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Sat Jan 19, 2013, 12:37 PM Jan 2013

How many guns have you seen in the last 48 hours? [View all]

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Visually seen. Doesn't matter if you handled it or not. Only privately owned firearms please. Don't include firearms carried by military or law enforcement personnel.

I am interested in peoples daily contact or interaction with firearms. Hunting and/or any form of carry, display cases, gun shops or on the shelf at the local Walmart. How many did you see?

Also, if you have the time, I am interested in how you came to see a privately owned firearm. Was it on a rack in a truck? Openly carried? Left in the bathroom? Did you catch your spouse fondling their pistol? Was your neighbor showing off? At a friends house? Scary/dumb incidents welcomed along with the normal run of the mill.

on edit: I expect this will track roughly with the level of gun ownership in the US- about 50% of households with a gun.
Just Facts - Gun Control on edit: warning - the link is to a self-proclaimed RW/libertarian site - I am just looking at the firearms data

on edit: ok - looks more like a a 30%/70% split with fewer actually having seen a firearm. Possibly 10-15% with one in the home locked away out of sight?

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21 (64%)
1 (3%)
More than one
4 (12%)
Only my own
7 (21%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I have seen plenty in the media but none in person lunasun Jan 2013 #1
Thanks. I don't think those count for the purposes of the poll though. geckosfeet Jan 2013 #5
Not even my own. chemp Jan 2013 #2
Interesting. geckosfeet Jan 2013 #6
None. HappyMe Jan 2013 #3
Just my own, nick of time Jan 2013 #4
Only the one old hunting rifle we own Hayabusa Jan 2013 #7
I suppose if it's a sure thing then that makes sense. geckosfeet Jan 2013 #11
I haven't seen any guns in the last few days... Puha Ekapi Jan 2013 #8
Just mine Revanchist Jan 2013 #9
More than 50. Heimer Jan 2013 #10
Yow! Do you work in a gun shop? geckosfeet Jan 2013 #14
I usually have lunch in the security break room at work Recursion Jan 2013 #12
Well if they are LEO firearms they don't count for the purposes of the poll. geckosfeet Jan 2013 #15
Sorry! I missed that Recursion Jan 2013 #16
Is there an option for 1/2? Recursion Jan 2013 #17
If it is serial numbered and legally considered a firearm then it counts as one. geckosfeet Jan 2013 #18
Done Recursion Jan 2013 #19
Mercifully: Zero etherealtruth Jan 2013 #13
none, except for the guards at work MindPilot Jan 2013 #20
I think so. Don't count anyone who carries a firearm in the performance of their job/duty. geckosfeet Jan 2013 #21
I can't remember the last time I saw a gun subterranean Jan 2013 #22
I think that is a typical experience if you do not have family members that own firearms. geckosfeet Jan 2013 #23
But I live in Germany now DFW Jan 2013 #24
I see gun nuts. ellisonz Jan 2013 #25
If you have to ask.... please stay away from firearms and sharp objects. geckosfeet Jan 2013 #27
Oh noes ellisonz Jan 2013 #29
Eeesh. Ok - just be careful. geckosfeet Jan 2013 #30
One. Mine. nt rrneck Jan 2013 #26
None Duckhunter935 Jan 2013 #28
Regarding your edit, I doubt the results will come anywhere close to tracking petronius Jan 2013 #31
Yes. That's what I am suspecting. I guesstimate US households containing guns at 40% to 50%. geckosfeet Jan 2013 #32
I have seen my own and we are keeping our neighbor's for him. His step-son has anger issues so he appleannie1 Jan 2013 #33
I have several in my house but I have not seen them in months. former9thward Jan 2013 #34
Just because you didn't see a gun, doesn't mean there wasn't one there. liberal N proud Jan 2013 #35
Agreed - to a point. Concealed means concealed. That's the law. At a minimum that woman geckosfeet Jan 2013 #38
JustFacts.com is a right-wing propaganda site. DanTex Jan 2013 #36
Sorry. I am just looking at the data. See if you can find your way past the rw nonsense. geckosfeet Jan 2013 #37
Say about 36 Lurks Often Jan 2013 #39
Love those plates. Ours are outside and it's a bit chilly this time of year. geckosfeet Jan 2013 #40
It was damn chilly inside too Lurks Often Jan 2013 #41
My own and sarisataka Jan 2013 #42
i see a lot of concealed carry. you start to notice little stuff like the outline or the user doing loli phabay Jan 2013 #44
WTH do YOU live (and shop)?? WinkyDink Jan 2013 #49
I live in St Paul sarisataka Jan 2013 #58
my own and some in a gun store i was in and a few out and about. loli phabay Jan 2013 #43
None, thank goodness u4ic Jan 2013 #45
Which border crossing are you near? I used to cross over near Buffalo all the time. geckosfeet Jan 2013 #46
I'm in Victoria u4ic Jan 2013 #59
I was in downtown DC yesterday justiceischeap Jan 2013 #47
The OP excluded Law Enforcement. WinkyDink Jan 2013 #52
I probably see a cop once a day and I'm sure here do as well... trumad Jan 2013 #48
The OP excluded Law Enforcement. WinkyDink Jan 2013 #51
oh...my bad trumad Jan 2013 #54
I haven't seen a gun in weeks madokie Jan 2013 #50
Just my own raidert05 Jan 2013 #53
That is included for the purposes of the poll. geckosfeet Jan 2013 #56
have not been within 10 feet of a visible gun in more than 5 years. Phillip McCleod Jan 2013 #55
For poll purposes - a privately owned or store displayed firearm. geckosfeet Jan 2013 #57
Only my own. xoom Jan 2013 #60
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