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55. We belong to two - Quick summary
Thu Jan 24, 2013, 05:22 PM
Jan 2013

I did pay a $5 membershit fee to join

I got all my car loans there because they had lower interest rates.

The one I started with in 1974 was for work but it now has offices in the state and allows
non-employee membership.

What I do is go in and ask to have things explained.
If I got pissed because I don't like something I tell them that I don't like something.

I had a bank that said I could only make 3 withdrawals a year from my account.
I told him that on my thrid withdrawal I would take out the balance - Problem solved.

These places make up rules as they go along - all so they can make more money.
Laugh at them when they say something stupid
Tell them they obvoiusly don't want your business and walk out
Tell them that since they increased their auto withdrawal fees that you will go inside
in the future and take the time of a clerk instead of using the machins.

Make up some of your own come-backs and aee how much fun you can have
letting them know they are making stupid policies and you can go elsewhere.

It's fun to watch them stammer when they can't justify the stupidity of their policies.

You ought to look at other credit unions. I"ve never paid fees. hlthe2b Jan 2013 #1
Nor, have I. GoCubsGo Jan 2013 #22
I have been a member of several 2naSalit Jan 2013 #23
We got out of B of A and are now "members" of Achieva Credit Union and LOVE IT SugarShack Jan 2013 #29
+1 redqueen Jan 2013 #24
Same here. No fees. n/t FSogol Jan 2013 #46
updated the OP with fees that my prospective CU will charge ... srican69 Jan 2013 #47
You need to shop around for other CU's. Ours has free checking, free ATM's, low apr C cards etc. Purveyor Jan 2013 #2
I see no difference BainsBane Jan 2013 #3
I've had my FCU for more than 30 years. No fees, hardly at all. sinkingfeeling Jan 2013 #4
I'm with a credit union here in Seattle Dyedinthewoolliberal Jan 2013 #5
Love my credit union Bjornsdotter Jan 2013 #6
No fees from my CU. Banked there for 25 years. RainDog Jan 2013 #7
I switched from CIBC u4ic Jan 2013 #8
Make sure that it is a member of the Co-Op network of Credit unions... cascadiance Jan 2013 #14
I am looking out for coop network .. srican69 Jan 2013 #17
It is u4ic Jan 2013 #31
You looked at a very bad credit union. Atman Jan 2013 #9
this is exactly what I am looking for .. srican69 Jan 2013 #10
40 years at my CU erinlough Jan 2013 #11
I've been with a CU for over 20 years that recently had management slapped down... cascadiance Jan 2013 #12
I belong to a credit union... ellisonz Jan 2013 #13
why do you want to hear from us about that do you work for a big bank or pr firm for big banks? leftyohiolib Jan 2013 #15
I dont work for them .. I have an account with BofA srican69 Jan 2013 #18
I'll never switch to a big bank. Lugnut Jan 2013 #16
I'm with NFCU (Navy Federal) used to be Community Service CU GoneOffShore Jan 2013 #19
Remember when Credit Unions almost destroyed the world economy? Make7 Jan 2013 #20
No fees at mine. hobbit709 Jan 2013 #21
2 years ago I opened sorefeet Jan 2013 #25
why did you lose the $10? srican69 Jan 2013 #37
went from BofA to Credit Union abelenkpe Jan 2013 #26
Does your CU have online bill pay etc ... srican69 Jan 2013 #35
O yes. abelenkpe Jan 2013 #40
When it comes to commercial banking, BOA is the worst. Dawson Leery Jan 2013 #27
I've used a credit union for more than 20 years mcar Jan 2013 #28
My FCU is great. apnu Jan 2013 #30
My credit union doesn't have fees. Blue_In_AK Jan 2013 #32
The one I am eligible for has tons .. just updated the OP with list of fees srican69 Jan 2013 #39
Oh, that's ridiculous. Blue_In_AK Jan 2013 #42
everything else I find is employment or referral based ... srican69 Jan 2013 #45
Been a happy credit union member for decades klook Jan 2013 #33
Nope. Theory is good but WellsFargo experience flawless to date dmallind Jan 2013 #34
My credit union is great.... prairierose Jan 2013 #36
I use Mission Federal Credit Union xxxsdesdexxx Jan 2013 #38
My Credit Union is 1,000 miles from my home - no problem OutNow Jan 2013 #41
I like my credit union fine. ananda Jan 2013 #43
Yup. Dumped Wells Fargo like I was ripping a band aid off. Initech Jan 2013 #44
I've never used one bigwillq Jan 2013 #48
Love my CU. moondust Jan 2013 #49
No fees. My FCU is what a bank SHOULD be. RedCappedBandit Jan 2013 #50
When I go in, they know my name and family and treat me like a person. MarianJack Jan 2013 #51
I use a credit union and I've been very happy with it. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2013 #52
I bank with USAA. (it's a non-profit org for military) Many, many credit unions allow okaawhatever Jan 2013 #53
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #58
I'm in a FCU, and no fees at all. But then I have my IRA with them, meeting min. cash holdings. Eleanors38 Jan 2013 #54
We belong to two - Quick summary socialindependocrat Jan 2013 #55
Here is a link from credit union access to all the credit unions in new york. okaawhatever Jan 2013 #56
I <3 my credit union.... mike_c Jan 2013 #57
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