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15. Harumph. That's right.
Wed Dec 26, 2012, 11:05 PM
Dec 2012

BTW Chained CPI is not a cut. It only means future recipients will receive far less than they expected after decades of paying into the system.

Well ok maybe thats a "cut". It's definitely not slashing though. Cut, not slash.

For the newbies here, Manny, please explain "Emo" and "Firebagger"... NYC_SKP Dec 2012 #1
Right, I forgot I'm dealing with ignorant Leftys. MannyGoldstein Dec 2012 #2
And third way, wtf is that? =:^)- NYC_SKP Dec 2012 #5
Third Way is Freepers who know how to spell MannyGoldstein Dec 2012 #6
Oh Snap! NYC_SKP Dec 2012 #7
DUzy! Fumesucker Dec 2012 #13
Lol :) nt abelenkpe Dec 2012 #19
Lol! n/t sabrina 1 Dec 2012 #28
lol! n/t TDale313 Dec 2012 #36
spit coffee on keyboard. nashville_brook Dec 2012 #87
rofl.... KoKo Dec 2012 #88
LOL mmonk Dec 2012 #158
third way = democrats who like charter schools. HiPointDem Dec 2012 #109
a bit more than that... Chan790 Dec 2012 #204
The Third Way are the Republicans that abandoned their Party to help us with ours. nm rhett o rick Dec 2012 #129
Oops! Samantha Dec 2012 #52
Oh, you fancy Leftys with your "facts" and "grammar" MannyGoldstein Dec 2012 #53
Teapartiers take their motto from Mr. Dooley's Philosophy Samantha Dec 2012 #64
hey put that back! annabanana Dec 2012 #3
OK nt MannyGoldstein Dec 2012 #4
disappointed you didn't work "bank griefers" in somehow banned from Kos Dec 2012 #8
Ooh, I like it! MannyGoldstein Dec 2012 #12
Llody Balnakfien WOULD be in prison if he had been in Iceland where the rule sabrina 1 Dec 2012 #16
Let's not forget about hiding Greek debt from the EU. n/t Sekhmets Daughter Dec 2012 #124
Yes, I forgot about that. But the rules do not apply to them sadly. sabrina 1 Dec 2012 #153
Matt Taibbi named them well Sekhmets Daughter Dec 2012 #154
Omg, I would have joined you to give him a double whammy. They are sabrina 1 Dec 2012 #156
We'd fix him! LOL Sekhmets Daughter Dec 2012 #165
Lol, yes we would! I love Taibbi, one of the few real journalists left in this sabrina 1 Dec 2012 #196
Bloodsucking vampire squid Berlum Dec 2012 #160
'Bankster cheerleaders' sounds better. Rex Dec 2012 #34
What about us "sensible" Emo Prog Firebaggers madfloridian Dec 2012 #9
Sensible Emo Prog Firebagger? That would be like a MannyGoldstein Dec 2012 #26
Like compassionate conservatives, you don't exist. tblue Dec 2012 #27
Wait... theKed Dec 2012 #200
Firebaggers aren't Woodchucks! Silly. downandoutnow Dec 2012 #133
That is a timeless piece from TM madfloridian Dec 2012 #145
Kicking... Pragmatically yours, WBB. (n/t) WorseBeforeBetter Dec 2012 #10
Emo Prog is the new Pinko Commie. JaneyVee Dec 2012 #11
He's a good man. If he cuts SS it must be for my own good. cthulu2016 Dec 2012 #14
Harumph. That's right. pa28 Dec 2012 #15
No, you were right the first time. If you close your eyes and remember that sabrina 1 Dec 2012 #17
If it isnt a cut why offer it to the Repubicans? Dont think the Republicans would accept it rhett o rick Dec 2012 #112
Well, they haven't acepted it have they? n/t Sekhmets Daughter Dec 2012 #126
Why would he offer it if it didnt cut SS? nm rhett o rick Dec 2012 #128
It's the least offensive "entitlement" cut Sekhmets Daughter Dec 2012 #142
It is a horrible place to bargain from. He should tell the American people that rhett o rick Dec 2012 #144
I agree wth your premise, but not with your reason. Sekhmets Daughter Dec 2012 #147
Do you support linking SS to the CPI? nm rhett o rick Dec 2012 #130
Not particularly...but Sekhmets Daughter Dec 2012 #137
I thought I was a teaLeftist. So hard to keep up. historylovr Dec 2012 #18
