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102. With 283 votes in the House, NDAA was not veto proof.
Thu Jan 26, 2012, 11:13 AM
Jan 2012

290 would be veto proof. There were 14 not voting, so depending how those 14 divided, that would have determined the outcome as far as overriding a veto, assuming nobody else switched sides or was absent.

It was certainly no sure thing that it was veto-proof.

just FYI.

also, Paul is dead. librechik Jan 2012 #1
Yeah, I would've found *any* other way to say that. Robb Jan 2012 #2
This is such ridiculous nonsense. TheWraith Jan 2012 #3
maybe because Obama said so straight up in the SOTU hfojvt Jan 2012 #56
No, he didn't. TheWraith Jan 2012 #67
here's what he said hfojvt Jan 2012 #76
The President's statement to "rein in long-term costs" applies only to Medicare and Medicaid. Bolo Boffin Jan 2012 #88
it's not separated by much - a simple comma hfojvt Jan 2012 #104
and different verbs. n/t Bolo Boffin Jan 2012 #106
Agreed: "rein in" & "strengthen" patrice Jan 2012 #113
Thank you, good clarification flamingdem Jan 2012 #126
Point one, you're citing a spam website. TheWraith Jan 2012 #89
well google brings up what google brings up hfojvt Jan 2012 #103
In his recap of the ACA debate last year, Bernie Sanders himself said that Medicare NEEDS reforms, patrice Jan 2012 #114
Couldn't "long term costs" more likely refer to administrative costs which are MORE long-term than patrice Jan 2012 #112
He also said, "That's why our health care law relies on a reformed private market, fasttense Jan 2012 #91
Your post or the analysis by the great Bernie Sanders? slay Jan 2012 #78
I for one do NOT want Obama "working with republicans about reforming entitlement programs" arcane1 Jan 2012 #4
You are damned straight. Hell Hath No Fury Jan 2012 #10
So, you're all okay with Risk Managers deciding what kind of care is available from "health" "care" patrice Jan 2012 #116
The only "reform" I am OK with is a move to single payer. Hell Hath No Fury Jan 2012 #122
How do you think that could happen? Process-wise, what would happen that would patrice Jan 2012 #124
Have your read HR 676 Expanded & Improved Medicare for All yet? patrice Jan 2012 #125
Exactly. How about working with Sanders on reform instead. FarLeftFist Jan 2012 #27
He already did. Hell Hath No Fury Jan 2012 #36
Well, then go ahead and let the GOP do it by themselves by voting for the GOP candidate. (sarc) nanabugg Jan 2012 #61
What does that even mean? arcane1 Jan 2012 #62
I wonder whose side Obama is on? SammyWinstonJack Jan 2012 #92
Agree with part of this & I will add: Repukes fight reform because it can be directed at patrice Jan 2012 #117
Uh oh, Bernie gratuitous Jan 2012 #5
OBAMA BAD, BAD, BAD!! HE GON' PUT BERNIE "UNDER THE BUS!" Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2012 #19
I didn't say Obama was going to do it gratuitous Jan 2012 #24
That's a tired ass line that gets uttered around here. The Obama Bad meme is prominent Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2012 #44
But even tireder and assier gratuitous Jan 2012 #53
Nah, people don't stifle criticism. They stifle IDIOCY!!! Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2012 #59
Could be that he was saying TTE "Despite the outcome of the Iraq situation, our military has patrice Jan 2012 #118
1) Mis-state what the poster said. FredStembottom Jan 2012 #107
Childish? Embarrassing? That's rich. Kettle, meet black!! Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2012 #108
How about we put off the whole "under the bus" stuff until he is actually put there? FarLeftFist Jan 2012 #29
Oh, but of course! gratuitous Jan 2012 #35
With that kind of melodrama, you missed your true calling. stevenleser Jan 2012 #82
I thought Obama said "strengthen" not "reform". tabatha Jan 2012 #6
He has used "strengthen" in the past -- Hell Hath No Fury Jan 2012 #9
"Strengthen" RobinA Jan 2012 #105
Working with Republicans to "strengthen" Social Security et al Art_from_Ark Jan 2012 #123
Here is what he said. Life Long Dem Jan 2012 #34
I wondered about this comment: SomethingFishy Jan 2012 #7
Yeah I heard that too zipplewrath Jan 2012 #12
well that is where he is coming from - people have to be realistic and honest like Bernie - Douglas Carpenter Jan 2012 #13
Love this post. redqueen Jan 2012 #47
"Rely" is the key word BadgerKid Jan 2012 #16
! So when you turn 65 suddenly a government program can do better? anAustralianobserver Jan 2012 #63
He just explained why Democrats got creamed in 2010 eridani Jan 2012 #73
He was trying to tell the people who call him a socialist tabatha Jan 2012 #81
I know, this was a straightforward guided missile aimed at Repug talking points. stevenleser Jan 2012 #83
Yes, but wasn't there news made here that he now thinks that a government plan option anAustralianobserver Jan 2012 #87
Yes and I do recall that during the health care debate, when under pressure from the left to keep limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #101
That's what I thought. I guess people like Adam Green will draw attention to this. anAustralianobserver Jan 2012 #119
