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148. Did you expect anything else from a "moderate Republican"?
Sat Feb 23, 2013, 12:43 PM
Feb 2013

The stages of denial among the Kool-Aid drinkers

1. Are you going to believe Fox "News"?
2. Are you going to believe the NY Times?
3. This is just an initial trial balloon - it has no chance of passing anyway
4. Politically astute - by swerving to the far right, the president is painting the Repukes into a corner. You just don't understand chess
5. It's the best we can do with this Congress
6. Fine, vote (R) next time

K&R Imagine the outrage if BUSH were suggesting this MotherPetrie Feb 2013 #1
I feel twice the outrage toward Obama for repeatedly suggesting this iemitsu Feb 2013 #25
That's exactly how I feel. You EXPECT betrayal from the likes of Bush. MotherPetrie Feb 2013 #44
A Republican can never "betray" a liberal. Only Democrats, who pretend to be a friend, can BETRAY MNBrewer Feb 2013 #57
That's how I feel. 840high Feb 2013 #49
+1000 Generic Other Feb 2013 #95
Is there a diffrent word than cut or slash to define the process now? R. Daneel Olivaw Feb 2013 #244
Psssst! Do you think maybe Pres O keeps offering to cut SS bcuz he knows these TheDebbieDee Feb 2013 #204
No MotherPetrie Feb 2013 #205
Then you haven't been paying attention in the past 4+ years. eom BlueCaliDem Feb 2013 #276
Oh, yes, I have. I've never seen Obama be anything but serious with Repugs. MotherPetrie Feb 2013 #277
Do you know what's wishful thinking? BlueCaliDem Feb 2013 #278
So you would support the Chained (excuse me, Superlative) CPI if Bush proposed it during his MotherPetrie Feb 2013 #279
Again, BlueCaliDem Feb 2013 #283
And I don't - repeat don't, as in DO NOT - trust the founder of the Catfood Commission. MotherPetrie Feb 2013 #286
Transparent manufactured outrage Sheepshank Feb 2013 #295
SS is not "scheduled to run out in 2033" unless youre predicting 20 more yrs of recession FogerRox Feb 2013 #290
YES! That is what he did in the Fiscal Cliff negotiations that made us view him with such Maraya1969 Feb 2013 #237
that is what I think we are seeing here too. putitinD Feb 2013 #245
Ugh. cui bono Feb 2013 #246
Really? Then how come at the end of the fiscal cliff negotiations we got the tax increases Maraya1969 Feb 2013 #273
So Obama's Catfood Commission, with Simpson trashing retirees dependent on SS, MotherPetrie Feb 2013 #258
A sickness that will only be fatal to the elderly and vulnerable. forestpath Feb 2013 #2
I followed all the links and I saw no references to "chained cpi"? xtraxritical Feb 2013 #59
"Chained CPI"="Superlative CPI" MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #67
"With protections for vulnerable" jberryhill Feb 2013 #3
How many people living only on SS AREN'T vulnerable? forestpath Feb 2013 #4
Agree. That is exactly why more fortunate people should get less out of the system when they bluestate10 Feb 2013 #8
What does "more fortunate" mean? An extra can of beans? forestpath Feb 2013 #10
Not all retired people on Social Security... cheapdate Feb 2013 #31
and 2/3 of them rely on SS for 50% or more of their total income. 1/3 rely on SS for 90% or HiPointDem Feb 2013 #52
I have no doubt that your statistics are accurate. cheapdate Feb 2013 #58
yes, maybe 1% of the top 1/3 of recipients. whose maximum benefit, like everyone else's, is HiPointDem Feb 2013 #69
I call pure bullshit. My current benefit will be $3600 per month and I still have many bluestate10 Feb 2013 #88
maybe you should take a look at the SS website. HiPointDem Feb 2013 #108
Facts are bullshit. MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #119
No. I know that letters that I get are facts. The figure gave seems pulled out of the air. bluestate10 Feb 2013 #160
$2,513, it seems MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #165
apparently. even linking to the SS website doesn't dissuade the poster. people used to be ashamed HiPointDem Feb 2013 #173
You should determine between median amounts and person dependent amounts. bluestate10 Feb 2013 #161
that's an estimation of your *future* benefit, with estimated inflation adjustments wrapped into it. HiPointDem Feb 2013 #172
