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Stinky The Clown

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Thu Feb 22, 2024, 04:34 PM Feb 22

Because I can't stand it any more [View all]

Are we seeing genocide in Gaza?

Before you say it, I fully support Israel in its desire to wipe out Hamas. The organization are terrorists, criminals, and by their own words genociders with respect to Jews. I have been very reluctant to post here on DU what my feelings are, knowing our community is engaged passionately in the issue but with differing views. I respect all views.

These are mine.

The tactics of Netanyahu are, in my view, also genocidal. Under his orders, the forces he controls have herded Gazans into an ever smaller area that they now say they will commence bombing. They continue to withheld food, water, medical support, and shelter from Gazans. These seem very much genocidal actions.

I believe we need to find the right balance to support Israel while breaking with Netanyahu. We need to do this immediately if not sooner.

30,000 dead Palestinians is just plain inexcusable. I believe it constitutes genocide.

I blame Netanyahu.

I could go on much longer but think this encapsulates it well.

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Because I can't stand it any more [View all] Stinky The Clown Feb 22 OP
It seems the parliament or the people in Israel support Netanyahu. What do we do about that? Walleye Feb 22 #1
I think support for Netanyahu is shallow TheKentuckian Feb 22 #5
That's THE very good question... Think. Again. Feb 22 #7
Cut off the money! flashman13 Feb 22 #30
Short answer yes. Ferrets are Cool Feb 22 #2
Very difficult to understand how some of us can ignore this. marble falls Feb 22 #3
I reject any organization that murders civilians. Voltaire2 Feb 22 #4
Going by the UN Genocide Convention: scipan Feb 22 #6
Israel has already committed the first three, and the definition calls for any one, not all five. Lonestarblue Feb 22 #10
Well thought out. Good piece but from 12/21/23 scipan Feb 22 #38
The definition of genocide contains two necessary conditions, the first of which is specific intent. lapucelle Feb 22 #59
About a third druidity33 Feb 23 #72
This message was self-deleted by its author lapucelle Feb 23 #74
It is the specific intent to annihalate "the group as such" that must be shown. lapucelle Feb 23 #79
Well... druidity33 Feb 23 #96
Those are the elements of the crime as set out in the Geneva Convention. lapucelle Feb 23 #97
The ICJ ruling was not druidity33 Feb 23 #98
The elements of the crime are the elements of the crime. That is not an argument. It is a fact. lapucelle Feb 23 #99
What is happening in Gaza is horrific! Richard58 Feb 22 #8
With you all the way. You don't bulldoze cemeteries if you louis-t Feb 22 #9
Netanyahu says regularly Bettie Feb 22 #23
Very little regard for Israeli hostages, either. Bibi is Little Putin. nt TeamProg Feb 22 #25
Big picture it is far more important to eliminate the risk TheKentuckian Feb 22 #50
Why is it always right wing I_UndergroundPanther Feb 22 #29
As Obama said there is blood on both sides leftyladyfrommo Feb 22 #11
I want innocent people to be able to live in peace and not be killed at random. twodogsbarking Feb 22 #12
It's dividing Dems & Independents. Could mean the difference between Biden winning & losing Dark n Stormy Knight Feb 23 #91
Thanks. I don't like DUers taking sides and being nasty. twodogsbarking Feb 23 #92
Here's Sen Sanders on what he thinks about "genocide" in Gaza.. Cha Feb 22 #13
You've got to remember, Bernie is a politician. He has to walk very carefully to not upset the cart. nt TeamProg Feb 22 #20
Sanders is stating Facts.. Cha Feb 22 #26
Huh? "Mr. Sanders said people should be careful about using the word genocide". That's not a fact, that is an TeamProg Feb 22 #34
The FACT is.. It's WAR that Fucking HAMAS WANTED So Cha Feb 22 #49
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 23 #78
"We have to do everything we can to stop the killing of innocent men, women and children" is pretty popular muriel_volestrangler Feb 23 #66
I'm watching a goal post moved while it's happening! Torchlight Feb 22 #37
