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I voted Kansas MuseRider Dec 2012 #1
There was a feature piece in the KC Star today on that nutjob Telly Savalas Dec 2012 #17
Thanks for the links. MuseRider Dec 2012 #33
Star put in a pay wall. proud2BlibKansan Dec 2012 #86
The second link MuseRider Dec 2012 #68
lots of Kansas hate here thanks to Thomas Frank hfojvt Dec 2012 #64
I understand what you're saying but still think that's an important book proud2BlibKansan Dec 2012 #88
I probably should buckle down and read the entire thing MuseRider Dec 2012 #98
Me too of course. proud2BlibKansan Dec 2012 #87
Good lord that is some powerful stuff MuseRider Dec 2012 #92
I like the Lawrence paper lots better than Topeka's proud2BlibKansan Dec 2012 #94
It's a hard choice when you get to the Southern States Siwsan Dec 2012 #2
Post removed Post removed Dec 2012 #13
Ok, you completely lost me, there Siwsan Dec 2012 #19
The nutjobs here don't hold a candle to the ones in Florida. GoCubsGo Dec 2012 #25
Even my beloved State of Michigan is overrun with YIKES! Siwsan Dec 2012 #29
A Bill toBan global warming? I must have missed that little Looney tune move! Sadiedog Dec 2012 #43
Actually, it was a ban of using climate change science... GoCubsGo Dec 2012 #47
Well, positive strides in returning Alan Grayson and booting Allen West, anyway Siwsan Dec 2012 #48
What about the "Obama using mind control" freaks in Georgia? Nt daa Dec 2012 #41
Them, too. GoCubsGo Dec 2012 #44
not even honorable mention for terrible tennessee? spanone Dec 2012 #3
I can't believe I left Rand Paul's home state off. My bad CanonRay Dec 2012 #5
that's kentucky!!! your choices are greater than you ever imagined!!! spanone Dec 2012 #23
Or Ron Paul's home state... Sekhmets Daughter Dec 2012 #53
I'm going to have to re-do this poll with ALL 50 states. CanonRay Dec 2012 #72
LMAO. Sekhmets Daughter Dec 2012 #74
I don't know, a lotof people wanted California... CanonRay Dec 2012 #112
Well I can understand that... Sekhmets Daughter Dec 2012 #115
No Texas or Wisconsin? MiniMe Dec 2012 #4
I was thinking Wisconsin, but Jackpine Radical Dec 2012 #9
Texas? Really? How come? narnian60 Dec 2012 #20
Typical Texan AldoLeopold Dec 2012 #34
I'm sorry Narnian AldoLeopold Dec 2012 #39
Apology accepted, of course, AldoLeopold. narnian60 Dec 2012 #77
Thanks for understanding my rage AldoLeopold Dec 2012 #97
As a Texan, may I direct your attention to: NoPasaran Dec 2012 #62
I know, I know! narnian60 Dec 2012 #79
Maybe not at this exact moment in time NoPasaran Dec 2012 #82
Texas, California, Wisconsin, Colorado Buzz Clik Dec 2012 #27
+1 AldoLeopold Dec 2012 #35
Me too Brainstormy Dec 2012 #56
It was a tough choice connecticut yankee Dec 2012 #6
Florida, just because they seem full of bozos who quinnox Dec 2012 #7
California former-republican Dec 2012 #8
+1 Coyote_Tan Dec 2012 #11
as to be expected from a "former" republican quinnox Dec 2012 #24
It's good in terms of liberal social policy, but the state's finances are a train wreck slackmaster Dec 2012 #37
Yet, people jump on FL. Obama. Twice. Must be closet GOPers, here Eleanors38 Dec 2012 #75
Ill consider California a "liberal" state again when... bunnies Dec 2012 #113
Utah. Chan790 Dec 2012 #10
I have lived all over the US and I vote Utah as well siligut Dec 2012 #40
I only traveled through Utah and it seemed like I was in a episode of The Twilight Zone! Sadiedog Dec 2012 #45
how is blueknight Dec 2012 #12
Are you kidding? NeoConsSuck Dec 2012 #14
Michigan is working hard to take the lead etherealtruth Dec 2012 #15