I reckon this post will have the Blew dogs frothing Rain Mcloud Dec 2012 #20
I've been here since 2001, and I have no clue SheilaT Dec 2012 #21
Here ya go MannyGoldstein Dec 2012 #22
Wha??? you didn't get one??? L0oniX Dec 2012 #24
Dammit, I want my TDale313 Dec 2012 #32
Perfect. Cracklin Charlie Dec 2012 #37
I voted. So what's your gripe exactly? tblue Dec 2012 #25
Oh, it's worse than that Fumesucker Dec 2012 #29
I have voted in every election SheilaT Dec 2012 #89
Stop it ...you're making me cry... L0oniX Dec 2012 #23
This is confusing. blue neen Dec 2012 #30
Thank you. Third-Way Manny. TDale313 Dec 2012 #31
Some examples of Emo Progs.... madfloridian Dec 2012 #33
thanks n/t TDale313 Dec 2012 #38
Wow. blue neen Dec 2012 #40
Well, I did not write the post. madfloridian Dec 2012 #42
You chose to post it. blue neen Dec 2012 #44
I do agree. There is no need for divisiveness. madfloridian Dec 2012 #47
He is a brilliant man, indeed. blue neen Dec 2012 #49
And for your peace of mind...I do not like the first paragraph madfloridian Dec 2012 #54
Yes, the Emo Prog overreaction to the comments is far worse than the comments themselves Fumesucker Dec 2012 #51
The attacks on Greenwald were homophobic as hell, right here on DU. Bluenorthwest Dec 2012 #116
I think I ended up with 4 hides in Meta that night trying to get that off of DU. Luminous Animal Dec 2012 #127
At least that fucker is gone. Warren Stupidity Dec 2012 #149
How do you like this one? cui bono Dec 2012 #136
Glenn Greenwald? Noam Chomsky? Naomi Wolf? Code Pink? MannyGoldstein Dec 2012 #50
..... madfloridian Dec 2012 #55
Thanks for link... quote from article: KoKo Dec 2012 #90
Mad, it HAS been explained to you Over & Over that Charter Schools ARE Public Schools. bvar22 Dec 2012 #94
lol madfloridian Dec 2012 #106
A Tour de Farce, Manny Fumesucker Dec 2012 #35
+1 n/t TDale313 Dec 2012 #39
+ another 1 Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #77
Well excuse me for loving and supporting my President. We dont need people like you loyalkydem Dec 2012 #41
By that you mean...whom? madfloridian Dec 2012 #43
Right, so let's just support any right wing bullshit proposed. MrSlayer Dec 2012 #46
Manny has been a knife in Obama's back from the word go. MjolnirTime Dec 2012 #75
He's not the only one loyalkydem Dec 2012 #79
The Democratic Wing worries about programs, issues and policy and doesnt have time for hero worship. rhett o rick Dec 2012 #115
or kicking th e President every chance they get then loyalkydem Dec 2012 #132
You are exposing yourself. Democrats have historically argued and debated among themselves. rhett o rick Dec 2012 #134
and you are exposing yourself as well. loyalkydem Dec 2012 #135
Yes I am. I am a Democrat. I believe that my representatives work for me. What do you believe in? nm rhett o rick Dec 2012 #138
Well you should expose yourself some more. cui bono Dec 2012 #140
So pray tell me what issues you disagree with us progressives. Give me some facts from your rhett o rick Dec 2012 #146
Me? I am a progressive. Did you mean to reply to loyal... that person? n/t cui bono Dec 2012 #150
funny, but in another thread you blame people like us for losses in 2010.. frylock Dec 2012 #103
....because 3rd Wayers are ALSO... bvar22 Dec 2012 #108
You're right, you don't need us Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #114
It was the right-wing of our party that didnt vote in 2010 or voted Republican. nm rhett o rick Dec 2012 #120
What we don't need is people like you. cui bono Dec 2012 #139
MSNBC's Joy Reid and blogger/tweeter @shoq redefine emo prog as “Puritopian.” madfloridian Dec 2012 #45
So Emo Prog's already... TDale313 Dec 2012 #48
