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22. The other brother Darrell, a republican hero............
Mon May 20, 2013, 11:01 AM
May 2013

Ok, although I wouldn't want Darrell Issa as a friend, a neighbor, or even an acquaintance I simply can't understand why he is held in high acclaim by republicans. Republicans tell us they are good people and believe in god and that us liberals are basically the spawn of the devil.
If you have not seen this self righteous rant pleas do. If you have this self righteous circle jerk, if you have finished throwing up, re visit the hero Darrell Issa's Hall of Shame.
Bishop E.W. Jackson: "The idea that Barack Obama is a Christian is Laughable"
Kinda gives me the willies that folk like this might be you're neighbor.

Get thee to the Greatest Page malaise May 2013 #1
Morning, malaise~ sheshe2 May 2013 #2
Good morning sheshe2 malaise May 2013 #3
k&r.... spanone May 2013 #4
I can't see how Issa ever got into congress OLDMDDEM May 2013 #5
He hails from a very affluent corporate wonder land in North San Diego and South Riverside xtraxritical May 2013 #11
M O N E Y spanone May 2013 #12
Oh, btw, his district was gerrymandered Republicon years ago. xtraxritical May 2013 #13
It's hard to imagine how any human being G_j May 2013 #6
I went and read the skydive forever May 2013 #7
All animals, plants, members of life etc. have more integrity than Issa and his ilk...K&R!! hue May 2013 #8
I know hue~ sheshe2 May 2013 #9
what a despicable man Sheepshank May 2013 #10
And an extremely dangerous one at that. sheshe2 May 2013 #21
Issa is SCUM! lastlib May 2013 #14
And behind every Issa are the teabagger idiots who vote for him, mountain grammy May 2013 #15
Typo? Hubert Flottz May 2013 #17
"Oh Lord please don't let me be misunderstood"...It's a tough world for a person with no ethical byeya May 2013 #16
He is flat out Iwillnevergiveup May 2013 #18
K&R & Bookmarked stevenleser May 2013 #19
You're welcome Steve. sheshe2 May 2013 #24
There are plenty of GOP hacks and dumbasses, but Issa wins "Most Contemptible" hands down. bluedigger May 2013 #20
The other brother Darrell, a republican hero............ wandy May 2013 #22
Issa is a crook, who should be investigated himself. Cleita May 2013 #23
His Hall of Shame is rapidly filling kairos12 May 2013 #25
here will be a certain degree of gridlock as the president adjusts to the fact that he has been one treestar May 2013 #26
Time to hold Issa accountable ... napkinz May 2013 #27
Excellent Graphics! sheshe2 May 2013 #28
Darrell Issa: The Fox News Congressman. Initech May 2013 #30
Darrell Issa is one gigantic fail. Initech May 2013 #29
What's actually the funniest part of Issa's entire crusade is Ikonoklast May 2013 #32
He's like the Joker from The Dark Knight. Initech May 2013 #33
Excellent! Mahalo She! I've read Issa says "everyone has a past." I say Cha May 2013 #31
He may never own his past, Cha. sheshe2 May 2013 #34
Touche! Cha May 2013 #35
He's a bad actor in a bad fiction. dgauss May 2013 #36
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