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5. Garland hasn't stood in the way of any prosecution
Fri Mar 1, 2024, 01:47 PM
Mar 1

...having appointed the SC, on his own volition, who quickened and deepened the already advanced Garland investigations into the Trump WH.

December 11, 2022:

Smith takes over a staff that’s already nearly twice the size of Robert Mueller’s team of lawyers who worked on the Russia probe.  A team of 20 prosecutors investigating January 6 and the effort to overturn the 2020 election are in the process of moving to work under Smith, according to multiple people familiar with the team.

Smith will also take on national security investigators already working the probe into the potential mishandling of federal records taken to Mar-a-Lago after Trump left the White House.

Together, the twin investigations have already established more evidence than what Mueller started with, including from a year-long financial probe that’s largely flown under the radar.

“Mueller was starting virtually from scratch, whereas Jack Smith is seemingly integrating on the fly into an active, fast-moving investigation,” said Elie Honig, a former federal prosecutor and senior CNN legal analyst.


"including from a year-long financial probe that’s largely flown under the radar."
Does this mean that Garland DURHAM D Mar 1 #1
Garland hasn't stood in the way of any prosecution bigtree Mar 1 #5
Not sure what that's supposed to mean. TwilightZone Mar 1 #6
My point is that he actually had something to say. PERIOD DURHAM D Mar 1 #7
I'm not clear on where Dilanian got this bigtree Mar 1 #8
If he did, the Repughs would accuse him of collusion with anybody they could find to throw mud at so it would stick. ificandream Mar 1 #17
Nothing in the OP said that Garland said anything. TwilightZone Mar 1 #9
I won't be holding my breath. onecaliberal Mar 1 #25
My guess: Cannon will grant the August court date. That will knock Chutkan off the schedule till after Scrivener7 Mar 1 #27
Exactly. Judges can always humor the excrement spewed by dumpco. onecaliberal Mar 1 #28
Sword of Damocles Tommy Carcetti Mar 1 #2
Orange Whining Tour will have to campaign between court dates bucolic_frolic Mar 1 #3
Oh dear, gab13by13 Mar 1 #4
A girl can dream wryter2000 Mar 1 #13
I don't trust that case and judge cannon.I'd rather not even try that case Tribetime Mar 1 #22
The case is open and shut wryter2000 Mar 1 #24
With this DOJ, we shall see. republianmushroom Mar 1 #10
with Jack Smith wryter2000 Mar 1 #12
Yes, but, Jack Smith is not the head of the DOJ, which is to bad. republianmushroom Mar 1 #16
It appears wryter2000 Mar 1 #19
rec rec rec rec rec wryter2000 Mar 1 #11
No one has a superseding right to run for potus or get potus. lindysalsagal Mar 1 #14
It didn't apply in 2016 either, when Comey injected DOJ back into politics for like the 4th time ffr Mar 1 #15
That's what one of my BILs ttold me malaise Mar 1 #18
But who said Republicans should acknowledge that? calimary Mar 1 #21
True - but eff them malaise Mar 1 #23
I literally felt a flood of relief when I read these words! ShazzieB Mar 1 #20
update: It was DOJ attorney Jay Bratt in the doc hearing who made the statement bigtree Mar 1 #26
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