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Thu Mar 7, 2013, 10:27 AM Mar 2013

Do you play computer / console games? [View all]

As a follow up do feel playing computer / console games to be a waste of time - fiddling with a joystick while America burns?

61 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
13 (21%)
33 (54%)
6 (10%)
0 (0%)
8 (13%)
This poll is a bullshit poll.
1 (2%)
I like to vote!
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I used to play computer games. HappyMe Mar 2013 #1
Age of Empires? Marrah_G Mar 2013 #12
That's it! Age of Empires! HappyMe Mar 2013 #13
I still play it once in a while Marrah_G Mar 2013 #15
I really liked that game. HappyMe Mar 2013 #20
You can get a demo version of AoE 3 online Marrah_G Mar 2013 #24
Thanks. I'll look for it. HappyMe Mar 2013 #26
Lol, hoyohoyo Jamastiene Mar 2013 #30
I think you need to define "computer game" kentauros Mar 2013 #2
54 year old Call of Duty player. Young kids kick my ass but I have fun! n-t Logical Mar 2013 #3
right behind you, 52. lol. n/t. okieinpain Mar 2013 #66
My motto is "if you can't do something well, enjoy doing it poorly" n-t Logical Mar 2013 #74
Does Solitaire count? RC Mar 2013 #4
The difference is in TV you are being told what to do jeff47 Mar 2013 #43
I play Solitaire and Poker on Pogo.com regularly. RebelOne Mar 2013 #120
And.. reading fiction. RedCappedBandit Mar 2013 #122
Final Fantasy XI Online daily. Puzzledtraveller Mar 2013 #5
You sir or madam are awesome Hayabusa Mar 2013 #16
so it is not ok to enjoy yourself at all in life? Johonny Mar 2013 #6
I should make it clear el_bryanto Mar 2013 #9
Ahh okay, that explains why I didn't see that thread Marrah_G Mar 2013 #11
I may add that poster as well. Javaman Mar 2013 #36
I saw that thread Johonny Mar 2013 #49
Could someone link to that? Occulus Mar 2013 #87
this thread Johonny Mar 2013 #102
I play the word~chain games...keeps my old brain working. Tikki Mar 2013 #7
Cheap entertainment mick063 Mar 2013 #8
My love and I totally agree with you! TM99 Mar 2013 #46
I've played MMORPGs for 15 years Marrah_G Mar 2013 #10
I play checkers online Go Vols Mar 2013 #14
Still rocking Skyrim and Unreal Tournament 2004 reflection Mar 2013 #17
Ive played all the Harry Potter computer games sufrommich Mar 2013 #18
Hell yeah. Video games are one of the few areas left where effort pays off. JVS Mar 2013 #19
But most games are rigged against you too. :P octothorpe Mar 2013 #42
Methinks this is Lounge material... n/t Earth_First Mar 2013 #21
Never, wouldn't even under duress. Denis 11 Mar 2013 #22
Frequent surprise then LondonReign2 Mar 2013 #103
SPMBT Adsos Letter Mar 2013 #23
I just discovered using the 'A' hotkey last night independentpiney Mar 2013 #78
You're the first person I've met who has played SPMBT. Adsos Letter Mar 2013 #82
spwaw is awesome, especially the das riech campaign, nothing better than over running enemy defence loli phabay Mar 2013 #111
Another Shrapnel Gamer! Adsos Letter Mar 2013 #116
i hate shermans, love tigers, t34 rock as well. artillery wise its katyushas for me. loli phabay Mar 2013 #117
You don't see these games mentioned often in these discussions independentpiney Mar 2013 #118
Skyrim and Left 4 Dead 1&2 are my current obsessions. nt Javaman Mar 2013 #25
Put some emulators on my smartphone, now I've got all the old classic arcade games! n/t backscatter712 Mar 2013 #27
Civilization, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, GTA, you name it. Initech Mar 2013 #28
PS3 - only the good ones - RPG's are way cooler than FPS Baclava Mar 2013 #29
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on the PS3 WilmywoodNCparalegal Mar 2013 #31
Mine's on the Xbox 360 derby378 Mar 2013 #85
I voted occasionally, but I also think my definition of computer games is different TlalocW Mar 2013 #32
heh... I was an Evercrack Junkie Marrah_G Mar 2013 #34
My friends were hardcore as well TlalocW Mar 2013 #38
ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marrah_G Mar 2013 #40
I'm a hardcore gamer. I have cancer....I'm on chemo and I don't have energy to do much else. Evoman Mar 2013 #33
Oh dear ... OwnedByCats Mar 2013 #107
These days angry birds is my poison of choice nadinbrzezinski Mar 2013 #35
