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Mon Jun 17, 2013, 07:51 PM Jun 2013

New Concealed Carry poll [View all]

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The whole geographical distinction became a clusterfuck. No one agrees on what a city, suburb, or even a corn field is, so I'm creating a new poll that doesn't require you to clarify where you live.

Do you support concealed carry: No concealed carry, universal concealed carry, shall issue concealed carry, or may issue concealed carry. Definitions are provided near the end of this entry in Wikipedia. Look for the chart. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concealed_carry_in_the_United_States

76 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I do not support concealed carry
15 (20%)
I support very limited concealed carry with greater training and testing than currently required
2 (3%)
I support broadening concealed carry rights but imposing greater training and testing that currently required
4 (5%)
I support may issue concealed carry
0 (0%)
I support shall issue concealed carry
41 (54%)
I support universal concealed carry, meaning no permit necessary.
6 (8%)
I say fuck guns and anything to do with them.
8 (11%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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New Concealed Carry poll [View all] BainsBane Jun 2013 OP
I apologize for the problems in the first poll BainsBane Jun 2013 #1
I live in a "town" of 59,000 krispos42 Jun 2013 #12
Yeah, it is far more complicated that I realized BainsBane Jun 2013 #19
I support shall-issue CCW with a comprehensive training requirement petronius Jun 2013 #2
So I would put that as option 3 BainsBane Jun 2013 #3
Sounds a lot like the Texas model. oneshooter Jun 2013 #16
Sure does, doesn't it? X_Digger Jun 2013 #22
Thanks for the link - yes, the descriptions of the Texas system that petronius Jun 2013 #29
Except that in Texas it's okay to use that concealed gun to shoot a purse snatcher in the back nt geek tragedy Jun 2013 #80
Only at night. Can't do it in daylight. GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #88
Why is human life so much less valuable at night in Texas? nt geek tragedy Jun 2013 #119
I don't know why the legislators wrote the law that way. N/T GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #124
What you have described Jenoch Jun 2013 #115
To me, what you say is the best solution. n/t RKP5637 Jun 2013 #202
From swamp to city sarisataka Jun 2013 #4
I guess I don't know what to choose. NutmegYankee Jun 2013 #5
Typically these are folk who keep guns on their person BainsBane Jun 2013 #6
Conn. definently has a different law than most states NutmegYankee Jun 2013 #7
They need to separate the NRA from this crap. LiberalFighter Jun 2013 #128
It's just a standard. NutmegYankee Jun 2013 #134
question. why ask this question at all? is there some new fear about individuals and CC? galileoreloaded Jun 2013 #8
Ask Trayvon Martin BainsBane Jun 2013 #9
ask him what? whats the question? nt galileoreloaded Jun 2013 #10
What he thinks about concealed carry BainsBane Jun 2013 #11
Some of those statements are bogus. GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #18
Nice edit pintobean Jun 2013 #13
First I thought you had selected it as a joke. BainsBane Jun 2013 #17
No, not literally. nt pintobean Jun 2013 #20
right, another writing error BainsBane Jun 2013 #21
In the end, there are more of us here who are against this plague of guns than for them DainBramaged Jun 2013 #14
duck? snooper2 Jun 2013 #15
The key is to spot the attack coming and be ready. GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #23
That's not what happens BainsBane Jun 2013 #27
I am talking about common robbery criminals, not deliberate assassins. GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #65
CCwers don't commit drive bys? BainsBane Jun 2013 #76
You left out something critical. GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #85
I'll admit I'm no black belt in google-fu, Bazinga Jun 2013 #132
You are walking down city street with your gun, how do you recognize "threat?" Hoyt Jun 2013 #28
I thought that was pretty well covered in GSC's post. Bazinga Jun 2013 #33
No wouldn't expect them to be honest about their need to tote and all. Hoyt Jun 2013 #34
Ha.. Pelican Jun 2013 #45
Run! Bazinga Jun 2013 #30
Rule 6 sarisataka Jun 2013 #32
The old "dodge and shoot" technique recommended in gungeon back before gun nuts started going, well, Hoyt Jun 2013 #36
I believe retreat should not be required by law sarisataka Jun 2013 #38
I think it should be required, but especially not endorse stand your ground BS. Hoyt Jun 2013 #43
Precisely: tactical decisions should belong to the individual. Lizzie Poppet Jun 2013 #92
"tactical decisions" Progressive dog Jun 2013 #204
not if they look anything like the guy in the blue shirt in response #233 by BainsBane! CTyankee Jun 2013 #249
If I saw any of those pictured sarisataka Jun 2013 #255
Better than throwing a can of beans at them. rl6214 Jun 2013 #48
