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Sat Feb 24, 2024, 12:17 AM Feb 24

Swalwell says Speaker Johnson is refusing to seat newly elected Dem Tom Souzzi [View all]

Harry Sisson
WTF??? Eric Swalwell just announced on MSNBC that Republicans are REFUSING to seat Tom Souzzi because their majority in the House is so small. Republicans are playing politics and denying representation to citizens in New York’s 3rd congressional district!

6:34 PM · Feb 23, 2024
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MucketyMagatMike don't see his writing on the wall? UTUSN Feb 24 #1
As Butthead House Speaker DENVERPOPS Feb 24 #62
Magat Can't Do That.. According to This.. Cha Feb 24 #2
They don't believe the laws are applicable to them. They'll have to be forced. Nevilledog Feb 24 #3
Yes and I would love to see Rep Elect Tom Suozzi Force his way Cha Feb 24 #8
Might as well be packing... SergeStorms Feb 24 #14
I wish one of the retiring members would do the "motion to vacate" oldsoftie Feb 24 #71
I would take my place and dare them to remove me. Trueblue1968 Feb 24 #20
Yea, what would happen if he just showed up for work? If they wanted to say something about it at least Maraya1969 Feb 24 #66
exactly.. Mike only follows what the Bible tells him BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 24 #21
Stop. Mike's Bible says nothing about what he's doing. Nothing. ancianita Feb 24 #63
Your Bible might not... krkaufman Feb 24 #73
The Bible has all the answers... IF: keithbvadu2 Feb 24 #76
Sure. One doesn't even have to believe in the devil to know that evil folk can pervert scripture to make the Bible look ancianita Feb 25 #88
Neat chart. Thanks. Is one of them the Catholic Bible, USCCB? keithbvadu2 Feb 25 #90
Hard to tell. I've read that the Catholic Bible is also called the New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition ancianita Feb 25 #91
Many Catholics/Protestants consider the other to be false Christians. keithbvadu2 Feb 25 #92
Meh. It's a spiritual contest that's not at all in the spirit of Jesus' teachings. That's another ancianita Feb 25 #94
Yep! Oftentimes, the method of religion is more important than the God of religion. keithbvadu2 Feb 25 #96
Full text from your link, Cha. sheshe2 Feb 24 #4
Thanks, she! Rep Elect Tom Suozzi doesn't strike me as Cha Feb 24 #10
I don't get it. sheshe2 Feb 24 #13
It isn't... SergeStorms Feb 24 #15
Who's led by putin. rubbersole Feb 24 #23
Oh yeah. SergeStorms Feb 24 #24
The Republicans are a white nationalist crime syndicate, theocratic domestic terrorist organization, TheKentuckian Feb 24 #57
This precedent is irrelevant. Suozzi hasn't been seated because the House went on recess on the 15th onenote Feb 24 #48
That sounds true, especially in the modern era bucolic_frolic Feb 24 #72
Yeah well, this Supreme Court doesn't seem to believe in precedents that don't benefit the right wing. unblock Feb 24 #5
Yeah, I know... the fucking majority of the SC are Fucking Faccists. Cha Feb 24 #11
lol...don't hold back. What do you really think if SCOTUS? :-) CincyDem Feb 24 #78
Wow, thank God. Joinfortmill Feb 24 #17
thanks cha orleans Feb 24 #22
Thank You, orleans! Cha Feb 24 #58
Adam Clayton Powell versus Mike McCormack. Frasier Balzov Feb 24 #27
He was considered corrupt. Voltaire2 Feb 24 #28
Powell was duly elected but was almost never there. former9thward Feb 24 #41
Everyone keeps saying the GOP can't do this or that. Irish_Dem Feb 24 #32
THIS could be our first test of the House bluestarone Feb 24 #50
Yes time will tell. Irish_Dem Feb 24 #51
Right? It's like Lucy and the football. Scrivener7 Feb 24 #54
I know, people here for years have said Trump can't do this or that. Irish_Dem Feb 24 #56
And, that's why I wrote "According to this".. Cha Feb 24 #59
Yep. Time will tell. Irish_Dem Feb 24 #67
