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76. It's all pretense to show his utter contempt for what is happening to him.
Tue Apr 16, 2024, 10:21 AM
Apr 16

This is just a big, stupid act of his. He's not asleep.

The stroke could happen at MOMFUDSKI Apr 15 #1
Is elated a synonym for surprised? FHRRK Apr 15 #30
I don't think so EYESORE 9001 Apr 15 #38
also reported by the guardian... different reporter getagrip_already Apr 15 #2
That's because many suspect he has early Alzheimer's FarPoint Apr 15 #3
Probably Alzheimer's but I have liver failure in the pool. I'm not giving up yet. brewens Apr 15 #8
He doesn't drink. Nt Fiendish Thingy Apr 15 #14
I know, but he's a prime candidate for fatty liver disease. I have a buddy that might be in serious trouble brewens Apr 15 #18
Don't need to drink to have liver failure. TwilightZone Apr 15 #24
BIGLY afraid what truths would come out if he got a drop of Wine into its system. Traurigkeit Apr 15 #36
He says he doesn't drink. Patterson Apr 15 #49
That's not what sundowning is. Nt Fiendish Thingy Apr 15 #13
Get him to chug a couple Monsters! I had to do that to stay awake one day on jury duty. Of course, with brewens Apr 15 #4
Did the judge order a lethal injection? Kennah Apr 15 #5
I should be ashamed of laughing at that. KentuckyWoman Apr 15 #63
Probably heavily medicated Island Blue Apr 15 #6
my first thought, too Stardust Mirror Apr 15 #11
My first thought also. northoftheborder Apr 16 #81
Or his usual stimulants were withheld today to prevent the same. RockRaven Apr 15 #16
That was my thought Docreed2003 Apr 15 #20
My exact thoughts... Blue Idaho Apr 15 #22
He can't very well.... SergeStorms Apr 15 #43
His Lawyers Might Have Kept Him Away From The Adderall smb Apr 15 #66
"Sleepy Don" struggle4progress Apr 15 #7
trDUMP is conserving his energies,... not sleeping in court..... magicarpet Apr 15 #59
Don Snoreleone's Dream! nt smb Apr 15 #67
Hopefully his false teeth slide out. pandr32 Apr 15 #9
And land in his lap, biting his lil 'shroom Attilatheblond Apr 15 #26
The note said "wake up dumbass - it's a bad look". He looks like shit on Day One & he needs to be there every day! AnotherMother4Peace Apr 15 #10
By Thursday he'll need a cot. rubbersole Apr 15 #41
He had bags under his eyes this morning scipan Apr 15 #12
I wonder what the judge would do if the idiot falls asleep completely. honest.abe Apr 15 #15
Cattle Prod! vanlassie Apr 16 #72
I hope his insomnia is torture blogslug Apr 15 #17
"4 hours a night", good lie to cover napping 8 hours each day Traurigkeit Apr 15 #34
Maybe he's trying out his best Vinnie the Chin impression. He needs a bathrobe to pull it off. Vinca Apr 15 #19
I bet something happens Johnny2X2X Apr 15 #21
He literally bdamomma Apr 16 #73
#SleepyDon is now trending LetMyPeopleVote Apr 15 #23
if he starts bdamomma Apr 16 #74
Can you imagine if this were Biden Johnny2X2X Apr 15 #25
There'd be lots of concern trolling by the media MustLoveBeagles Apr 15 #28
Hey, cut the guy some slack. Mr.Bill Apr 15 #27
Bigly low energy Don. usedtobedemgurl Apr 15 #29
At this point, just let me know when he's finally GONE. calimary Apr 15 #32
I am so over him, too,,,, usedtobedemgurl Apr 15 #35
This would have torched anyone else. CrispyQ Apr 15 #65
It galls me how they treat him. usedtobedemgurl Apr 16 #69
What a pig he is bdamomma Apr 16 #75
His lawyers have their game face on. lpbk2713 Apr 15 #31
Not A Game Face On The Attorneys -- It's Constipation NonPC Apr 15 #39
I hope the officers are remembering how Maga treated the capitol police on 1/6/21. CrispyQ Apr 16 #70
It's all pretense to show his utter contempt for what is happening to him. CTyankee Apr 16 #76
TSF is an old fella, needs its naps all day long. No energy, not much going on in the mind. Traurigkeit Apr 15 #33
Must be from posting 'Lies Social' trolling idiocies in the middle of the night. Justice matters. Apr 15 #42
Welcome to DU, Traurigkeit! calimary Apr 15 #44
Welcome Traurigkeit bdamomma Apr 16 #77
I hope every minute in court is painful for him captain queeg Apr 15 #37
Now Trump can honestly say that he is not woke Poiuyt Apr 15 #40
Stock closed at 26.68 down 18+% twodogsbarking Apr 15 #45
Still too high. calimary Apr 15 #52
All this coming from the same guy who called President Biden "Sleepy Joe" meow2u3 Apr 15 #46
Slam down Rebl2 Apr 15 #47
I guess "Sleepy Joe" is yet another case of projection. tinrobot Apr 15 #48
Let's have your bets on what his excuse will be. louis-t Apr 15 #50
Up all night posting on Truth Social. nt doc03 Apr 15 #51
He used to do his texting with Pootie at 3 or 4 in the morning FakeNoose Apr 15 #53
"He used to" bdamomma Apr 16 #79
Sleepy Don. SAD! Hassler Apr 15 #54
"If trump is Too Old and Weak to Stay Awake At his Own Criminal Trial... Cha Apr 15 #55
Sleepy, Grumpy and Dopey. Disaffected Apr 15 #56
How will he survive, day after day, week after week? This could take a deadly toll. I'm concerned he will get ill. Doodley Apr 15 #57
Z's heard round the world? Lol nt Javaman Apr 15 #58
Sleepy, Crooked Don can't stay awake for his own downfall? mwb970 Apr 15 #60
I bet they have him tranquilized Saoirse9 Apr 15 #61
I'm glad he's falling asleep - tht has to be the only way to keep him quiet. soldierant Apr 15 #62
Or Took Away His Adderall nt smb Apr 15 #68
I think he requires constant stimulation, ... Straw Man Apr 15 #64
Maybe he's showing contempt for the proceedings Marthe48 Apr 16 #71
Love Haberman! LeonidPlanck Apr 16 #78
The internet is having fun with TFG's falling asleep LetMyPeopleVote Apr 16 #80
C'mon Donny, go for the Big Sleep Blue Owl Apr 16 #82
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