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a geek named Bob

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100. Skraxx...
Mon Jan 21, 2013, 09:32 AM
Jan 2013

I stated that I had no problem with someone with a warrant or exigent circumstances - I'd also stated I'd have my attorney present.

If you aren't a cop, why should you be allowed to go onto my property without my permission? If you aren't one, I have the right to detain you, hence the electric lawn.

You seem to be getting bent out of shape about a simple method to stop trespassers.

overly simple question... n/t a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #1
Would you like to answer it? MrScorpio Jan 2013 #3
okay then... a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #14
So, you object to the right of having a vast array of firearms out there? MrScorpio Jan 2013 #17
shaping rhetoric, are we? a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #20
it's the "collections" that do endanger people outside the home noiretextatique Jan 2013 #27
I'd say that's a case of not locking up the guns... a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #43
and the result is the same noiretextatique Jan 2013 #44
right... the guns had the magic power to entice the kid... a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #49
How Do We KNOW Your Guns (or anyone's for that matter) Don't Endanger Someone Outside Your House? Skraxx Jan 2013 #30
actually... a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #40
IOW, You Really Have No Answer Skraxx Jan 2013 #59
You seem to want to pick a fight... a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #60
Who Says I'm Non-Violent? Skraxx Jan 2013 #61
those would definitely have effects outside of property lines a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #64
So, People's Guns Never Leave Their Property Line? Skraxx Jan 2013 #66
That's ONE of my criteria a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #67
Oh, I See, So YOU Decide All The Criteria Of What's Acceptable and What's Not? Skraxx Jan 2013 #68
and your glancing insults don't really add to the conversation... shame on you a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #69
They Don't Leave Your Property? How Do I Know That? Cuz YOU Say So? Why Would You Leave Things Skraxx Jan 2013 #72
okay... so you've gone into crazy land... I can respect that... a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #73
So You're An Anarchist Then? Because The Penal Code Is Exactly The Community Deciding Something Skraxx Jan 2013 #74
I electrified the lawn for two reasons... jeenyus a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #75
So You're A Ridiculously Paranoid Anarchist? Skraxx Jan 2013 #76
I'll ask again a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #77
Do You Believe The Community Has No Say At All In Your Dangerous, Irresponsible Skraxx Jan 2013 #78
I'll answer yours, if you answer mine... n/t a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #79
The Answer To Yours is Contained in the answer to mine Skraxx Jan 2013 #80
actually... I enjoyed your rhetoric on that one a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #81
Under Certain Circumstances, Indeed, I Just Might Have That Right Skraxx Jan 2013 #83
You answered my question, and I'll answer yours... and then I have another question... a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #87
I Don't Think That's Relevant To Anything I've Said, Or To This Debate Skraxx Jan 2013 #90
I've stated that I obey the laws of my state and my city a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #91
YOU Say You Obey The Laws, I Don't Know That Skraxx Jan 2013 #92
My electrified lawn isn't a danger to someone, unless they trespass... a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #93
May I Suggest Reading Comprehension 101, Because I Never Said Any Such Thing Skraxx Jan 2013 #94
from your own words a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #95
Where did I say "need"? Skraxx Jan 2013 #96
Oh? So you are a member of the Law Enforcement community? a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #97
Bullshit, I Never Implied Any Such Thing, put up or shut up, lets see this implication Skraxx Jan 2013 #98
Skraxx... a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #100
You.Seem.To Believe The community Has No Obligation To Regulate You Skraxx Jan 2013 #101
