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Beastly Boy

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Fri Mar 1, 2024, 10:59 PM Mar 1

Hamas claims seven hostages killed in captivity in Gaza [View all]

Hamas named three of the hostages that had been allegedly killed as Chaim Gershon Peri, 79, Yoram Itak Metzger, 80, and Amiram Israel Cooper, 85. The terrorist group said a later announcement would contain the names of the remaining four.

All three men were kidnapped from Kibbutz Nir Oz on October 7.

The information provided by Hamas is unconfirmed, and Hamas has previously shared false information on the well-being of hostages as part of its use of psychological warfare. Hamas has previously named a hostage as killed only to later release them, as was the case of Hannah Katzir.
Hamas's latest statement on the seven hostages

“We have previously announced that our contact has been cut off with our mujahideen who are guarding a number of enemy prisoners,” Hamas announced on their Telegram, “and that we believe that a number of the prisoners have been killed as a result of the Zionist bombing.

“After examination and scrutiny during recent weeks, we have confirmed the martyrdom of a number of our mujahideen and the killing of seven enemy prisoners in the Gaza Strip as a result of the Zionist bombing.”


They are killing the hostages. And in return, they demand cease fire.

Why are people OK with this?

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Just so we're clear on this Sympthsical Mar 1 #1
And these same people who have adopted this verbiage madaboutharry Mar 1 #3
This message was self-deleted by its author DemocraticPatriot Mar 2 #7
But why are there hostages anyways ? JI7 Mar 2 #9
This poster can't be serious? Tickle Mar 2 #13
Hamas fucking kept elderly civilian hostages in an active war zone. SunSeeker Mar 2 #14
They were held HOSTAGE BY HAMAS. What part do you not understand? RandomNumbers Mar 2 #24
The hostage-takers are ALWAYS to blame when a hostage dies NickB79 Mar 2 #25
What if SWAT just decided to blow up the house? Eko Mar 2 #36
Like a house filled with dozens of guys firing heavy machine guns and RPG''s out the windows? NickB79 Mar 2 #38
Was that what was happening? Eko Mar 2 #39
No, the Hamas members were most likely out planting some flowers in their garden? EX500rider Mar 3 #63
The dishonesty and repulsiveness of those demanding ceasefire from Israel JI7 Mar 1 #2
HAMAS Terrorists Are Dripping In BLOOD.. Israeli and Palestinian.. Cha Mar 1 #4
Exactly. nt SunSeeker Mar 2 #19
and they knew Israel would retaliate with force... agingdem Mar 2 #51
P.S. I agree.. with all of it... Only Cha Mar 3 #52
Hamas has been diverting humanitarian aid agingdem Mar 3 #54
Heading should say hamas killed seven hostages, because they were the kidnappers JohnSJ Mar 1 #5
Hey! Do you read what you post? Eko Mar 2 #6
Such a pathetic attempt to defend Hamas JI7 Mar 2 #8
Didn't take long. madaboutharry Mar 2 #11
I'm thinking if they were not Tickle Mar 2 #15
I'm certain they would be alive. madaboutharry Mar 2 #18
I'm with you NT Tickle Mar 2 #20
There is an attempt to "normalize" the kidnapping and holding people hostage JI7 Mar 2 #21
Of course nothing I said implied I thought it was the fault of the Zionist. Eko Mar 2 #31
Maybe you thought it was a pathetic attempt. Eko Mar 2 #30
So you agree that their causality reports are BS or that you do believe? EX500rider Mar 3 #64
Hamas kept these elderly civilians hostages in an active war zone. HAMAS killed them. SunSeeker Mar 2 #17
Where did I absolve Hamas of it?? Eko Mar 2 #32
They didn't abduct the hostages "as a result of zionist bombing" Beastly Boy Mar 2 #22
Thank You! Cha Mar 2 #23
Of course I never said they took the hostages as a result of the bombing. Eko Mar 2 #33
Why are you wondering about the stuff you just made up? Beastly Boy Mar 2 #49
So the hostages are dead right? Eko Mar 3 #56
Reliable sources Beastly Boy Mar 3 #58
They are hostages so I assume they are dead until proven otherwise TheKentuckian Mar 3 #65
So Hamas attacked Israel, murdered women and children TexasDem69 Mar 2 #27
No, I dont. Eko Mar 2 #34
Do you have any evidence that Israel intentionally bombed hostages TexasDem69 Mar 2 #41
By that logic Eko Mar 2 #43
You really need to stop defending Hamas TexasDem69 Mar 2 #45
If by pointing out Israel's own culpability Eko Mar 2 #46
You aren't pointing out Israel's culpability though TexasDem69 Mar 2 #48
Of couse I am, Eko Mar 3 #57
Damn you been here since 2023? I am sure you can speak for all of us. Eko Mar 2 #47
So now you're going to pull the TexasDem69 Mar 2 #50
You are the one that told me I was not welcome here. Eko Mar 3 #55
Of course, no explicit and active defense Torchlight Mar 3 #61
Fuck Hamas!!!!!!!! jimfields33 Mar 5 #66
Hamas calls three senior citizens they kidnapped from a kibbutz "enemy prisoners." SunSeeker Mar 2 #10
HAMAS killed these people. herding cats Mar 2 #12
"Why are people OK with this?" Behind the Aegis Mar 2 #16
Reasons JustAnotherGen Mar 2 #26
From a recent ADL survey.... Behind the Aegis Mar 2 #44
Holy shit! JustAnotherGen Mar 3 #59
I couldn't (at least not yet) find a direct comparison, but... Behind the Aegis Mar 3 #62
If the report is accurate then there is shared Voltaire2 Mar 2 #28
Only one organization takes, holds and kills hostages. Beastly Boy Mar 2 #29
Sorry, I disagree regarding shared responsibility. KewlKat Mar 2 #35
No, the immediate cause is Hamas keeping them hostage in an active war zone. SunSeeker Mar 2 #40
Thats an appalling take TexasDem69 Mar 2 #42
Yeah cant trust anything Hamas says Mountainguy Mar 2 #37
If an American hostage taker Istheir hostages, police would break off communication and plan to go in AZLD4Candidate Mar 3 #53
Dirty, filthy terrorists Hamas goes on gruesome murder spree in Israel Mysterian Mar 3 #60
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