the SS website clearly states what the current maximum benefit is. that you choose to continue HiPointDem Feb 2013 #177
Do you still get a summary every year? I thought they stopped sending those a few years back. kath Feb 2013 #143
I got a summary last year or the year before. My benefit then was already over 3 thousand bluestate10 Feb 2013 #162
According to the ss website, max. at full retirement age is about $2400 per month Progressive dog Feb 2013 #243
Then there would be no cut or "savings". TheKentuckian Feb 2013 #51
+10000 woo me with science Feb 2013 #138
Wrong, there would be savings. bluestate10 Feb 2013 #163
In Voodoo mathematics land. The wealthy people don't exist in enough numbers nor pay out enough TheKentuckian Feb 2013 #217
Only after she gets less money for a decade or so. MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #5
Are you quoting verbatim. jberryhill Feb 2013 #7
Perhaps you should read up on Obama's plan MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #11
It's not scaled to any individual retiree, the reduction is over TIME Demo_Chris Feb 2013 #38
2/3 of SS recipients rely on it for more than half of their income. 1/3 rely on it for more than HiPointDem Feb 2013 #26
So we can assume you are against the Chained CPI? nm rhett o rick Feb 2013 #76
What "protections" for the vulnerable? truedelphi Feb 2013 #215
When one makes a bullshit claim, it is a good idea not to post information that bluestate10 Feb 2013 #6
One of us is reading challenged MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #9
It's only visible to some. Autumn Feb 2013 #14
Casual character assassination has become rampant on DU. MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #16
Exactly how is calling speculative bullshit character assassination? bluestate10 Feb 2013 #91
You wrote "There is nothing in the White House document about chained CPI" MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #120
No answer. Marr Feb 2013 #133
I sleep at night, I don't troll the web all the time like some. As a matter of fact, I don't troll bluestate10 Feb 2013 #164
That may be the most non-sensical excuse I've heard yet-- congratulations. Marr Feb 2013 #201
That person either has head in sand or cant or wont read. FogerRox Feb 2013 #291
Frankly, I consider it a sign of low character to simply walk away Marr Feb 2013 #296
Yes indeed. FogerRox Feb 2013 #297
To say the White House document says nothing about "chained CPI" is rather like saying . . . markpkessinger Feb 2013 #187
Well, you should know Summer Hathaway Feb 2013 #116
You mean the one that says "with protections for jazzimov Feb 2013 #19
Wait. Does it say "superlative CPI" or not? And have you MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #20
What "actual" plan? You posted a document that you said was the "plan". Now, do you bluestate10 Feb 2013 #85
Median SS income = $13K/year. 1/3 of recipients rely on SS for >90% of their income; 2/3 rely HiPointDem Feb 2013 #27
Exactly, so the savings come from reducing the benefits to the wealthy bhikkhu Feb 2013 #39
the highest benefit is $2513/mo. people that get it are already taxed on up to 85% of it, with HiPointDem Feb 2013 #41
You have no details on the president's proposal bhikkhu Feb 2013 #102
in fact, obama has had chained cpi on the table several times. from the horse's mouth: HiPointDem Feb 2013 #105
But other than the President's own words, you got NUTTIN' MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #234
That would mean that it would make more people . . . caseymoz Feb 2013 #81
you are SOOOO naive Skittles Feb 2013 #101
To believe the president's proposal is what he says it is bhikkhu Feb 2013 #103
do you get paid for this? Skittles Feb 2013 #106
As we've both been here for a long time you might notice bhikkhu Feb 2013 #111
uh...yeah, ok LOL Skittles Feb 2013 #112
So... Democratic President Barrack Obama is hell-bent on cutting Social Security benefits...? TheProgressive Feb 2013 #12
I second your motion TheProgressive. iemitsu Feb 2013 #29
The motion has a 2nd to 'remove the SS cap'.... all in favor ---> TheProgressive Feb 2013 #32
Yea..... iemitsu Feb 2013 #34
Duly noted... TheProgressive Feb 2013 #36