I'm not sure that you actually know what that phrase means.. TeamProg Feb 22 #39
Another assertion of irony Torchlight Feb 22 #40
See, I was right. You could not answer or come up with an example. Here is something for you: TeamProg Feb 22 #41
No question asked, Torchlight Feb 22 #44
Facts not opinions. sheshe2 Feb 24 #101
This is what I cannot stand Richard D Feb 22 #14
None of us can or should - if that is even true. Was she under oath? My point being that I don't think that anyone TeamProg Feb 22 #36
The fact that . . . Richard D Feb 22 #53
"(not that there are real innocents in Gaza)" ??? DemocraticPatriot Feb 23 #64
This message was self-deleted by its author redqueen Feb 23 #70
You are correct. Richard D Feb 23 #80
Thank you. redqueen Feb 23 #82
Thank you for understanding Richard D Feb 23 #86
I'm agnostic leaning towards atheist redqueen Feb 23 #95
There is a mystical branch of Islam Richard D Feb 24 #100
Your "under oath" question is irrelevant. Scruffy1 Feb 23 #76
Sure, but exaggerating, embellishing are common. Under oath narrows those possibilities. You are making severe claims so TeamProg Feb 23 #88
Totally agree that Netanyahu is a murderer and a thug. SleeplessinSoCal Feb 22 #15
I am sicken by the genocidal killing of children and their parents. Fla Dem Feb 22 #16
" It makes them no better than Hamas and, in the end, Israel will become a pariah." The world's judgement will not be TeamProg Feb 22 #18
They are at pariah status now. Netanyahu fucked Israel's future over for decades. Sky Jewels Feb 22 #19
This. nt TeamProg Feb 22 #24
Thank you! Goddessartist Feb 23 #68
"Did Hamas bring this on the citizens of Gaza? " I think that's debatable. nt TeamProg Feb 22 #21
What was the alternative? TheKentuckian Feb 22 #27
Too many to list. It is however clear, that Bibi wanted nothing more than to use any means to complete his forced TeamProg Feb 22 #28
So nothing. TheKentuckian Feb 22 #45
History will not be kind. TeamProg Feb 22 #48
Still nothing. TheKentuckian Feb 22 #51
History will not be kind. TeamProg Feb 22 #52
Very well stated Evolve Dammit Feb 22 #55
This message was self-deleted by its author TeamProg Feb 22 #17
This is the Warsaw Ghetto all over again. Shame on Netanyahu and all the extremists who sail in him. Ford_Prefect Feb 22 #22
The irony is thick, the plot is thin, the history will be rich in sadness. nt TeamProg Feb 22 #32
I get the sense you have no idea TexasDem69 Feb 22 #46
I beg very much to differ. Ford_Prefect Feb 23 #63
The information that you cite does not support your claim. N/T lapucelle Feb 23 #81
I agree with you 100%. Two wrongs do not make anything right. flashman13 Feb 22 #31
We've been seeing it. onecaliberal Feb 22 #33
This is creating a split in the democratic party. Mosby Feb 22 #35
It isn't. This will be old news by late summer. Some other fucking crisis will supplant this. SoFlaBro Feb 22 #42
I'm with you. It's why my time here is limited. sellitman Feb 23 #90
Genocide is a strong word. WarGamer Feb 22 #43
No we are not seeing genocide in Gaza TexasDem69 Feb 22 #47
Agreed!!! sellitman Feb 23 #94
No, not genocide. It's a war started by Hamas. Patton French Feb 22 #54
You really can't blame EndlessWire Feb 22 #56
I agree Hamas and bibi can both be genocidal JT45242 Feb 22 #57
Not just netanyahu redqueen Feb 23 #71
Agreed...but if he was removed would that faction shrink JT45242 Feb 23 #83
I am not consuming tons of news on it BootinUp Feb 22 #58
DURec leftstreet Feb 22 #60
It's not a genocide. It's war Arazi Feb 22 #61
Those are not exclusive. But carry on. NT. Voltaire2 Feb 23 #65
"30,000 dead Palestinians is just plain inexcusable." EX500rider Feb 23 #62
Just a thought... Roy Rolling Feb 23 #67
100% Goddessartist Feb 23 #69
I agree Stinky Be The Light Feb 23 #73
Netanyahu bdamomma Feb 23 #75
This is what Hamas wants. They don't call it genocide, they call it jihad martyrdom. LeftInTX Feb 23 #77
Governing is too hard. nt BootinUp Feb 23 #84
Governing is too hard, just let Putin handle it. Nt BootinUp Feb 23 #85
No Mountainguy Feb 23 #87
So here we are. the_sly_pig Feb 23 #89
Putin is clapping. Nothing. I mean nothing will distract me from the election. themaguffin Feb 23 #93
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