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Mme. Defarge

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47. I may need medication.
Sun Feb 25, 2024, 11:29 AM
Feb 25

I usually wake up feeling depressed, as I did this morning. After doomscrolling in bed hoping to find a reason to get up I, more often than not, feel even worse. Now, as I still lie here, I’m crying. But in a good way!

Republicans should nominate him for a Pulitzer dalton99a Feb 24 #1
Let's fix this - Nominate him for a Putz and the I.G. Noble Prize. erronis Feb 24 #10
I see what you did there! Bumbles Feb 25 #46
no one is onethatcares Feb 24 #34
Loved the misspelling of BlueKota Feb 24 #2
I think the author is British Bristlecone Feb 24 #4
I never knew they spelled it differently. BlueKota Feb 24 #38
I like your thinking. Bristlecone Feb 24 #40
It's... it's so BIGLY BEAUTIFUL! *sniff* Buns_of_Fire Feb 24 #3
Please tell me this has been posted on twitter redqueen Feb 24 #5
Damn, usually I can't stand listening to trump or reading what he said. Biophilic Feb 24 #6
Love the tiny hand. sop Feb 24 #7
Short 'n' sweet. Somewhere between Benjamin Franklin and Charles Manson. Buns_of_Fire Feb 24 #12
Emetic, for sure. Deuxcents Feb 24 #8
There has never been greater emetic poetry than his... lastlib Feb 24 #21
Also diuretic and diarrhetic Prof. Toru Tanaka Feb 24 #32
that first poem made me think of the song "both sides now" orleans Feb 24 #9
She has the decency I_UndergroundPanther Feb 24 #24
yes he would -- and thanks for the laugh! nt orleans Feb 24 #26
He's the Rod McKuen of this century!! (Swoon!) Oopsie Daisy Feb 24 #11
Or quite possibly the Q McRotten of this century Seinan Sensei Feb 24 #13
You spelled enematic. 3Hotdogs Feb 24 #14
One for the Stinky Jean Genie Feb 24 #15
BTW. my searches say wind turbines kill around 10K birds each year. But 230,000 sinkingfeeling Feb 24 #16
Lol . Good point! KPN Feb 24 #22
From the restroom in Acadia Natl Park, circa 1980 twodogsbarking Feb 24 #17
If you could work... SergeStorms Feb 24 #19
i once knew a man from nantucket ...... nt et tu Feb 24 #20
It brings tears to my eyes. SergeStorms Feb 24 #18
'Emetic' is perfect in the title. pandr32 Feb 24 #23
Hilarious! JohnnyRingo Feb 24 #25
Cervantes weeps. limbicnuminousity Feb 24 #27
Or maybe Dylan Thomas...tweedy, tho...I like the "faraway" look...very British or Welsh... CTyankee Feb 24 #29
The hand! ChazInAz Feb 25 #45
The depth. The DEPTH! dchill Feb 24 #28
Get thee to the Vomitorium RFN! Kid Berwyn Feb 24 #30
always fact check TFG aka Smelly McShitster aka Orange Julius Caesar aka Captain Dunbfuckistan lapfog_1 Feb 24 #31
Vogons write better poetry Klondike Kat Feb 24 #33
Stopping by Woods to Watch Them Burn rambler_american Feb 24 #35
Good parody! ShazzieB Feb 25 #43
And just think... BobTheSubgenius Feb 24 #36
Some people say mercuryblues Feb 24 #37
Should be entered here central scrutinizer Feb 24 #39
Okay. This is pretty damned funny. Well done. Demnation Feb 25 #41
KnR Hekate Feb 25 #42
"WINDMILLS have killed more people than NUCLEAR POWER", DemocraticPatriot Feb 25 #44
I may need medication. Mme. Defarge Feb 25 #47
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