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Tue Jan 8, 2013, 07:54 PM Jan 2013

If need be, do you think that the Feds could find you if you post on Democratic Underground? [View all]

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59 (98%)
1 (2%)
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I'm sure they could find most anyone Lex Jan 2013 #1
Probably. But why would it matter? n/t el_bryanto Jan 2013 #2
I'm sure they could, and I don't give a damn. n/t CaliforniaPeggy Jan 2013 #3
They very definitely can. n/t Yo_Mama Jan 2013 #4
Easily. Xipe Totec Jan 2013 #5
They already know where I am 2naSalit Jan 2013 #6
of course quinnox Jan 2013 #7
hell, freepers have found me from my posts on DU.... mike_c Jan 2013 #8
Wow...I remember you posting about that! n/t ms liberty Jan 2013 #28
They thought they were going to get you drummed out of where for being a liberal? LeftyMom Jan 2013 #56
seriously.... mike_c Jan 2013 #80
The Feds already know where I'm at. Solly Mack Jan 2013 #9
Oh, sure, and I don't really care, Blue_In_AK Jan 2013 #10
Feds can, I figure. Shrike47 Jan 2013 #11
I'm sure they could. Brigid Jan 2013 #12
Can't imagine why they would care. cheapdate Jan 2013 #13
That is my view. I don't say anything that I am ashamed of although I do sometimes JDPriestly Jan 2013 #33
the following picture lives on imageshacks server and when someone clicks green for victory Jan 2013 #14
You're correct about the proxy servers Mimosa Jan 2013 #31
which means that every person who looked at this thread has their IP logged. Warren DeMontague Jan 2013 #37
I'd be more worried about my track record on the ground than DU... Earth_First Jan 2013 #64
I didn't know I was a fed, guess I better start deleting a shitload of VRFs snooper2 Jan 2013 #77
I know for a fact they can obamanut2012 Jan 2013 #15
Of course Kalidurga Jan 2013 #16
Sure they can add my posts to my file at the FBI stultusporcos Jan 2013 #17
Yes - me too OutNow Jan 2013 #38
They are going to do what they do and we cannot stop them stultusporcos Jan 2013 #39
I had an FBI folder oberle Jan 2013 #81
Can't see they'd have too much difficulty given as an example dipsydoodle Jan 2013 #18
I KNOW where I am,,,,,, benld74 Jan 2013 #19
If they want you, they're going to get you. MrSlayer Jan 2013 #20
Agent Mike knows stuff............... lastlib Jan 2013 #21
they can find you if you breathe. spanone Jan 2013 #22
I'm not optimistic enough to think that they'd only wait for a need, but yes... (nt) petronius Jan 2013 #23
do`t care if they do..... madrchsod Jan 2013 #24
No Duh! rustydog Jan 2013 #25
Hell car dealers are finding me! MightyMopar Jan 2013 #26
They could find my computer, for sure. Me they would have to catch, but then I'm old, so dimbear Jan 2013 #27
Online and cellphones communication tracked, stored NOW Mimosa Jan 2013 #29
I can find you if you post on DU. I even found George Bush's IP number once. Coyotl Jan 2013 #30
How? Mimosa Jan 2013 #32
Sure, but I'm not worried, I like America. Turbineguy Jan 2013 #34
You can substantially shield yourself by using a Tor browser. dairydog91 Jan 2013 #35
Unless you use a secure anonymous proxy, Nye Bevan Jan 2013 #36
If need be, they'll find you. Period. GeorgeGist Jan 2013 #40
DU has my email Motown_Johnny Jan 2013 #41
I assume that they have already found me and find me as boring HereSince1628 Jan 2013 #42
I am pretty sure they can find us any time they want to Robyn66 Jan 2013 #43
I'm sure they can customerserviceguy Jan 2013 #44
Is the Pope Catholic? nadinbrzezinski Jan 2013 #45
Aside from a desire for constitutionally suggested privacy Fearless Jan 2013 #46
Yes, without a doubt. nt Skip Intro Jan 2013 #47
All of our IP addresses are registered here. That information can be used to bluestate10 Jan 2013 #48
Let's just say, if a right wing military coup were to occur.. RedCappedBandit Jan 2013 #49
Well dayum, I better go buy a gun and shoot my computer uppityperson Jan 2013 #58
Left, right = good cop, bad cop for the most part Mimosa Jan 2013 #59
"If need be...." Deep13 Jan 2013 #50
Not possible to trace me.. Permanut Jan 2013 #51
ROFL!!! darkangel218 Jan 2013 #52
damn...I just spit coffee all over my monitor!!! bowens43 Jan 2013 #66
The first rule of Stealth Mode is: You do not talk about Stealth Mode pinboy3niner Jan 2013 #69
You just broke the rule with your post. riqster Jan 2013 #84
Oh, damn! pinboy3niner Jan 2013 #85
Just one layer? onehandle Jan 2013 #73
Just make sure it's actual tin and not aluminum. jeff47 Jan 2013 #79
I'm reading you loud and clear pinboy3niner Jan 2013 #83
Actually, just about anyone can. defacto7 Jan 2013 #53
of course they could Skittles Jan 2013 #54
Someone has not read about the Utah facility. Socal31 Jan 2013 #55
Sure... PurpleEngineer Jan 2013 #57
Absolutely. nt Raine Jan 2013 #60
Why is that worrysome? Anyone who uses EZ pass, cell phone, Credit card is known info wise graham4anything Jan 2013 #61
"and people forget that actual real people died on 9-11." green for victory Jan 2013 #63
your example is backward, sorry, graham4anything Jan 2013 #67
Why the feds? Prometheus_unbound Jan 2013 #62
I doubt I'm interesting enough Quantess Jan 2013 #65
They can find me lots of ways, I'm not hiding. nt bemildred Jan 2013 #68
And if I was to get stupid and start theatening people they'd be right too madokie Jan 2013 #70
I'm a two-time donor to the site, so yes, easily. nt Thegonagle Jan 2013 #71
Fixing up your bunker for the coming government apocalypse, are we? randome Jan 2013 #72
Meh. HappyMe Jan 2013 #74
I haven't been using TOR to surf here, so yes Recursion Jan 2013 #75
How hard would it be? liberal N proud Jan 2013 #76
I just assume they have bigger fish to fry. bluedigger Jan 2013 #78
Yes, of course they could slackmaster Jan 2013 #82
WRGAS? riqster Jan 2013 #86
Hell, our credit agencies can probably do it. progressoid Jan 2013 #87
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