I know that seniors need the money because iemitsu Feb 2013 #97
no. It's a stupid and unnecessary idea. Stupid because doing so winds up making a small HiPointDem Feb 2013 #42
yea DiverDave Feb 2013 #122
YEAH putitinD Feb 2013 #248
If you support Raising the Cap, you should have voted for THIS guy: bvar22 Feb 2013 #60
I voted for that guy - enthusiastically! But MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #63
But...I don't see "cut to Social Security" in that list. ??? Honeycombe8 Feb 2013 #114
Speculative outrage is the best outrage...nt SidDithers Feb 2013 #13
The OP is a master at that. And to surmise from his amen corner posts, there are many bluestate10 Feb 2013 #73
So do you favor chaining SS to the CPI or not? Cant tell from your post. rhett o rick Feb 2013 #78
There was nothing in the document about coupling SS to the CPI. I see facts where bluestate10 Feb 2013 #93
Yes, but how do you feel about chaining SS to the CPI? You must have an opinion. nm rhett o rick Feb 2013 #121
SS should not be indexed to the CPI, but some services offered to the SS administration bluestate10 Feb 2013 #166
I agree. That's why I am disappointed that he isnt arguing from higher ground. rhett o rick Feb 2013 #171
Here . . . markpkessinger Feb 2013 #198
It's feeds on its self every couple months like clock work JoePhilly Feb 2013 #135
Yes, my fellow DU member and Mass resident Manny is as predictable as a broken clock. nt bluestate10 Feb 2013 #167
Non-specific snark rant is the best rant Jakes Progress Feb 2013 #208
So one thread on this... one_voice Feb 2013 #15
we need lots of threads about it, even more. it's a hell of a lot more important than pictures HiPointDem Feb 2013 #28
YOU may need lots of threads.. one_voice Feb 2013 #35
By *we* I mean the majority of the population for whom SS is one of the crucial issues of the HiPointDem Feb 2013 #37
SS is very important to me... one_voice Feb 2013 #40
better negativity than to take one's eyes off the prize and get fucked on a weekend. HiPointDem Feb 2013 #43
Well if you need to read the same thing multiple times... one_voice Feb 2013 #46
It's not 'the same thing' multiple times. The news changes on a daily basis. it's not 'the same HiPointDem Feb 2013 #48
This thread is the same thing as the thread he linked to... one_voice Feb 2013 #54
bfd HiPointDem Feb 2013 #55
Well obviously you thought it was... one_voice Feb 2013 #64
no, i didn't think it was. *you* thought it was; i thought the opposite. HiPointDem Feb 2013 #68
Remind me to change my ID just1voice Feb 2013 #72
Don't forget to change your ID one_voice Feb 2013 #84
For those who will be negatively affected by the Chained CPI, you are correct, reading sabrina 1 Feb 2013 #150
i wish manny was the only poster on DU datasuspect Feb 2013 #197
Actually, I'm more here for those than the Obama-bashing. byronius Feb 2013 #82
So somebody else put that up on the President's website as his proposal & he doesn't know about HiPointDem Feb 2013 #109
Chinese hackers, no doubt! MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #139
Strategic kabuki, designed to embarrass the GOP. Not going to happen. Nothing he offers will be byronius Feb 2013 #179
The proposal is up on the white house website. Whatever it is, it's up there representing the HiPointDem Feb 2013 #181
This message was self-deleted by its author DemocratsForProgress Feb 2013 #206
Not trying to shut down discussion; just advocating for the continuance of Republican-punching. byronius Feb 2013 #232
i'm happy to punch republicans for stuff that matters. like their plans to institute chained cpi. HiPointDem Feb 2013 #265
You're a fairer lefty than I, then. That was a ridiculous display of political ineptness. byronius Feb 2013 #269
Don't worry, this thread will be repeated every 3 months until Obama leaves office. JoePhilly Feb 2013 #184
good. HiPointDem Feb 2013 #191
I figure if Obama wanted to kill granny, he could just use the Death panels JoePhilly Feb 2013 #193
nothing to do with anyone 'wanting to kill granny'. HiPointDem Feb 2013 #199
Thank you. woo me with science Feb 2013 #274
Perhaps if the White House proudly called it "cutting Social Security by 5% or so" MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #50
