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27. There was a house we drove by in Anacortes for years that had a Trump flag.
Sun Apr 14, 2024, 02:18 PM
Apr 14

It was accompanied by a "Thank You, America" sign and a rotating series of political yard signs that basically let me know who I would vote against if I ever moved to Anacortes.

The people in the house next door must have hated it but never responded in kind UNTIL one year when they got spray on snow and wrote FELIZ NAVIDAD! on their front window in huge letters. I about busted a gut when I saw that.

So did he see his flag get destroyed? underpants Apr 14 #1
I'm sure he did. imanamerican63 Apr 14 #2
Probably risked his life going back for it if he knew it had fallen Warpy Apr 14 #34
From their stash... raising2moredems Apr 14 #46
Here's my revenge story bif Apr 14 #3
I have a guy down the street that had 2 HUGE signs. Told my husband I was gonna paintball them flying_wahini Apr 14 #5
Yeah... I would never do anything, but if I happened to see someone spray paint a Swastika or KKK sign hlthe2b Apr 14 #7
Maybe it depends on what the "right" thing is. calimary Apr 14 #14
4:30 in the morning is an ideal time. 58Sunliner Apr 14 #44
I would be tempted to throw a handful of mint seeds into his yard niyad Apr 14 #19
So would I. Kath2 Apr 14 #43
Too many cameras today. Not worth going to jail. jimfields33 Apr 15 #51
I'm going to start saving mint seed NJCher Apr 15 #47
Your husband was correct DENVERPOPS Apr 14 #15
Wonderful story! flying_wahini Apr 14 #4
The three adjacent neighborhoods I tend to walk my pup around are fairly apolitical in terms of hlthe2b Apr 14 #6
You did the only safe thing. yardwork Apr 14 #8
Perfect!!! 2naSalit Apr 14 #9
Nice! Eighteen wheels of..."cheese, some truck driver ran over that a**hole's flag"! FailureToCommunicate Apr 14 #10
That visual is just hysterical. Demobrat Apr 14 #11
I don't really want or need one, PurgedVoter Apr 14 #12
That's frickin AWESOME. 😝 Devilsun Apr 14 #13
👇👇👇👁️👁️ Goonch Apr 14 #16
LOL! JoseBalow Apr 14 #23
Yes!!! QuickPop Apr 14 #35
Here in Winter Haven, FL a HVAC repair truck in a driveway (his own) had a Trump flag flying on the flag pole. machoneman Apr 14 #17
The fools probably just blame loss of business on the "Biden Economy" and blame DEMs Attilatheblond Apr 14 #26
I don't patronize any business that displays his shite. n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Apr 15 #54
Hope you blasted the horn as your rig ground it into bronzered dust flakes. Kid Berwyn Apr 14 #18
Word is he can't even drive a car malaise Apr 14 #32
he sure thought it was OK NJCher Apr 15 #48
I might have backed up and ran over it again just for fun Blue Owl Apr 14 #20
Same here. TSExile Apr 14 #21
If I had LPBBEAR Apr 14 #40
I would really like it if it NJCher Apr 15 #49
Too bad a DPS trooper didn't see it and StarryNite Apr 14 #22
my neighbor put one of those giant trump flags on the side of their barn that.. samnsara Apr 14 #24
Big flags flopping around on pickup trucks WILL get lose Attilatheblond Apr 14 #25
There was a house we drove by in Anacortes for years that had a Trump flag. LisaM Apr 14 #27
Kick. N/T Upthevibe Apr 14 #28
LOL LetMyPeopleVote Apr 14 #29
Too bad Trump wasn't holding the flag. twodogsbarking Apr 14 #30
better yet, wearing it. FoxNewsSucks Apr 14 #33
The economy so bad, I can barely afford these giant trump flags and drive my 10 mile a gallon pickup." LakeArenal Apr 14 #31
Thank you, Sir! You ARE a true American and Patriot! maspaha Apr 14 #36
Would love to have seen that. Fla Dem Apr 14 #37
they can run back up to Show Low and get a replacement Kali Apr 14 #38
There is some jagoff near my that has a Trump flag on doc03 Apr 14 #39
I'm so happy for you! And the personal satisfaction you feel! liberalla Apr 14 #41
I hope you washed that stench off your 18 wheeler! GreenWave Apr 14 #42
It was God's will. SunSeeker Apr 14 #45
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 15 #50
That is hilarious Ruby the Liberal Apr 15 #52
Hope it was a Portent Captain Zero Apr 15 #53
checks rearview for traffic, stops and does a dragster style burnout n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Apr 15 #55
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