I try to get some game time in every so often... octothorpe Mar 2013 #37
Longtime MMO player here, I'm currently on Star Trek Online, and fairly impressed with it. nt cecilfirefox Mar 2013 #39
After a couple of Travian servers One_Life_To_Give Mar 2013 #41
Recently go into to it joe1991 Mar 2013 #44
Both of us love gaming. TM99 Mar 2013 #45
They will remove my early 80s arcade MAME from my cold DEAD HANDS!!! HughBeaumont Mar 2013 #47
Have you tried any of the purpose-built controllers? backscatter712 Mar 2013 #51
I will definitely look at it when I get home. HughBeaumont Mar 2013 #55
Something like the X-Arcade would probably do well for Ms. Pacman & the like. backscatter712 Mar 2013 #58
I adore 80's arcade MAME games. TM99 Mar 2013 #63
If you have an Android phone, you can get MAME on Google Play Occulus Mar 2013 #93
they're not games! they're racing simulators. frylock Mar 2013 #48
You can do both Prism Mar 2013 #50
Yes, I often game Ohio Joe Mar 2013 #52
I like Civ 5. I was hoping to try the new Starry Messenger Mar 2013 #53
Do you feel Civ 5 was worth it? Agschmid Mar 2013 #59
I like it, but it is hard to compare the two fairly. Starry Messenger Mar 2013 #68
As far as SimCity goes, yes there have been kinks to work out serverwise, Occulus Mar 2013 #95
The only game I ever got into was Duke Nukem. Now for the real fun............. wandy Mar 2013 #54
Gamer co-pilot: don't play, but good at strategy, finding stuff, etc REP Mar 2013 #56
Only Atari 2600 Adventure MyshkinCommaPrince Mar 2013 #57
I still fire that up in my emulator from time to time reflection Mar 2013 #80
Yes, avidly. white_wolf Mar 2013 #60
Are you suggesting we shouldn't be allowed to have any fun? Apophis Mar 2013 #61
A WW2 Flight combat simulator Populist_Prole Mar 2013 #62
Which one? Hayabusa Mar 2013 #88
try this: KG Mar 2013 #92
IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 Populist_Prole Mar 2013 #94
I can't get it to install on Vista Hayabusa Mar 2013 #96
From a disc or download? Populist_Prole Mar 2013 #98
Civ IV, Gary Grigsby's War in the East, HPS Waterloo, and HPS Gettysburg,.... OldDem2012 Mar 2013 #64
I've been a fan of computer games since Space Quest came out. Jasana Mar 2013 #65
Another Elder Scrolls Series fan here! TM99 Mar 2013 #69
I would love to see a new okieinpain Mar 2013 #67
not recently, but I was a hardcore PC gamer before quinnox Mar 2013 #70
I think video games Le Taz Hot Mar 2013 #71
I play one computer game, a lot krawhitham Mar 2013 #72
Play 'em quite a bit, gradually making one with a friend the last few years Posteritatis Mar 2013 #73
TF2 Demonaut Mar 2013 #75
I'm not sure why, but I quit playing games after Quake III tridim Mar 2013 #76
Rarely, since Leisure Suit Larry and Space Quest. Buns_of_Fire Mar 2013 #77
Downloaded Tomb Raider on Steam last night BklnDem75 Mar 2013 #79
Funny that this poll comes up now... Blue_Tires Mar 2013 #81
May I ask why? el_bryanto Mar 2013 #83
In all honesty, there have been things going on in my life Blue_Tires Mar 2013 #86
Currently addicted to FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS derby378 Mar 2013 #84
I'm happy that after two years, I'll soon be able to play this Hayabusa Mar 2013 #90
That's cool - but I don't have ANY internet at home derby378 Mar 2013 #101
I have it on PC, Hayabusa Mar 2013 #119
Atari 2600 Pong rox. n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #89
All my life theKed Mar 2013 #91
Team Fortress 2 fan (pyro) demwing Mar 2013 #97
Oblivion, Dark Souls, Dragon Age, Fallout 3, I'm looking forward to playing Uncle Joe Mar 2013 #99
ARMA 2 (I44) and DCS world bill Mar 2013 #100
60s-something Hyrule Hero, here... countryjake Mar 2013 #104
Solitaire on my iPad Blue_In_AK Mar 2013 #105
I'm a hardcore gamer Chisox08 Mar 2013 #106
Message auto-removed lilia moon Mar 2013 #108
I play OwnedByCats Mar 2013 #109
So noone plays Battlefield 3? greenymac Mar 2013 #110
I play nothing but BF3 on PS3 truebrit71 Mar 2013 #113
So noone plays Battlefield 3? greenymac Mar 2013 #123
There were a couple of RPG's I liked a few years ago bhikkhu Mar 2013 #112
Bonnie's Bookstore & others on pc only fadedrose Mar 2013 #114
The only game I play is Sims 3. Terra Alta Mar 2013 #115
Avidly RedCappedBandit Mar 2013 #121
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