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And hitler will stop after he annexes Austria. unblock Apr 12 #1
MTG will go visit Vlad and come back with... "Peace in our time" keithbvadu2 Apr 12 #9
Good one! MyOwnPeace Apr 12 #32
All Putin wants is a little peace Ray Bruns Apr 12 #17
She is the voice of her district. We have to respect their choice of her maxsolomon Apr 12 #2
Old farts in diners must he heard! NameAlreadyTaken Apr 12 #8
No we don't! calimary Apr 12 #20
Who will get the whole world fucked Captain Zero Apr 12 #35
She's the Mouth Of Putin, is what she is. Iggo Apr 12 #46
I remember reading about the legitimate resentments of rural Americans. crim son Apr 12 #64
That's because it was a popular thread about it last Friday maxsolomon Apr 12 #66
I missed them. dmr Apr 12 #72
I am referring to when it was first being said, years ago. crim son Apr 13 #89
I hope this is sarcastic. 58Sunliner Apr 12 #69
I literally added maxsolomon Apr 15 #94
damn, I bit and listened.... fantase56 Apr 12 #3
I feel your pain. Mr. Evil Apr 12 #29
She's a carrier of it..... lastlib Apr 12 #59
The actual question should be, "Why is being 'terrible' rewarded?" Caliman73 Apr 12 #4
To answer the last question in your post, systems based on profit. CrispyQ Apr 12 #18
Agree 100% Caliman73 Apr 12 #61
Succinct, spot on, and should be an OP! Beartracks Apr 13 #90
The Silco principle 0rganism Apr 12 #41
Her ignorance is her strength. Flatrat Apr 12 #5
She will always get re-elected. Representative Democracy, she represents the plurality of stupids in her district. TheBlackAdder Apr 12 #19
that was excellent NJCher Apr 12 #38
Good stuff! Of course, since this video was made George Santos was also expelled from Congress. OMGWTF Apr 12 #51
Before seeing her photo I already BigmanPigman Apr 12 #6
The world is full of terrible people; but why are they tolerated, let alone elected? Ocelot II Apr 12 #7
And yet we're told to "listen to the anger" of those same people who elect people like Greene. bluesbassman Apr 12 #10
They are tolerated and elected because of a 24/7/365 right wing propaganda hate machine hadEnuf Apr 12 #25
I suspect she thinks her over-the-top constant nastiness will appeal to Trump and she'll become his VP pick... hlthe2b Apr 12 #11
She can't even remain friends with Lauren Boebert.nt Tommy Carcetti Apr 12 #12
Not gonna happen. Dulcinea Apr 12 #60
I agree PatSeg Apr 13 #88
"Is it in the news? Can I get attention by babbling about it? I believe the recent struggle4progress Apr 12 #13
Congratulations, Margie... MustBeTheBooz Apr 12 #14
Send your son's and uncles... lame54 Apr 12 #15
Actually, i can understand how she is a creepy no good piece of flesh. What i CAN'T understand is bluestarone Apr 12 #16
I think you got the tense wrong there. RVN VET71 Apr 12 #56
They didn't turn into that NanaCat Apr 13 #83
Pretty bad when one doesn't even have to open the post to know who you are talking about! PortTack Apr 12 #21
She is doing it because SOMEONE with quite a lot of money has enabled her to do so. Someone much more powerful than DJT. Ford_Prefect Apr 12 #22
Gym Jordan too wolfie001 Apr 12 #27
She's in Congress because she's a prolific fundraiser. Dulcinea Apr 12 #62
Her scripts are from Putin's trolls. As some of her money is through his proxies, the same as the NRA did in 2016. Ford_Prefect Apr 12 #65
It kinda is our fault. Ill die believing Trump helped Russia live love laugh Apr 12 #23
She's a stupid p&g and she believes in Putin wolfie001 Apr 12 #24
Uggg, Marjo want STRENGTH. LudwigPastorius Apr 12 #26
omg! I want to UNsee that!! riversedge Apr 12 #68
That probably explains the weird feet too Bettie Apr 12 #74
And look like a roided-up freak Blue Owl Apr 12 #77
Why isn't she being investigated by the FBI as a Russian agent? kimbutgar Apr 12 #28
FBI is too busy closing the case against John Lennon, then there's the invasion of Grenada thing, then Iran Contra.... jaxexpat Apr 12 #30
The FBI doesn't investigate people for saying stupid stuff TexasDem69 Apr 12 #54
Wisdom has given up chasing her. twodogsbarking Apr 12 #31
Probably best they avoid each other entirely 0rganism Apr 12 #37
Putin has no rights whatsoever to an inch of Ukraine. Passages Apr 12 #33
same reasoning as Trump jcgoldie Apr 12 #34
She's a true fascist. The Unmitigated Gall Apr 12 #36
She's a traitor asshole drama queen not worthy of being in Congress SouthernDem4ever Apr 12 #39
she is. barbtries Apr 12 #40
Yes, appeasement always works right? 4lbs Apr 12 #42
I wonder if девушка can read. moondust Apr 12 #43
Ukraine is part of Europe, so yes, Putin is invading Europe. yardwork Apr 12 #44
Psst...I'll let you in on a little secret: Tommy Carcetti Apr 12 #49
I swear, some of these people are put on this earth for ONE simple reason bluestarone Apr 12 #45
She's a captive of conspiracy conspiracies. SleeplessinSoCal Apr 12 #47
Empty Greene... GiqueCee Apr 12 #48
Moscow marge Needs to take her Trash to Russia. Get Out Emtyg. Cha Apr 12 #50
So, what are the Russians saying, Marge? FelineOverlord Apr 12 #52
Please Marge, just move to Russia... surfered Apr 12 #53
id love to see half that delegation leave . AllaN01Bear Apr 12 #58
Her talking about hating people.... FuzzyDicePHL Apr 12 #55
You and Vlad talk do you Marge? pwb Apr 12 #57
She's Ilse Koch Kennah Apr 12 #63
POS is right. She is trying to say if Ukraine didn't fight they wouldn't be murdered. 58Sunliner Apr 12 #67
Perhaps 50 years from now orangecrush Apr 12 #70
The R next to Republicans' names is for Russia IronLionZion Apr 12 #71
Marge, amongst others Aussie105 Apr 12 #73
Take Her Out HandmaidsTaleUntold Apr 12 #75
Just a fucking troll. Offers nothing. An empty head. spanone Apr 12 #76
I hate her almost as much as I hate Trump BlueKota Apr 12 #78
She's an attention whore GenThePerservering Apr 13 #79
Bumbling, stumbling. mumbling oasis Apr 13 #80
Truly stupid trash dalton99a Apr 13 #81
We pay her wages, but I don't think she works for us. Teacher of the Year Apr 13 #82
I got as far as "repulsive and disgusting"..... SergeStorms Apr 13 #84
Openly displaying her treasonous hatred for freedom. Emile Apr 13 #85
She is actually dumber than a rock malaise Apr 13 #86
Traitor. Bluethroughu Apr 13 #87
She's sold herself to the highest bidder and Putin has deep pockets dlk Apr 13 #91
She would have to become a better simulacrum of a human being before she'd reach "POS" status. BobTheSubgenius Apr 13 #92
Moscow Marge is upset that critics of Moscow Marge are referring to Moscow Marge as "Moscow Marge" LetMyPeopleVote Apr 13 #93
Get out of the Speaker's chair, Marjorie. You are not welcome there! Initech Apr 15 #95
The people who vote for her are worse. Happy Hoosier Apr 15 #96
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