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15. For TSF it's a Hobson's choice:
Mon Apr 29, 2024, 12:14 AM
Apr 29

He set himself up. He can fight with RFK, or choose him as Veep, since his cousin John-John ain’t joining (dead). Either way no majority occurs. It’s lose lose scenario for him.

Take it up with sooper jeenyus Steve Bannon, Donny. tanyev Apr 28 #1
Congratulations to Steve Bannon for his excellent strategy! dchill Apr 28 #2
Lol. Of course they'd break for rfk. tRump made it about age ecstatic Apr 28 #3
TSF Spews Toxic Garbage at Everyone But Cha Apr 28 #4
RFKjr is anti-vaxx...ergo he appeals to more trumpers than Dems... Wounded Bear Apr 28 #5
Appeals to narcissists....... Mopar151 Apr 28 #11
General distrust in elections, opposes foreign military intervention, etc. IronLionZion Apr 29 #21
That's a good point. calimary Apr 29 #22
it will be a pleasant, if ironic, historical note rampartc Apr 28 #6
I would never throw a dog out of a party. TFG and Noem are anti-K9. n/t thesquanderer Apr 28 #7
It would be sweet irony if. ... VMA131Marine Apr 28 #8
Be careful what you wish for... orwell Apr 28 #9
IDK how those morons thought liberals would go for RFK - TBF Apr 28 #10
They really are simpletons. Mopar151 Apr 28 #12
RFK jr is a disgrace BigmanPigman Apr 29 #16
Same reason all the women were going to vote for McCain/Palin... Wounded Bear Apr 30 #23
Must have been "opposite day" on Truth Social.... AZ8theist Apr 28 #13
Like a dog, eh? ShazzieB Apr 29 #14
It seems to be ingrained NJCher Apr 29 #18
For TSF it's a Hobson's choice: bobalew Apr 29 #15
Yep, RFK Jr. was in reality never a threat to the thinking man's candidate: TeamProg Apr 29 #17
Seriously, if you really want to punish Trump... Initech Apr 29 #19
That's why he hates court. Can't play with his toys...nt Wounded Bear Apr 30 #24
How is RFK Jr on dogs? IronLionZion Apr 29 #20
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