Emo Progs are now “Puritopian.” Not sure which is more degrading. madfloridian Dec 2012 #56
Personally, I find TDale313 Dec 2012 #58
Then Manny could do a post calling all "Puritopians." madfloridian Dec 2012 #60
Neither are... embrace them. WorseBeforeBetter Dec 2012 #193
Fascinating definition at that link..... MADem Dec 2012 #62
Damn. That nail was hit so hard, there's no seeing it ever again. Number23 Dec 2012 #67
Emo Progs crying out for attention by using the words of Sensible Pragmatists Fumesucker Dec 2012 #68
They certainly don't like to be ignored, do they? MADem Dec 2012 #69
Ha!! Number23 Dec 2012 #107
And as I said below, the definition and label are shameful. Not to be used by Democrats madfloridian Dec 2012 #70
I'm a fan of the Big Tent, myself. I don't like it when I'm told that I'm MADem Dec 2012 #71
your "big tent" has become overcrowded disaffected republicans frylock Dec 2012 #104
Instead of excoriating them, welcome them and teach them .... MADem Dec 2012 #166
Yep. That pretty much sums it up for me how I view BlueCaliDem Dec 2012 #76
+1!!! nt MADem Dec 2012 #82
Ahhhhhhhh I see now. Dyedinthewoolliberal Dec 2012 #119
And that definition as well as the label are crying shames. madfloridian Dec 2012 #65
Agreed. And yes, was surprised TDale313 Dec 2012 #66
Well, I think anyone who takes such an authoritarian approach is not a Democrat, so MADem Dec 2012 #168
It's Hyper-Dimentional Non-Euclidean Chess Demo_Chris Dec 2012 #57
+1 Luminous Animal Dec 2012 #59
It's way too complicated for us common folk to understand! progressoid Dec 2012 #72
Well Done, Demo_Chris bvar22 Dec 2012 #95
Perfect! And you can get big cans of cat food at Sav-a-Lot for 79 cents. djean111 Dec 2012 #105
Emo Prog? RetroLounge Dec 2012 #61
Cat Food For You! MannyGoldstein Dec 2012 #63
Don't forget the peas. wilsonbooks Dec 2012 #73
wow, you're completely losing your shit, Manny. This is what a Second Obama term has made of you? MjolnirTime Dec 2012 #74
Having a memory longer than a week = Completely losing your shit Fumesucker Dec 2012 #78
My memory is long enough to know that Manny has always detracted form Obama. MjolnirTime Dec 2012 #206
Progressive Dems didn't abandon the President alcibiades_mystery Dec 2012 #86
Reciting just a few lines we've all heard dozens of times has sure got you jacked up Fumesucker Dec 2012 #91
Keep pretending that you're having an effect alcibiades_mystery Dec 2012 #92
Rahm? Is that you? Fumesucker Dec 2012 #93
Is Mutual Masturbation Effective? Skraxx Dec 2012 #99
That is an interesting post, alcibiades. bvar22 Dec 2012 #110
Great summary bvar22 madfloridian Dec 2012 #118
Voted reteachinwi Dec 2012 #122
GREAT cui bono Dec 2012 #141
You should make that an OP.. Fumesucker Dec 2012 #148
Um alcibiades_mystery Dec 2012 #157
This was a great post Capt. Obvious Dec 2012 #159
So very sadly true. Cha Dec 2012 #111
Third Way Manny lost his "shit" a long time ago. nm rhett o rick Dec 2012 #113
Manny is amusing reteachinwi Dec 2012 #123
du rec. nt xchrom Dec 2012 #80
Ahhhh Manny. NCTraveler Dec 2012 #81
Sooooooo meta alcibiades_mystery Dec 2012 #83
Your hair has been on fire so many times in the last 3 year, you must be bald by now. JoePhilly Dec 2012 #84
And Now That It's Apparent There Will Never Be Any Cuts Skraxx Dec 2012 #98
Did PBO retract his offer? cui bono Dec 2012 #143
Is There A Deal That Contains Cuts? Legislation? How About Any Hypothetical Discussions? Skraxx Dec 2012 #151
Yes. There was a press briefing where Carney said that PBO proposed SS cuts cui bono Dec 2012 #155
Is Obama going to make a deal that cuts SS by the end of the year ... yes or no. JoePhilly Dec 2012 #163
