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5. One source provided data from March 2013.
Sun Jun 9, 2013, 11:58 AM
Jun 2013

So they are probably still there, not an exposed whistleblower.

"...the tactic of the government is to try and demonize them...." villager Jun 2013 #1
+1 forestpath Jun 2013 #4
this is probably one of his sources. Laura Poitras co-wrote the piece in the WaPo and she has cited okaawhatever Jun 2013 #2
One source provided data from March 2013. dkf Jun 2013 #5
He implied that there may be more than one. This William Binney guy seems to know alot about the okaawhatever Jun 2013 #7
I agree that we should, as a nation, decide if we want this, the wars, and everything else. BenzoDia Jun 2013 #3
Greenwald's passionate defense of whistle-blowers. Luminous Animal Jun 2013 #6
That needs to be an OP. dkf Jun 2013 #8
Okay! Luminous Animal Jun 2013 #10
I agree with you. There I said it. nm rhett o rick Jun 2013 #16
I agree, but in order to have this debate we need to realize that leaks have also done harm. JaneyVee Jun 2013 #12
Really. You have any evidences of leaked classified info emboldens or creates our enemies? Luminous Animal Jun 2013 #15
Here's some I guess: JaneyVee Jun 2013 #18
Kenyans are our enemies? Luminous Animal Jun 2013 #21
AFAIK the Kenyans didn't overthrow the government. CJCRANE Jun 2013 #22
This is a good debate to have. Unfortunately I believe the people would side with continuing JaneyVee Jun 2013 #9
I don't think people would agree to that. dkf Jun 2013 #11
You would have about 98% of Republicans on board and at least 50% of Democrats on board. JaneyVee Jun 2013 #13
This would be a sad thing to bequeath to our kids. dkf Jun 2013 #14
Considering how deeply divided this country is, it's worth knowing what Greenwald's pacalo Jun 2013 #17
Maybe it's Jason Leopold Recursion Jun 2013 #19
LOL - thanks for the trip down memory lane emulatorloo Jun 2013 #20
His source ran away to CHINA. How interesting.... MADem Jun 2013 #23
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