reiner) Upthevibe Feb 20 #36
It annoys Xian Nationalists when you point out... Gore1FL Feb 20 #38
Conflating Nazis with Klansmen? czarjak Feb 20 #40
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