I'm not a psychic. I hope he retracts the offer. cui bono Dec 2012 #172
Did he put it on the table this week, during the debt ceiling fight last year or ... JoePhilly Dec 2012 #182
He did it right before Boehner tried to pass his Plan B. cui bono Dec 2012 #183
The claim that Obama has "put SS on the table" here on DU actually goes back to the debt JoePhilly Dec 2012 #185
You keep ignoring the fact that HE PUT SS ON THE TABLE. cui bono Dec 2012 #187
Exactly, In Fact, Not Only Has SS Always Been "On The Table" Skraxx Dec 2012 #191
So That's In A Deal? Or Legislation? Part Of Some Current Negotiations Or Hypothetical Discussion? Skraxx Dec 2012 #164
I guess you didn't read or hear the press briefing. cui bono Dec 2012 #170
So You Admit There Are No Current Discussions, Negotiations, Deals or Legislation Regarding Any Cuts Skraxx Dec 2012 #171
Sorry, but WTF are you talking about? cui bono Dec 2012 #173
What Table Would They Be On, If They Are Not Included In Any Discussions, Negotiations, Deals or Skraxx Dec 2012 #174
Okay, really, you have to accept reality and facts to have a discussion. cui bono Dec 2012 #175
What Table? They Are Not In Any Legislation, Deals, Discussions, Hypothetical or Otherwise Skraxx Dec 2012 #176
I see now that you really did miss the press briefing so here's the link. cui bono Dec 2012 #178
Actually, I'm Missing The Table, That Press Briefing Is Irrelevant, You Have Yet To Provide Anything Skraxx Dec 2012 #179
Again, you have to deal with reality and facts, which you refuse to do. cui bono Dec 2012 #180
Reality? Like The Reality That There Are No Cuts, In Any Way Shape or Form, In A Deal, Discussion Skraxx Dec 2012 #181
For Pete's sake! Did Obama put SS on the table, according to Carney, or not? ChisolmTrailDem Dec 2012 #186
What Table? Skraxx Dec 2012 #188
So, rather than answer the question you instead want to focus ChisolmTrailDem Dec 2012 #192
No, YOU Are Focusing On An IMAGINARY Table, One That Supposedly Has SS Cuts On It Skraxx Dec 2012 #194
You wanna goddamned table? Here's you one right here --> ChisolmTrailDem Dec 2012 #197
So That Table Currently Has Cuts On It as Part of A Deal Under Discussion? Skraxx Dec 2012 #199
I'm enjoying this. ProSense Dec 2012 #85
Indeed, Full Blown Meltdown Into Utter Self-Parody Skraxx Dec 2012 #97
It appears you finally morphed into Sid. nm rhett o rick Dec 2012 #121
We're ProSense Dec 2012 #131
But not as much fun as reading your old posts brentspeak Dec 2012 #152
Learn to read ProSense Dec 2012 #162
"and, in Reich's case, raising the payroll tax threshold" brentspeak Dec 2012 #169
If you post a long post with links to the facts treestar Dec 2012 #202
DURec! bvar22 Dec 2012 #96
K&R Melissa G Dec 2012 #100
Dang, I missed it.. Permanut Dec 2012 #101
"Paranoia self destroyer" great white snark Dec 2012 #102
I get confused as to whether I should rec a Third Way Manny post or not. In any case I sure aint rhett o rick Dec 2012 #117
Third-Way Manny for President! malthaussen Dec 2012 #125
EmoProg prophecy Berlum Dec 2012 #161
boy, this really helps the discussion...an 'i told you so' thread. like used toilet paper. spanone Dec 2012 #167
It is more like a 'i told ya so' thread on hold status. Rex Dec 2012 #177
K&R woo me with science Dec 2012 #184
Kick. Luminous Animal Dec 2012 #189
Had to kick and rec this Autumn Dec 2012 #190
Kick woo me with science Dec 2012 #195
This message was self-deleted by its author Matt_R Dec 2012 #198
manny goldstein will never say anything good about the president arely staircase Dec 2012 #201
Well... MannyGoldstein Dec 2012 #203
Mannny always brings out the best of DUers... adirondacker Dec 2012 #205
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