Well gee Manny aren't we all lucky... one_voice Feb 2013 #65
Well, given that multiple known-smart DUers on the thread you reference MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #66
With an ego like that.. one_voice Feb 2013 #70
Gee Manny. Try not to shame those of us that work with finance and budgets regularly. bluestate10 Feb 2013 #169
Really, kinda beside the point. Hissyspit Feb 2013 #71
It's called sizzle without steak. Or more to the point, it's called pure bullshit.nt bluestate10 Feb 2013 #77
So are you saying that chaining SS to the CPI is a good idea or not? nm rhett o rick Feb 2013 #79
This message was self-deleted by its author one_voice Feb 2013 #83
Actually, we did.....I spotted this one, I didn't spot the other BY A DIFFERENT DUer tpsbmam Feb 2013 #168
You obviously don't understand eleventy-dimensional chinese checkers. limpyhobbler Feb 2013 #17
Once again, Manny offers his offerings. Whisp Feb 2013 #18
Our Progressive President. truebluegreen Feb 2013 #21
blah blah blah 'h3r3 comes 3rd way manny blah blah blah' pasto76 Feb 2013 #22
Manny! I missed you!!!! snooper2 Feb 2013 #23
Oy. tblue Feb 2013 #24
"With protections for the vulnerable." EastKYLiberal Feb 2013 #30
A wise person keeps an eye on anybody in authority. caseymoz Feb 2013 #87
I agree. That is so much rhetoric."protections for the vulnerable". How stupid do they think we are? rhett o rick Feb 2013 #174
And yet.... Omaha Steve Feb 2013 #33
Manny I wouldnt call it a "sickness", it's a tactic. One might wonder what the hell Simson-Bowles rhett o rick Feb 2013 #45
they can't speak to the issues because they *know* most americans don't support chained HiPointDem Feb 2013 #47
Not worried. ProSense Feb 2013 #53
So nothing on the White House website means a damn thing then? just1voice Feb 2013 #80
Here: ProSense Feb 2013 #90
The problem with considering your question is "nothing ... means a damn thing" which is an patrice Feb 2013 #104
It would start in 3 years. A 65yr old would then see a $130/year decrease, about $10.25/month JaneyVee Feb 2013 #56
That $130 a year mean a month without medications for many seniors. amandabeech Feb 2013 #94
That's not ok. madfloridian Feb 2013 #100
No its terrible. No reason to hurt people already struggling to survive when the rich do nothing JaneyVee Feb 2013 #118
+ 100 Jakes Progress Feb 2013 #210
Maybe we're all supposed to be too busy arguing about guns to notice? Skip Intro Feb 2013 #61
You are right, the President did offer to cut SS Progressive dog Feb 2013 #62
He'll get his Grand Compromise to blast SS, 2014/2016/Beyond BE DAMNED. blkmusclmachine Feb 2013 #74
WTF? world wide wally Feb 2013 #75
Our food bill ran 15-percent higher in 2012 over previous year. Octafish Feb 2013 #86
Not only that, Blue_In_AK Feb 2013 #92
Fact: Costs more to live every year. Octafish Feb 2013 #157
RIght - the COLA they use now is ridiculous, and drastically underestimates real inflation. kath Feb 2013 #151
The most billionaires and millionaires in history are here and now. Octafish Feb 2013 #156
To further illustrate your point, in 1983 the cap was at 90% today its at 84%. FogerRox Feb 2013 #292
Is this a cut to Social Security? Or does it merely prevent Social Security from increasing? OceanEcosystem Feb 2013 #89
It's a cut from what's currently promised. MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #96
You are right, Manny. Check out this link. madfloridian Feb 2013 #99
Thank you for your post! MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #123
K&R Obama explicitly campaigned on opposing Social Security cuts woo me with science Feb 2013 #98
Great compilation Woo! MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #130
Black is white. "Superlative" is vicious. woo me with science Feb 2013 #272
Back to that canard, eh, Manny?? cliffordu Feb 2013 #107
Manny has been wrong so much, he may get something right one of these days. bluestate10 Feb 2013 #170
Weird, last week I posted at V&M a clip of Thom Hartmann predicting the return of chained CPI alp227 Feb 2013 #110
Has Obama actually said he's proposing the chained CPI? napi21 Feb 2013 #113
The killer here is the MESSAGE. Even Obama thinks we need to cut SS. Demo_Chris Feb 2013 #115
