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6. Exactly right
Thu Dec 15, 2011, 08:08 PM
Dec 2011

Sort of like when Nixon tried to get an AG who wouldn't prosecute Watergate. Except it is the whole government now.
One hand washes the other....

No. There are no countervailing checks or independent institutions anymore. leveymg Dec 2011 #1
Exactly right n2doc Dec 2011 #6
Everyone in the Exec. Branch is now immunized, past, present, and (they hope) future leveymg Dec 2011 #13
Yes. There are a class of people that are immune at the top. mmonk Dec 2011 #15
Then, there needs to be a way for the community to police them, even if the police won't. leveymg Dec 2011 #18
Is this a scandal/corruption-free administration?! FarLeftFist Dec 2011 #2
Starting to wonder. now_zad Dec 2011 #3
Yet no one has been indicted, so what's your point? FarLeftFist Dec 2011 #4
you think lack of indictments means lack of corruption???? bowens43 Dec 2011 #12
You think these republicans would give the D's an inch to hide behind? FarLeftFist Dec 2011 #24
You sure have all the Faux Snewz talking points doc03 Dec 2011 #7
You likely have been too influenced by Fox News karynnj Dec 2011 #17
Thank you, thank you, thank you - n/t coalition_unwilling Dec 2011 #30
When are we getting the Ignore function back for dissimulators? - n/t coalition_unwilling Dec 2011 #29
No. But it's an interesting take on our justice, xchrom Dec 2011 #5
I wouldn't consider "number of indictments" to be a reliable metric. gkhouston Dec 2011 #8
U.S. slips to historic low in global corruption index joshcryer Dec 2011 #9
No one is indicted for anything anymore. JoeyT Dec 2011 #10
no. bowens43 Dec 2011 #11
Care to back up that "no" with some evidence? n/t GoCubsGo Dec 2011 #14
Second Terms Are When The Scandals Flare Up... KharmaTrain Dec 2011 #16
I'd wait for convictions, since innocent until proven guilty, so indictments aren't final treestar Dec 2011 #19
Yes deaniac21 Dec 2011 #20
Sweet Mr Dixon Dec 2011 #21
sure looks that way. mopinko Dec 2011 #22
The jury is still out. hughee99 Dec 2011 #23
Yet, it happened in real time during all the other administrations. FarLeftFist Dec 2011 #25
So are you wondering who got the worst scandal PR while in office hughee99 Dec 2011 #27
At least, not likely. (nt) (nr) T S Justly Dec 2011 #26
Carter was pretty clean but we have little way to know since the overall coruption levels are way TheKentuckian Dec 2011 #28
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