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Le Taz Hot

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Thu Feb 14, 2013, 02:16 PM Feb 2013

After 3-1/2 Years of Unemployment, Husband Just Got Hired! Happy V-Day, Indeed! [View all]

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Oh. My. God. I'm in tears right now. One of the companies my husband has been doing occasional contracts for called him in to tell him they're hiring him as of March 1. I'm in shock and blissful disbelief! We've struggled for so long I can't remember how it feels to just be able to have a good night's sleep. Anyway, I just wanted to share our good news with DU. What a GREAT V-Day!

Update: And I've been given a whole mess of Valentines by several DUers??? I'm literally speechless and we all know what a rarity that is. LOL! OMG. Thank you!

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Very Happy for you and your husband! Puzzledtraveller Feb 2013 #1
Excellent news leftynyc Feb 2013 #2
Congrats. Dpm12 Feb 2013 #3
YAY Happy for the Hot family.. Tikki Feb 2013 #4
We're in Central California Le Taz Hot Feb 2013 #8
That is great news, LTH! Sleeping tonight should be a wonderous thing! eom ChisolmTrailDem Feb 2013 #5
Thank you for sharing your joy. LiberalAndProud Feb 2013 #6
Group HUG! rustydog Feb 2013 #7
YAY! MinneapolisMatt Feb 2013 #9
Wonderful! Congratulations DavidDvorkin Feb 2013 #10
Some days sure make up for those crappy ones, don't they? Congratulations to the hubby! Mnemosyne Feb 2013 #11
congrats TeamPooka Feb 2013 #12
Congrats. You two found seats in the game of musical chairs called the job market. For now... reformist2 Feb 2013 #13
. Guy Whitey Corngood Feb 2013 #14
Snazzy mythology Feb 2013 #15
That is SO wonderful! Happy Valentine's Day to you and hubby! mnhtnbb Feb 2013 #16
That's great! Congrats! nt antigop Feb 2013 #17
Happy Valentines Day to YOU too! YEA! ;} RetroGamer1971 Feb 2013 #18
K&R Sherman A1 Feb 2013 #19
All RIGHT! PETRUS Feb 2013 #20
Happy Valentines Day, and congratulations. <G>. n/t jtuck004 Feb 2013 #21
What wonderful news, Congrats! arthritisR_US Feb 2013 #22
Wonderful news! Waiting For Everyman Feb 2013 #23
I'm so, so happy for you both Yo_Mama Feb 2013 #24
woot ellisonz Feb 2013 #25
Sincere congratulations! cherokeeprogressive Feb 2013 #26
Wonderful news! brer cat Feb 2013 #27
That is so awesome riverbendviewgal Feb 2013 #28
Excellent news!!! nadinbrzezinski Feb 2013 #29
Greart and excellent yesphan Feb 2013 #30
I am so very happy for you! Not Me Feb 2013 #31
Good news indeed !!! nt agracie Feb 2013 #32
that is PHENOMENAL news! renate Feb 2013 #33
Congrats, how wonderful! treestar Feb 2013 #34
The best, best, best news! yellerpup Feb 2013 #35
Am so happy for you and your husband. a kennedy Feb 2013 #36
What a terrific Valentine's Day Gift! LibDemAlways Feb 2013 #37
Congrats! vlyons Feb 2013 #38
That is FABULOUS!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! calimary Feb 2013 #39
LOL! Love the Smilies! Le Taz Hot Feb 2013 #43
Congrats OhioChick Feb 2013 #40
Best Valentine's ever Worried senior Feb 2013 #41
Wonderful news! Sienna86 Feb 2013 #42
Rain comes to the desert at last klook Feb 2013 #44
Yay! reflection Feb 2013 #45
K&R for the jobfull recovery! thevoiceofreason Feb 2013 #46
Oh, how we need to hear good news! Thank you and congratulations! mountain grammy Feb 2013 #47
I'm very happy for you. pintobean Feb 2013 #48
Time to celebrate! Rowdyboy Feb 2013 #49
Wonderful news! Sissyk Feb 2013 #50
Woo-Hoo! SnowCritter Feb 2013 #51
Happy V-Day. Oh and, congratulations on the new job Mr. Le Taz Hot. In_The_Wind Feb 2013 #52
congratulations! barbtries Feb 2013 #53
Here's another one for you... MrMickeysMom Feb 2013 #54
That is so wonderful! Happiest vibes going your and your husband's way! Flaxbee Feb 2013 #55
no heart, but a very hearty congratulations. rurallib Feb 2013 #56
Great news, congrats! AnnieK401 Feb 2013 #57
I am happy for you! n/t guardian Feb 2013 #58
Congratulations and I hope it turns out to be the best job ever! livetohike Feb 2013 #59