I see.. so he said this to prove to Republicans SomethingFishy Jan 2012 #110
No. He's not talking to Republicans. He is not saying what you are suggesting at all. stevenleser Jan 2012 #120
"reformed private market" Who does he thinks he's kidding here" SammyWinstonJack Jan 2012 #96
He's definitely not liberal nor progressive fascisthunter Jan 2012 #97
Senator Sanders is fiercely protective of the social safety net and his comments are welcomed. proverbialwisdom Jan 2012 #8
There ProSense Jan 2012 #11
His appointees to the Simpson Boyles committee give one pause zipplewrath Jan 2012 #15
Actually, ProSense Jan 2012 #17
So was his insistence on a public option zipplewrath Jan 2012 #21
Hey ProSense Jan 2012 #23
No zipplewrath Jan 2012 #41
Why ProSense Jan 2012 #48
Because it supports the point zipplewrath Jan 2012 #51
Great ProSense Jan 2012 #55
He couldn't veto NDAA it was veto-proof. FarLeftFist Jan 2012 #31
I checked the constitution zipplewrath Jan 2012 #39
Evidently you don't know what compromise is. Major Hogwash Jan 2012 #54
What's the difference between compromise and capitulation? zipplewrath Jan 2012 #115
I think theymeant veto proof as in a veto would have done more harm than good cstanleytech Jan 2012 #66
All of that is right and there is still more that would have made the veto worse... stevenleser Jan 2012 #84
With 283 votes in the House, NDAA was not veto proof. limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #102
Actually, Obama has directly linked Social Security to the deficit suffragette Jan 2012 #127
This has been an issue since Mr. Obama's first SOTU TBF Jan 2012 #14
"It's a bad idea but you'll find them hawking it on both sides of the aisle." Hell Hath No Fury Jan 2012 #43
This one is driven by money - no doubt about it. nt TBF Jan 2012 #49
i see we're back to the "he's gonna kill SS!1!!" line... been a few months... dionysus Jan 2012 #18
But it's so effective. great white snark Jan 2012 #20
Damn that Bernie Sanders! Cali_Democrat Jan 2012 #26
nope. he isn't. the people using his statement as another excuse to hop on the Breathless Anger dionysus Jan 2012 #29
and he is a Right Wing Troll bvar22 Jan 2012 #32
that *is* an impressive strawman you just burned down... dionysus Jan 2012 #52
Cat Food. Scurrilous Jan 2012 #33
mixed with water and peas no doubt!1!1 dionysus Jan 2012 #40
Bernie Sanders is an honest voice. 99Forever Jan 2012 #22
+1. n/t gkhouston Jan 2012 #38
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jan 2012 #25
Thank You, Senator Sanders, for keeping it REAL. bvar22 Jan 2012 #28
You have every reason to be worried. Hell Hath No Fury Jan 2012 #42
I wish President Obama would "work" with the Progressive Caucus, bvar22 Jan 2012 #45
And while he is ridiculing the Progressive Caucus, A Simple Game Jan 2012 #64
So he promised something that would actually strengthen Social Security but once elected, he does SammyWinstonJack Jan 2012 #98
Yeah, that part of the SOTU had me worried too. Matariki Jan 2012 #37
It was not about "cracking a code" he said he was concerned about what would come of it and if deacon Jan 2012 #46
What a load of bullshit krawhitham Jan 2012 #50
And even then there will be a section that refuses to let it go Bodhi BloodWave Jan 2012 #57
If Senator Sanders says he smells a rat then there is a rat. n/t leeroysphitz Jan 2012 #58
except he didn't say anything like that.. but you go ahead and be suspicious if it cheers you dionysus Jan 2012 #60
Some of you do realize though that not "all" reform is bad? cstanleytech Jan 2012 #65
Want reform? Not one more nickel should be borrowed from the SS trust fund for so-called "defense." AnotherMcIntosh Jan 2012 #70
Agreed and I am glad to see you agree we should do some reform as well. cstanleytech Jan 2012 #75
"Sacred cows" like Social Security? just1voice Jan 2012 #109
No, sacred cows like Defense spending. cstanleytech Jan 2012 #121
Not nearly as much waste as there is in the Private HC Industry. How about we talk sabrina 1 Jan 2012 #85
Agree there as well. cstanleytech Jan 2012 #90
THANKFULLY at least one office holder can read between the lines Raine Jan 2012 #68
The Republican obstructionists did not appoint the members of the Cat-Food Commission. AnotherMcIntosh Jan 2012 #69
It wasn't coded at all cthulu2016 Jan 2012 #71
Don't worry. Obama will veto any cuts to entitlements. Just like he vetoed the NDAA. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2012 #72
Remember when he filibustered the FISA amendments? OnyxCollie Jan 2012 #80
Nope.... can't say that I have eoither fascisthunter Jan 2012 #95
And that's too bad. OnyxCollie Jan 2012 #100
This is IT .... Obama is NOW going to kill SS!!!!!! JoePhilly Jan 2012 #74
And he didn't challenge...WHY? CakeGrrl Jan 2012 #77
Right on Bernie! burrowowl Jan 2012 #79
There will various analyses loyalsister Jan 2012 #86
And what Obama really said was... SidDithers Jan 2012 #93
Here's another Rec fascisthunter Jan 2012 #94
K&R (nt) T S Justly Jan 2012 #99
K&R patrice Jan 2012 #111
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