I've read since that Suozzi Cha Feb 24 #69
This is what I am afraid of BlueKota Feb 24 #79
I think this is a core issue which needs to be discussed. Irish_Dem Feb 25 #85
Thank you BlueKota Feb 25 #86
I reckon we could take them to court. We may get a final decision in three or four years. Midnight Writer Feb 24 #53
This. We have lots of laws on the books. We also have a judicial system that can be manipulated to Scrivener7 Feb 24 #55
I know... We'll see what our Dems Do about it. Cha Feb 24 #61
That was N.Y. representative, 3Hotdogs Feb 24 #64
Magic Mike is an embarrassment to both sides of the aisle. limbicnuminousity Feb 24 #6
Poor little Speaker Mike canetoad Feb 24 #7
I think you're misinterpreting this... brooklynite Feb 24 #9
that changes the whole thread... WarGamer Feb 24 #12
You are misinterpreting it as well. W_HAMILTON Feb 24 #16
And either way, Johnson is in the wrong! ShazzieB Feb 24 #18
Hell yeah, he is! W_HAMILTON Feb 24 #19
Correct malaise Feb 24 #26
Was the election certifed before the House went into recess? Jose Garcia Feb 24 #29
Nope bottomofthehill Feb 24 #31
When he won the race and when the win was certified by election officials aren't the same thing. brooklynite Feb 24 #38
Feel free to tell us the date of certification. W_HAMILTON Feb 24 #74
May not have been been certified yet. Definitely not certified by the 15th. onenote Feb 25 #82
I'm not sure it even has been. brooklynite Feb 25 #83
They will refuse to seat any (D) ever again. eShirl Feb 24 #25
I think you have it. They're going to dispute every election a Democrat wins. Every one. Liberal In Texas Feb 24 #33
Like not letting Obama appoint a SC justice. Irish_Dem Feb 24 #35
Would you like to make a bet on that. onenote Feb 24 #42
Let's deal with what is real bottomofthehill Feb 24 #30
Why would Swalwell BlueKota Feb 25 #81
You'd have to ask him. But why hasn't Jeffries made the same claim? onenote Feb 25 #84
He had time to seat him before they took another vacation. Emile Feb 24 #34
That is correct............................... Lovie777 Feb 24 #36
The official certification of his election would have had to be transmitted to the House first. onenote Feb 24 #43
With all the unfinished business in the house, why Emile Feb 24 #45
Because they repubs don't know what the fuck they're doing. But it's not to keep Suozzi from being sworn in. onenote Feb 24 #46
You know that for a fact ehh. . . Emile Feb 24 #47
Yes. I do. Because looking at every special election held the last couple of years, there has been at least a week lag onenote Feb 24 #49
So, this is the new norm for the House? DFW Feb 24 #37
Not only is it allowed, it is a must dalton99a Feb 24 #39
No, this is the old norm. onenote Feb 24 #44
When, when, oh WHEN... GiqueCee Feb 24 #40
Maga Moses Mike's behavior pretty much proves Joy Reid's concerns about House GOP being dangerous to election security Attilatheblond Feb 24 #52
This bdamomma Feb 24 #60
Marching orders from Orange Julius with Vlad as consult. So corrupt Evolve Dammit Feb 24 #65
K&R spanone Feb 24 #68
Effing idiots do not know how it all works and listen to a Russian foil who pretends he knows everything. Ford_Prefect Feb 24 #70
Johnson is corrupt dai13sy Feb 24 #75
This bullshit has gone on long enough! Initech Feb 24 #77
Do nothing has a whole new meaning RainCaster Feb 24 #80
Now that everyone has had a chance to rant, here's the Board of Election list of certified election wins... brooklynite Feb 25 #87
Is Suozzi's district in New York City? I didn't think so and this is a NYC Board of Elections list. onenote Feb 25 #89
The district is split between NYC (Queens) and Nassau. brooklynite Feb 25 #93
Thanks for the info. onenote Feb 25 #97
Well, I appreciate your efforts Sympthsical Feb 25 #95
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