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Get thee to the Greatest Page malaise May 2013 #1
Morning, malaise~ sheshe2 May 2013 #2
Good morning sheshe2 malaise May 2013 #3
k&r.... spanone May 2013 #4
I can't see how Issa ever got into congress OLDMDDEM May 2013 #5
He hails from a very affluent corporate wonder land in North San Diego and South Riverside xtraxritical May 2013 #11
M O N E Y spanone May 2013 #12
Oh, btw, his district was gerrymandered Republicon years ago. xtraxritical May 2013 #13
It's hard to imagine how any human being G_j May 2013 #6
I went and read the skydive forever May 2013 #7
All animals, plants, members of life etc. have more integrity than Issa and his ilk...K&R!! hue May 2013 #8
I know hue~ sheshe2 May 2013 #9
what a despicable man Sheepshank May 2013 #10
And an extremely dangerous one at that. sheshe2 May 2013 #21
Issa is SCUM! lastlib May 2013 #14
And behind every Issa are the teabagger idiots who vote for him, mountain grammy May 2013 #15
Typo? Hubert Flottz May 2013 #17
"Oh Lord please don't let me be misunderstood"...It's a tough world for a person with no ethical byeya May 2013 #16
He is flat out Iwillnevergiveup May 2013 #18
K&R & Bookmarked stevenleser May 2013 #19
You're welcome Steve. sheshe2 May 2013 #24
There are plenty of GOP hacks and dumbasses, but Issa wins "Most Contemptible" hands down. bluedigger May 2013 #20
The other brother Darrell, a republican hero............ wandy May 2013 #22
Issa is a crook, who should be investigated himself. Cleita May 2013 #23
His Hall of Shame is rapidly filling kairos12 May 2013 #25
here will be a certain degree of gridlock as the president adjusts to the fact that he has been one treestar May 2013 #26
Time to hold Issa accountable ... napkinz May 2013 #27
Excellent Graphics! sheshe2 May 2013 #28
Darrell Issa: The Fox News Congressman. Initech May 2013 #30
Darrell Issa is one gigantic fail. Initech May 2013 #29
What's actually the funniest part of Issa's entire crusade is Ikonoklast May 2013 #32
He's like the Joker from The Dark Knight. Initech May 2013 #33
Excellent! Mahalo She! I've read Issa says "everyone has a past." I say Cha May 2013 #31
He may never own his past, Cha. sheshe2 May 2013 #34
Touche! Cha May 2013 #35
He's a bad actor in a bad fiction. dgauss May 2013 #36
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