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79. I actually think he did serve time a few years ago, if I remember correctly.
Fri Apr 5, 2024, 07:48 AM
Apr 5

Not nearly enough though, I think it was something like 6 months.

Maybe he should have parted company with trump. Turbineguy Apr 4 #1
What bothers me is that all these people are going to prison on Trump's behest, but Poiuyt Apr 4 #18
your words go out to the universe NJCher Apr 4 #31
I understand that and it pisses me off also. Maybe some people Maraya1969 Apr 5 #68
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Gidney N Cloyd Apr 4 #2
They can do the crime, but not the time. Irish_Dem Apr 4 #3
They can do the crime AND the whine...but not the time... ret5hd Apr 4 #9
Still waiting for Bannon to get his comeuppance scarletlib Apr 4 #4
I actually think he did serve time a few years ago, if I remember correctly. bearsfootball516 Apr 5 #79
Something else sucks in that place: Navarro struggle4progress Apr 4 #5
Do you think he ever asks him self why he didn't just go in and assert privilege to the committee. Walleye Apr 4 #6
He tried that. It didn't work. Only the sitting president has executive privilege. brush Apr 5 #76
Maybe he asserted executive privilege with his mind Walleye Apr 5 #78
Heehee. Good one. brush Apr 5 #82
It's a shock to anyone, but especially the priveleged Johnny2X2X Apr 4 #7
He got off light. bottomofthehill Apr 4 #17
Agree Johnny2X2X Apr 4 #20
I did five days when I was 23 due to aggravated DUI. Elessar Zappa Apr 4 #24
yeah and you can only call your loved ones at certain times NJCher Apr 4 #37
The party of Law & Order... until or unless it applies to them. Torchlight Apr 4 #8
He doesn't North Shore Chicago Apr 4 #10
Hey, MAGAs, guess what? You voted for this! Initech Apr 4 #11
Let Me Get My Violin... smb Apr 4 #44
Yeah they helped create this prison nightmare we're living in. Initech Apr 4 #62
Baahahahaahaaaaaaa! Bravo! electric_blue68 Apr 5 #73
Isn't he one of those "Jail is supposed to suck" guys? Wounded Bear Apr 4 #12
It's a low security, federal prison for a four month term. Tommy Carcetti Apr 4 #13
It's lower than a Low, it's a minimum security Camp JoseBalow Apr 4 #26
"mediocre entitled white male dipshit" Paladin Apr 4 #14
Excuse me for a moment while I wipe this tiny tear from my eye...not surfered Apr 4 #15
I am not having a problem with it at all. twodogsbarking Apr 4 #16
Maybe try bribing with cigarettes? LakeArenal Apr 4 #19
they took victimhood classes NJCher Apr 4 #38
He only has to go through a few months of this, for high crimes. 4lbs Apr 4 #21
He already has the hair style for prison. He was made for it. twodogsbarking Apr 4 #22
I am so happy hearing this it made my day knowing that traitorous sob is miserable in jail. kimbutgar Apr 4 #23
Why do you think he's so upset? Omnipresent Apr 4 #28
Didn't the post say he's complaining he's having a shitty time in jail? kimbutgar Apr 4 #33
he's upset because it's the first few months in jail NJCher Apr 4 #40
Huh, peter doesn't seem to be enjoying his stay. Imaging that. republianmushroom Apr 4 #25
Oh it's left a mark all right. Wonder how much he coughed up in attorney fees? brush Apr 5 #77
He should have seen the word "incarceration" as a clue. BobTheSubgenius Apr 4 #27
This is just a short stretch in the lock up.* Mr Green Bay Sweep should do much longer for his .... Botany Apr 4 #29
Where oh where did I put my teeny little violin? democrank Apr 4 #30
Thoughts and prayers mf'er, thoughts and prayers. n/t ms liberty Apr 4 #32
Ya fucked around and now ya found out, dipshit... Blue Owl Apr 4 #34
Cry me a fucking river orangecrush Apr 4 #35
This Narvarro guy whines as much, perhaps even more than tRUMP does. And, in all of the whining that he's doing, SWBTATTReg Apr 4 #36
it's iffy NJCher Apr 4 #42
Thank you! There is some hope that he won't profit from his misdeeds after all. After all, he shouldn't SWBTATTReg Apr 4 #47
Gee, maybe it would have been easier to comply with the subpoena. You know, just like ... Jim__ Apr 4 #39
Well Navarro Rebl2 Apr 4 #41
Tonight's Dinner Menu... brooklynite Apr 4 #43
FAFO. That's what you get! onecaliberal Apr 4 #45
Know Who Isn't Having A Bad Time In Prison? ProfessorGAC Apr 4 #46
Who else isn't suffering in prison NanaCat Apr 4 #54
Weak sniveling little maggot NBachers Apr 4 #48
Gee Pete, welcome to the world your party wants for women Warpy Apr 4 #49
Awesome. I love the part where Navarro begged his personal pal Gorsuch to get him out ... Hekate Apr 4 #50
Geez Duncanpup Apr 4 #51
Green Bay sweep breakout oasis Apr 4 #52
That's the idea, dumbass AmBlue Apr 4 #53
Seems he got a good deal. Hassler Apr 4 #55
Has that crybaby heard from Gorsuch yet? catbyte Apr 4 #56
Lots of tiny violins playing today. ShazzieB Apr 4 #57
fuckin' A RIGHT it sucks... democratsruletheday Apr 4 #58
probably just sub-standard food. I doubt he's in any danger? n/t Evolve Dammit Apr 4 #59
Heh... Ohio Joe Apr 4 #60
Ok, who neglected to educate poor Petey that he could go to a very bad place... Trueblue Texan Apr 4 #61
Too bad he has to COL Mustard Apr 4 #63
Throwing your life away for Trump Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 4 #64
He thought that was a binky? Permanut Apr 4 #65
Not having my DU journals clobbering me Rocknation Apr 5 #66
Four months IbogaProject Apr 5 #67
no sympathy for anyone who hitched their fucking wagong to Donald Fucking Trump Skittles Apr 5 #69
Gee ya think he might slightlv Apr 5 #70
Eggs-ZACKLY Seinan Sensei Apr 5 #75
FAFO. Peter Navarro. Before Trump. After Trump. LetMyPeopleVote Apr 5 #71
All around scumbag, Peter Navarro is begging to be released free. Cry harder traitor. LetMyPeopleVote Apr 5 #72
He only got 4 months, no? WTF is he complaining about? Should have been 14 years. C Moon Apr 5 #74
Should have been for much, much longer. flying_wahini Apr 5 #80
I'll bet Trump is taking note and it's adding to the stress he's under. Martin68 Apr 5 #81
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