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Mon Apr 1, 2024, 10:29 AM Apr 1

America suddenly has a record number of bees. What happened to colony collapse? [View all]

Where in the unholy heck did all these bees come from?!

After almost two decades of relentless colony collapse coverage and years of grieving suspiciously clean windshields, we were stunned to run the numbers on the new Census of Agriculture (otherwise known as that wonderful time every five years where the government counts all the llamas): America’s honeybee population has rocketed to an all-time high.

We’ve added almost a million bee colonies in the past five years. We now have 3.8 million, the census shows. Since 2007, the first census after alarming bee die-offs began in 2006, the honeybee has been the fastest-growing livestock segment in the country! And that doesn’t count feral honeybees, which may outnumber their captive cousins several times over.

Much of the explosion of small producers came in just one state: Texas. The Lone Star State has gone from having the sixth-most bee operations in the country to being so far ahead of anyone else that it out-bees the bottom 21 states combined.


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Oh what glorious news on a cloudy Monday morning!! Leghorn21 Apr 1 #1
My one daughter started keeping bees semi-pro. Apparently, a bunch of hobbyists are starting to do it too. TheBlackAdder Apr 1 #30
Please thank her for helping save the planet, TBAdder!! Leghorn21 Apr 1 #37
Life Mad_Machine76 Apr 1 #2
Everyone read that in Jeff Goldblum's voice, right? Clash City Rocker Apr 1 #26
I hope so Mad_Machine76 Apr 1 #34
Totally. Aristus Apr 1 #64
Could this be a result of the Mossfern Apr 1 #3
I think they linked collapse to pesticides too. Maybe farmers stopped using some of them? Takket Apr 1 #6
I think roundup use has fallen maxsolomon Apr 1 #25
Roundup/glyphosate isn't an insecticide, it's an herbicide. Nicotinoid insecticides were believed to be one of the main Martin68 Apr 1 #45
We're doing our part in our backyard TxGuitar Apr 1 #49
Get a Melochia tomentosa Habitation Apr 2 #66
Don't say they're coming over the Southern border too ? 😮 OnDoutside Apr 1 #4
Oh no! Migrant bees polluting the genuine American ones? The horror of it! Build a 1000 ft tall wall to keep 'em out. Wonder Why Apr 1 #11
I dare not check RW news ! OnDoutside Apr 1 #13
Just a quick note here Mossfern Apr 1 #50
Fox will be abuzz about the "Southern Sting" CaptainTruth Apr 1 #20
Not only are they coming over the Southern Border... WinstonSmith4740 Apr 1 #29
Very good ! OnDoutside Apr 1 #31
The USA will no longer accept non-Aryan bees. Alien bee traffickers are ungodly Ping Tung Apr 1 #47
Bee Caravans! sop Apr 1 #51
Polluting the pure Murcan honey! Thunderbeast Apr 1 #58
What's worse is that they are AFRICANIZED!!1! JoseBalow Apr 1 #65
That's great news!!! Since we depend on these little guys for food. Takket Apr 1 #5
And don't forget LIFE! No bees, no pollination, no fruit, no animals...... you should get the point! usaf-vet Apr 1 #9
Honey Bees are managed by bee keepers... getagrip_already Apr 1 #7
Yes, my daughter the ecologist taught me that Sky Jewels Apr 1 #24
See also: usonian Apr 1 #8
Survey covers apiaries, commercial operations hatrack Apr 1 #10
I believe the article is discussing.... Think. Again. Apr 1 #12
not so much controlled as outpaced.... getagrip_already Apr 1 #28
As if varroa, small hive beetle and giant Asian hornets weren't enough . . . . hatrack Apr 1 #54
Last summer Rebl2 Apr 1 #14
if you want a fun hobby, you can actually find their hive by following them.... getagrip_already Apr 1 #32
Actually I Rebl2 Apr 1 #38
In some areas, honeybees are crowding out other native bees, to the detriment of the plants those native bees pollinate. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 1 #15
All signs still point to a continuing decline and disappearance of wild bees Ponietz Apr 1 #16
not entirely.... getagrip_already Apr 1 #33
Plants pollinated by non-native honeybees are less likely to survive NickB79 Apr 1 #59
but if not visited by honey bees, would they be visited by any polinator? getagrip_already Apr 1 #60
I consider this good news... slightlv Apr 1 #17
Our native bees are still under great threat. Protect them you also protect the European honey bees too. Botany Apr 1 #18
"Feral bees"? WTF are they talking about? sybylla Apr 1 #19
Technically, they are feral. European honeybees are nonnative livestock, essentially. hatrack Apr 1 #56
Yea aha suck it Monsanto Fullduplexxx Apr 1 #21
Interesting to see this today. jaxexpat Apr 1 #22
Not to be depressing but PlutosHeart Apr 1 #23
All I know Jilly_in_VA Apr 1 #27
Strictly anecdotal but I spent a couple hours at meadery last weekend. bluesbassman Apr 1 #35
We have been hearing about the declining bee doc03 Apr 1 #36
Where does the article say it's a bad thing? Elessar Zappa Apr 1 #39
It is behind a pay wall couldn't read it all nt doc03 Apr 1 #55
Declining in Iowa...where they are is important not just the quantity JT45242 Apr 1 #40
Bee orgies Renew Deal Apr 1 #41
you laugh... but it's girls gone wild every spring getagrip_already Apr 1 #43
My wife and I keep bees and have noticed this Ohioboy Apr 1 #42
Can we cover the TX governor's mansion in honey? /nt dickthegrouch Apr 1 #44
introduced honey bee populations have always fluctuated naturally... mike_c Apr 1 #46
Honeybees are not native and compete with native species Kaleva Apr 1 #48
Bee-autiful News!! SWBTATTReg Apr 1 #52
One other thing comes to mind.... louis-t Apr 1 #53
There are fewer farms and farmers Zeitghost Apr 1 #63
Honeybees are livestock, not wildlife. Non-native, invasive species in most of the world NickB79 Apr 1 #57
I had a colony of feral honeybees, I called the BeeCharmer MagickMuffin Apr 1 #61
We've lived in the Fort Worth TX area for a few years TexasDem69 Apr 1 #62
They're back with a vengeance outside my house ecstatic Apr 2 #67
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