That makes ME happy. I can only imagine how happy it makes YOU! SunSeeker Feb 2013 #60
Congrats! War Horse Feb 2013 #61
Congratulations! cate94 Feb 2013 #62
Hooray! SheilaT Feb 2013 #63
Woot! Macoy51 Feb 2013 #64
Always nice to hear good news. Congratulations to your husband. subterranean Feb 2013 #65
That is great news... very happy for you. SalviaBlue Feb 2013 #66
Congrats!! I know exactly what you both have been going through! nt. OldDem2012 Feb 2013 #67
You've given hope to a lot of 50+ year old's! Congrats, & a big K&R!! AAO Feb 2013 #68
Sleep tight with a big smile on your face. Auntie Bush Feb 2013 #69
Congrats, Taz! May the worst be far behind you. catbyte Feb 2013 #70
Congrats unapatriciated Feb 2013 #71
More of this!!!! OneGrassRoot Feb 2013 #72
Very happy for you and your husband!! one_voice Feb 2013 #73
That's excellent! Phentex Feb 2013 #74
Good for your Husband! bermudat Feb 2013 #75
Congratulations! NikolaC Feb 2013 #76
Congrats!!!! Howler Feb 2013 #77
Here's Another Heart for you TheOther95Percent Feb 2013 #78
Yea!!!! cally Feb 2013 #79
Wonderful news, so happy for you and your husband life long demo Feb 2013 #80
Congrats... TeeYiYi Feb 2013 #81
Hallelujah! countryjake Feb 2013 #82
I can just feel the weight that has been... ReRe Feb 2013 #83
He waited until he got home before he told me. Le Taz Hot Feb 2013 #95
Truth be known.... ReRe Feb 2013 #99
HOOOOORAY!! JustinBulletin Feb 2013 #84
YAAAAYYYY!!! tblue Feb 2013 #85
Le Tax Hot, Happy Valentine's Day and congratulations. JDPriestly Feb 2013 #86
Congratulations to you! Tab Feb 2013 #87
Congratulations and may your blissful state continue into permanence indepat Feb 2013 #88
Congratulations does not begin to reflect how happy I am for you. Paula Sims Feb 2013 #89
I just (finally) discovered the rec button the other day magical thyme Feb 2013 #90
I'm happy for you and your husband! nt Bonobo Feb 2013 #91
You're spreading the tears! I'm in tears for you.....happy V Day, indeed!! Congratulations tpsbmam Feb 2013 #92
that's fantastic! dhill926 Feb 2013 #93
Congrats! So happy for you! Liberal In Red State Feb 2013 #94
Fantastic! Chorophyll Feb 2013 #96
Good, good, good for you guys!!!!! Stinky The Clown Feb 2013 #97
Congrats! nt kanda Feb 2013 #98
That is so fantastic! defacto7 Feb 2013 #100
Fantastic! And when Elizabeth Warren becomes our next President, MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #101
So very happy for you!!! lucca18 Feb 2013 #102
Awe......some! Celebration in the Hot House ! Congrats !! Nt pkdu Feb 2013 #103
Fantastic! vanlassie Feb 2013 #104
Such wonderful news ...congrats! nt snappyturtle Feb 2013 #105
A thousand hearts for you with my warmest congratulations! MindandSoul Feb 2013 #106
Congratulations to you both!! VenusRising Feb 2013 #107
Congratulations!! I'm so very happy for you and your husband!! nt DearHeart Feb 2013 #108
Congratulations! tilsammans Feb 2013 #109
Then congratulations is in order for you as well! Le Taz Hot Feb 2013 #113
Thank you so much! tilsammans Feb 2013 #120
Congratulations! aquart Feb 2013 #110
Enjoy - am happy for you and your husband.. fadedrose Feb 2013 #111
Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy! Kennah Feb 2013 #112
Yay! Congrats. cui bono Feb 2013 #114
I'm very happy for you. trusty elf Feb 2013 #115
Wonderful news Dorian Gray Feb 2013 #116
Great News samplegirl Feb 2013 #117
The only thing I can tell you is to Le Taz Hot Feb 2013 #121
Congratulations thucythucy Feb 2013 #118
Congratulations to you and your husband!! boston bean Feb 2013 #119
This is wonderful! CONGRATS! hue Feb 2013 #122
Yay!!!!! AirmensMom Feb 2013 #123
Good news, Taz... awoke_in_2003 Feb 2013 #124
Congratulations!!! Wonderful and Happy News! BlancheSplanchnik Feb 2013 #125
Congratulations Sanity Claws Feb 2013 #126
One of the homeless mothers I know from our Occupy just got a job too! If you're ever in K.C. patrice Feb 2013 #127
that is such good news! Liberal_in_LA Feb 2013 #128
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