I like my 16-g pump rickyhall Jan 2013 #33
The problem is... a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #38
True rickyhall Jan 2013 #82
I prefer a layered defence model: a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #86
+1 Honeycombe8 Jan 2013 #99
False dilemma a.k.a. false dichotomy or black-ad-white thinking, a common logical fallacy slackmaster Jan 2013 #2
It's only a fallacy when the two alternatives AREN'T actually mutually exclusive. 2ndAmForComputers Jan 2013 #5
+1 Puzzledtraveller Jan 2013 #62
I was not aware sarisataka Jan 2013 #4
you believe guns and their use can be regulated then? thanks! nt msongs Jan 2013 #6
I do believe they can be regulated, sarisataka Jan 2013 #9
If you're NOT gunning other people down, this question wouldn't apply to you… MrScorpio Jan 2013 #7
It shouldn't sarisataka Jan 2013 #11
"…in order to gun them down." MrScorpio Jan 2013 #13
You are talking in two directions sarisataka Jan 2013 #16
My question asked about access to a vast array, that could also mean a .22 pistol… MrScorpio Jan 2013 #21
I see a bit of where you are going sarisataka Jan 2013 #26
Then the question is applicable only to a handful of people. Lizzie Poppet Jan 2013 #22
Well, alrighty then… OK. Who has the more important right? nt MrScorpio Jan 2013 #23
Of the groups to which your question actually applies? Lizzie Poppet Jan 2013 #25
If you accept that they are both rights AtheistCrusader Jan 2013 #34
it seems you EarthWindFire Jan 2013 #8
Where did I ask about "100 million gun owners"? MrScorpio Jan 2013 #12
okay sir EarthWindFire Jan 2013 #19
I'm saying that if we made a priority of dealing with gun violence... MrScorpio Jan 2013 #31
Now that EarthWindFire Jan 2013 #36
I think a better question would be FunkyLeprechaun Jan 2013 #10
People carry weapons around for a lot of reasons, some of them based on paranoia MrScorpio Jan 2013 #15
I was just thinking of that ABC (?) video FunkyLeprechaun Jan 2013 #35
Not even close, Mr. S. Denninmi Jan 2013 #18
Yes. People are more important than property… MrScorpio Jan 2013 #24
+100000 noiretextatique Jan 2013 #29
i'd say the former is more important than the latter noiretextatique Jan 2013 #28
You would think that would be obvious, wouldn't you. rivegauche Jan 2013 #32
I call false strawman nonsense question. bluerum Jan 2013 #37
Neither. The most important thing in the world is to make rich people richer. nt valerief Jan 2013 #39
I'll remember you, come dividend check time... n/t a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #41
It's now become the Right to Massacre. calimary Jan 2013 #42
THis is an entirely ridiculous statement. Please say you forgot the :sarcasm: OneTenthofOnePercent Jan 2013 #46
It does amount to "a right to massacre" marions ghost Jan 2013 #70
you are so right noiretextatique Jan 2013 #47
Disengenious framing. OneTenthofOnePercent Jan 2013 #45
however, the co-existence hasn't been working so well, has it? noiretextatique Jan 2013 #48
mass destruction refers to AREA weapons: war gases... a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #50
an assualt weapons that one uses to murder 20 children noiretextatique Jan 2013 #53
your propaganda is showing... a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #55
and so is yours noiretextatique Jan 2013 #57
rightie-O a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #58
Another false choice, eh? You're just full of logical fallacies today. OneTenthofOnePercent Jan 2013 #51
I live in the country. A gun is a necessity for survival. A semi-automatic is not. appleannie1 Jan 2013 #52
Life is only important Politicalboi Jan 2013 #54
Gunarians are NOT about freedom & the ONLY blood they want sacrifice to Liberty is others' patrice Jan 2013 #56
Oy vey! Puzzledtraveller Jan 2013 #63
Only the government should have the right to blow people away. Remmah2 Jan 2013 #65
The Congress will confirm, imo, that the right of others to have access to a vast array of firearms indepat Jan 2013 #71
My right to walk around treestar Jan 2013 #84
To Gun Lovers, It's More Important to Walk Around with a Very False Sense of Power and Control Yavin4 Jan 2013 #85
I'm sick of talking to gun owners like they're children. In all honesty: Comrade_McKenzie Jan 2013 #88
nice 'tude... n/t a geek named Bob Jan 2013 #89
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