Hawaii -- for having the worst voting record last 20 years maggiesfarmer Dec 2012 #16
Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, and Kansas are 4 states I would not live in - Oh, Oklahoma too 1-Old-Man Dec 2012 #18
I voted other davidpdx Dec 2012 #21
I've lived in California for more than 50 years. I remember what things used to be like here. slackmaster Dec 2012 #22
I had trouble deciding and it's my poll CanonRay Dec 2012 #36
California finances and public institutions started going bad under Reagan PufPuf23 Dec 2012 #83
was thinking michigan but kansas seems to try harder. dembotoz Dec 2012 #26
I voted florida.. pangaia Dec 2012 #28
Was going to say Fl as that old saying goes kydo Dec 2012 #30
California ProgressiveProfessor Dec 2012 #31
Dude, have you ever lived in Texas? AldoLeopold Dec 2012 #32
Other - Georgia, because it's gleefully sliding downhill Glorfindel Dec 2012 #38
Kansas at the top but Michigan is giving asjr Dec 2012 #42
This is an interesting thread. CrispyQ Dec 2012 #46
Texas.nt rrneck Dec 2012 #49
AZ all the way farminator3000 Dec 2012 #50
Agreed... Arizona out- crazies them all farmbo Dec 2012 #52
Aside from some beautiful scenery, Arizona sucks-there was once feral camels in Arizona. PufPuf23 Dec 2012 #84
Indiana Comatose Sphagetti Dec 2012 #51
Definitely Arizona. These people have taken on Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2012 #54
No Texas? Them's fightin' words! NoPasaran Dec 2012 #55
State of Mind in Congress Smilo Dec 2012 #57
Other: Texas. Zorra Dec 2012 #58
+1 The Wielding Truth Dec 2012 #80
Add my vote for Kansas. TwilightGardener Dec 2012 #59
ALL the Red States The River Dec 2012 #60
California 1KansasDem Dec 2012 #61
Michigan. It's becoming a Fascist dictatorship. Odin2005 Dec 2012 #63
I don't think you can point to any one state right now (so I voted OTHER) Jack Rabbit Dec 2012 #65
Make a complete list. FarPoint Dec 2012 #66
I'd say Ohio Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 2012 #67
Michigan putitinD Dec 2012 #69
The state of denial that the Republican Party exists in. Fearless Dec 2012 #70
I voted SC Populist_Prole Dec 2012 #71
Any answer other than Alabama is just a grand conspiracy by the citizens of Alabama to deflect LannyDeVaney Dec 2012 #73
Michigan nt Deep13 Dec 2012 #76
I passed because it was too hard to just chose one. Little Star Dec 2012 #78
Michigan. Hands down. eom Purveyor Dec 2012 #81
Kansas isn't as bad as it seems. tridim Dec 2012 #85
Very true about MO proud2BlibKansan Dec 2012 #89
Texas ananda Dec 2012 #90
Other - VA williesgirl Dec 2012 #91
Michigan. Chellee Dec 2012 #93
really hard to say IMO, so pass watch the sky Dec 2012 #95
Rhode Island seems truly screwed. FarCenter Dec 2012 #96
So many contenders... moondust Dec 2012 #99
Alaska's government is kind of f'ed up Blue_In_AK Dec 2012 #100
Texas - much worse than the rest Guitarzz Dec 2012 #101
I went to high school and college in Houston Blue_In_AK Dec 2012 #106
in the end most of the screwed up stuff in every state is because of Republicans JI7 Dec 2012 #102
There ya go! kentauros Dec 2012 #107
People lose their jobs over religion or politics in Kansas. Keep your mouth SHUT here. SUBSIDY-Sam patrice Dec 2012 #103
How can you leave my state out? Rex Dec 2012 #104
IMHO, it changes on a random, momentary basis Mopar151 Dec 2012 #105
Um, TEXAS? Warren DeMontague Dec 2012 #108
Texas - no contest. nm. AnnaLee Dec 2012 #109
Washington DC nt tama Dec 2012 #110
Mississippi seems to have the worst blend of TheKentuckian Dec 2012 #111
I vote for shithole Texas RandiFan1290 Dec 2012 #114
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