They know it's going to be tough madville Feb 2013 #117
Not so difficult. Restoring *all* tax rates on the wealthy to Clinton-era levels MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #124
That doesn't help much when we are running madville Feb 2013 #125
The only way to truly fix the debt is to grow the economy. MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #128
This message was self-deleted by its author Progressive dog Feb 2013 #131
Interesting ProSense Feb 2013 #134
Did "on the wealthy" not show up in my post when you viewed it? MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #142
My bad, but ProSense Feb 2013 #149
Not hard at all. Raising the cap on SS would solve most of the future problems sabrina 1 Feb 2013 #254
Obama will offer to cut Social Security even after he retires jsr Feb 2013 #126
Probably because its not going to happen. JoePhilly Feb 2013 #189
Manny, it's one of the 7 Habits of Sensible People jsr Feb 2013 #127
Ahh.. Another hyperbolic Manny claim that will never happen. Everyone panic!!! tridim Feb 2013 #129
So Obama's proposal was put on the White House site by Chinese hackers? MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #140
I'm disputing your constant bullshit. tridim Feb 2013 #145
Link to a specific "bullshit" post, or apologize, or MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #154
Manny if the poster linked, the poster wouldn't have time for any thing else. bluestate10 Feb 2013 #175
So we can file you under "coward" MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #180
Not just coward. Jakes Progress Feb 2013 #213
You are just sputtering for sputtering's sake. Jakes Progress Feb 2013 #212
Actually Manny's post is not predicting anything. Manny's post is pointing out Autumn Feb 2013 #141
Manny has been predicting Obama will cut SS and medicare for years. tridim Feb 2013 #144
The OP was not a prediction. As for being right, the offer is on the White House web site. Autumn Feb 2013 #147
So link to a few of my predictions that were wrong. MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #155
Stop picking on Manny One of the 99 Feb 2013 #263
Manny has decided its better to suggest, than to predict. JoePhilly Feb 2013 #183
I don't think Manny is in charge of the White House policy or their web site Autumn Feb 2013 #186
Every 2-3 months, same exact hair on fire thread. Again. And again. JoePhilly Feb 2013 #188
It's a simple fix. Obama can take it off the table, and mean it. Autumn Feb 2013 #200
All I predicted is that Obama was going to offer/call for cuts. And he did. MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #242
It is so tedious, isn't it? I sometime wonder when the 100 or so rec'ers of this tripe Number23 Feb 2013 #230
+1 uponit7771 Feb 2013 #267
Missed this yesterday.... daleanime Feb 2013 #132
No. Hekate Feb 2013 #136
Every door seems to be a rabbit hole. blackspade Feb 2013 #137
A rabbit hole that many on DU happily hop down behind Manny. nt bluestate10 Feb 2013 #176
I remember when the apologists said Obama would *never* push for a chained CPI. Marr Feb 2013 #146
I fully expect ProSense Feb 2013 #152
Did you expect anything else from a "moderate Republican"? Doctor_J Feb 2013 #148
+ Infinity Octafish Feb 2013 #158
Bad move for the Democratic Party. Cleita Feb 2013 #153
doubt it: it's not about whether the GOP may or may not hypocritically use this as a bludgeon, but MisterP Feb 2013 #202
K & R !!! WillyT Feb 2013 #159
It's just a rumor. Obama will veto any cuts, whatever they're called, to SS. Won't he? Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2013 #178
How can he veto them after HE PROPOSED THEM??? Doctor_J Feb 2013 #257
mind explaining why you post a 'Superlative CPI with protections' means no food for ss people? Sunlei Feb 2013 #182
For all those defending Obama n2doc Feb 2013 #185
So he's going to do it THIS time? JoePhilly Feb 2013 #190
I have no idea. Neither do you. n2doc Feb 2013 #192
I've been right every other time its been predicted. JoePhilly Feb 2013 #194
And I hope you are right. n/t n2doc Feb 2013 #195
You don't get to say, "I told you so"-- sorry. Marr Feb 2013 #218
