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Kick dalton99a Mar 2 #1
I dunno. Johnson city is a pretty small town. The freeway does down (is) Main Street. If you go off road flying_wahini Mar 2 #2
Lots of trump supporters there as well onetexan Mar 2 #23
Apparently, it happened on property that she may have owned or had part ownership of. LeftInTX Mar 2 #25
Get thee to the greatest page for malaise Mar 2 #3
Found this drawing from 2022 leighbythesea2 Mar 2 #16
Lots of rumors for years malaise Mar 2 #19
Funny how all that cocaine and humans that were being snuggled inside shipping containers.... Botany Mar 3 #60
That crossed my mind, too. flying_wahini Mar 2 #41
"A private ranch in Texas" -- was she duck-hunting? Hekate Mar 2 #4
Was Richard Cheney driving ? magicarpet Mar 2 #7
Maybe... She was also driving a Tesla. Hugin Mar 2 #10
Why would the type of motor make opening doors or smashing windows more difficult? Think. Again. Mar 2 #36
Teslas in particular and other modern car's door latches and windows are often... Hugin Mar 2 #42
Believe ranch is owned by her ex-husband leighbythesea2 Mar 2 #11
I don't think she was divorced from Jim Breyer blogslug Mar 2 #29
You're right leighbythesea2 Mar 2 #44
Some interesting speculation on Youtube malaise Mar 2 #15
I can imagine. Hugin Mar 2 #17
Was Dick Cheney on site? 3Hotdogs Mar 2 #40
She is partial owner of the property LeftInTX Mar 2 #43
Straight answer -- thank you Hekate Mar 2 #45
Also found out it rained almost an inch earlier in the day. LeftInTX Mar 2 #48
Again, thank you for the straight and understandable answer Hekate Mar 2 #50
Agree and if it's out on a ranch pinkstarburst Mar 2 #59
...The letter did not say that there was evidence that Chao died as the result of a crime. riversedge Mar 2 #5
It will be covered up if a rich white man was involved. rubbersole Mar 2 #6
The contemporaneity of McConnell's resignation is curious Ponietz Mar 2 #8
Agree leighbythesea2 Mar 2 #13
That struck me too. n/t Hugin Mar 2 #14
It is to me, too, but I've watched a lot of detective shows. barbaraann Mar 2 #18
Interesting leighbythesea2 Mar 2 #21
Had the same thought relayerbob Mar 2 #30
McConnell obviously has health problems womanofthehills Mar 2 #34
He is not resigning his postion for almost 9 months. former9thward Mar 2 #31
I didn't know texass cared MOMFUDSKI Mar 2 #9
Especially post-uterine people... n/t Hugin Mar 2 #12
No mention of suicide? n/t SheilaAnn Mar 2 #20
I suppose it would be a possibility. Hugin Mar 2 #24
Senators and water accidents are way too common. Either really weird or something going on. jimfields33 Mar 2 #54
Mitch will have one less family member to spend time with now. sop Mar 2 #22
Too young. I'm sorry for their loss and hope they are able to find out what happened here. chowder66 Mar 2 #26
Teslas have dozens of cameras, no? getagrip_already Mar 2 #27
If she went into the pond unintentionally (one supposes) FakeNoose Mar 2 #35
Fwiw, i have a cheap tool that will shatter a car window in seconds getagrip_already Mar 2 #37
Didn't the Chao Family Shipping Business .. Botany Mar 2 #28
If so, please link. former9thward Mar 2 #33
Mitch McConnell's Freighted Ties to a Shadowy Shipping Company malaise Mar 2 #46
Thanks but the article is 10 years old. former9thward Mar 2 #47
No problem Botany Mar 3 #61
Not that I'm of a suspicious mind, but . . . AverageOldGuy Mar 2 #32
The certain VP was the shooter. nt sorcrow Mar 2 #38
And Scalia died in Texas. Sneederbunk Mar 2 #39
She is partial owner of the ranch. LeftInTX Mar 2 #49
sounds like you got it all figured out - nothing to see here - just a little rain lol! Blues Heron Mar 2 #51
One inch of rain is flood conditions in the hill country. LeftInTX Mar 2 #52
case closed! Blues Heron Mar 2 #53
Let me know when someone is arrested. LeftInTX Mar 2 #55
I'll wait for more info to come out. It could be any number of things. Blues Heron Mar 2 #56
Here in the high desert of NM womanofthehills Mar 2 #57
it could have been anything - we dont know yet. the rain angle is just one possibility. Blues Heron Mar 2 #58
It's so tragic leighbythesea2 Mar 3 #62
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