Let's say I have a mint condition Babe Ruth rookie card ...and you want it. JoePhilly Feb 2013 #284
Actually, you're the one making the irrational argument here. Marr Feb 2013 #288
My irrational arguement has held true ... JoePhilly Feb 2013 #289
And once again, its not happening. JoePhilly Feb 2013 #196
IT'S IN THERE! markpkessinger Feb 2013 #203
It was apparently placed on the site by CHINESE HACKERS, not Obama MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #209
Oh, right . . . markpkessinger Feb 2013 #249
But he obviously didn't mean it. woo me with science Feb 2013 #270
LOL! n/t markpkessinger Feb 2013 #271
Knee jerk, "shoot Manny" is now deflated. Yall got to admit Manny got it right FogerRox Feb 2013 #293
+1 n/t markpkessinger Feb 2013 #299
If the offer wasn't a cut... why mention "protecting the vulnerable"? Demo_Chris Feb 2013 #207
You know, ProSense Feb 2013 #211
This is, I think, the second time you have called me a "Hillary fan" Demo_Chris Feb 2013 #220
Here ProSense Feb 2013 #221
Okay? So in over a thousand posts you have found the following: Demo_Chris Feb 2013 #223
Yes, ProSense Feb 2013 #224
Why do you keep dodging the question? I am gonna put it in bold for you Demo_Chris Feb 2013 #225
Well, it means ProSense Feb 2013 #226
You are still dodging a very simple question Demo_Chris Feb 2013 #228
Interesting ProSense Feb 2013 #231
Can you just answer the question? n/t Demo_Chris Feb 2013 #236
Can you ProSense Feb 2013 #239
LOL! Okay, I give up. Can anyone ELSE explain what the hell he is talking about? n/t Demo_Chris Feb 2013 #240
LOL! "She" ProSense Feb 2013 #241
Random misdirection. Marr Feb 2013 #251
Gotcha, thanks. n/t Demo_Chris Feb 2013 #255
It is not to be taken seriously. Jakes Progress Feb 2013 #264
I don't take you fucking seriously. ProSense Feb 2013 #280
I take my fucking seriously. Jakes Progress Feb 2013 #301
Wow ProSense Feb 2013 #282
...what? Marr Feb 2013 #287
Don't sweat it. Jakes Progress Feb 2013 #305
There are a lot of commercials on DU. nt woo me with science Feb 2013 #266
Yeah, ProSense Feb 2013 #281
I'm not a Hillary fan dflprincess Feb 2013 #227
You know ProSense Feb 2013 #229
You don't. Jakes Progress Feb 2013 #306
Yeah, that line really takes the cake. woo me with science Feb 2013 #285
It's part of the deal with the Repugs .. so he'll capitulate .. just watch. YOHABLO Feb 2013 #214
Can't do it by himself, now can he. I'll wait to hear the whole plan, thank you. judesedit Feb 2013 #216
He is trying to stop a nightmare. Lady Freedom Returns Feb 2013 #219
A nightmare proposed by the White House, in a very risky gamble markpkessinger Feb 2013 #247
Trying to save us from th nightmare. Lady Freedom Returns Feb 2013 #250
I think it was foolish . . . markpkessinger Feb 2013 #252
Sane people would never think they would act... Lady Freedom Returns Feb 2013 #256
Really. So why rename it with a less scary title? Marr Feb 2013 #253
You C'mon. Lady Freedom Returns Feb 2013 #260
Yeah, isn't that ironic. Beacool Feb 2013 #303
So conceding ground to terrorists is "protecting" us? Doctor_J Feb 2013 #259
It is the american people that has conceded ground to terrorists Lady Freedom Returns Feb 2013 #262
Oh Manny, you're our ant. Tryin' to move that big ol' rubber tree plant. great white snark Feb 2013 #222
Do you ever get tired of being wrong? You throw the same shitfit every other month. MjolnirTime Feb 2013 #233
Which part of this OP is potentially wrong? MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #235
Ahh yes eleventy dimensional chess which only you understand..... FogerRox Feb 2013 #294
From the time I started lurking here, CheapShotArtist Feb 2013 #238
I've been hearing for weeks how Obama is much more popular than the Repukes Doctor_J Feb 2013 #261
K&R DeSwiss Feb 2013 #268
Kick woo me with science Feb 2013 #275
Lets at least be honest Chained CPI is NOT the same thing at Superlative CPI Sheepshank Feb 2013 #298
They both cut 130 billion in 10 years from SS benefits, do you deny that? FogerRox Feb 2013 #300
two comments one from the article Sheepshank Feb 2013 #302
Both cut 130 billion from SS benefits, yes or no.......... FogerRox Feb 2013 #304
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