It works for me, but you gun lovers don't get to go bang bang. Hoyt Jun 2013 #50
Sure it does, then you will swoop in, disarm the gun owner rl6214 Jun 2013 #53
Your post indicates why mental health care is part of solution. Hoyt Jun 2013 #55
Hey, I'm not the one that said I could do that... rl6214 Jun 2013 #73
You should have written it down clearer -- didn't say I "could" do that, I said I "did it" Hoyt Jun 2013 #81
You need a remedial reading course. Re read post 53 rl6214 Jun 2013 #114
+1000 CokeMachine Jun 2013 #137
Universal TheKentuckian Jun 2013 #24
How many free kills BainsBane Jun 2013 #25
Statistically, that would be a terrible neighborhood.... Pelican Jun 2013 #46
That's per gunner BainsBane Jun 2013 #49
There's no understanding the depths of that paragraph.... Pelican Jun 2013 #52
No BainsBane Jun 2013 #54
Do you have a good example... Pelican Jun 2013 #56
Well, no BainsBane Jun 2013 #57
Then why did you say it? Pelican Jun 2013 #58
Partly irony BainsBane Jun 2013 #59
Do you believe that someone who is willing to commit homicide will be deterred... Pelican Jun 2013 #63
Yes BainsBane Jun 2013 #75
The logical gymnastics you have to perform are amazing... Pelican Jun 2013 #77
It's called examples BainsBane Jun 2013 #78
508 murders committed by CC holders BainsBane Jun 2013 #79
Take a closer look. VPC is lying. GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #86
There is a difference between... Pelican Jun 2013 #89
emotional blackmail BainsBane Jun 2013 #94
As for the racial element BainsBane Jun 2013 #60
I assume you mean "stand your ground", not "stand your group". GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #66
It's a license to kill people of color BainsBane Jun 2013 #68
in Florida, most gejohnston Jun 2013 #108
Stand your ground has been evoked by white men who have killed people of color BainsBane Jun 2013 #194
and they went to prison most of the time. gejohnston Jun 2013 #200
like the guy in Texas acquitted for killing a woman BainsBane Jun 2013 #215
newspaper accounts unreliable gejohnston Jun 2013 #219
My source is the same GAO report that Statfor cited BainsBane Jun 2013 #231
Actually, I did read it. gejohnston Jun 2013 #234
ha ha, maybe this is the OP newmember Jun 2013 #135
Most gun control comes from the desire of the ruling white elites to not have armed black folk ceonupe Jun 2013 #160
Think does NOT mean fantasize. GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #69
Wow! Just Wow! dumbcat Jun 2013 #98
Check out post #57... friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #103
lol newmember Jun 2013 #121
"...Presumably the gunners would conceal their guns to go into neighborhoods like mine Jenoch Jun 2013 #152
Quit it -- you'll mess up her mellow!! CokeMachine Jun 2013 #188
I don't know, but I would love to hear ZombieHorde Jun 2013 #26
I support broadening concealed carry rights rrneck Jun 2013 #35
Someone else's words sarisataka Jun 2013 #61
True that. nt rrneck Jun 2013 #74
I like 3 but I voted for 5. Bazinga Jun 2013 #31
I'd like to see equal training provided by those not steeped in guns. Hoyt Jun 2013 #37
Not entirely sure I follow. Bazinga Jun 2013 #39
Nope, I want equal time for someone who doesn't worship/accept gun culture BS. Hoyt Jun 2013 #44
Still not clear. Bazinga Jun 2013 #47
Congress, and everything having to do with guns and gun policy. BainsBane Jun 2013 #62
well that's more clear Bazinga Jun 2013 #136
How did we guess that you'd be for concealed carry? DainBramaged Jun 2013 #41
Life was good in the 18th Century when there were very few laws. Nimajneb Nilknarf Jun 2013 #40
Now the bad people wield power BainsBane Jun 2013 #42
I'm less concerned with the overtly bad than with the morally misguided who believe they are good. Nimajneb Nilknarf Jun 2013 #64
They have killed far more BainsBane Jun 2013 #67
To call that claim hyperbolic would be such an understatement, I don't have an adjective for it. Nimajneb Nilknarf Jun 2013 #71
Naaah, the American Automobile Association has killed more. friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #104
The murder rate was much higher. Warren Stupidity Jun 2013 #70
Indeed it was, and even higher in many parts of Europe. Nimajneb Nilknarf Jun 2013 #72
Shall issue (my vote) & more training. And less hatred in the world. Eleanors38 Jun 2013 #51
Now that IL has been shown the error of their ways, HolyMoley Jun 2013 #82
I know. Imagine Illinoisans thinking their residents had a right to live BainsBane Jun 2013 #83
The right to live includes the right to self-defense. GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #87
Jesus, quit the dishonest bullshit BainsBane Jun 2013 #90
When someone threatens my life, it doesn't matter how much is in my wallet. GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #99
Why does Houston (w/'shall-issue' CCW) have 1/2 the murder rate of 'no-issue' Chicago? friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #107
Look up the FBI statistics for El Paso gejohnston Jun 2013 #109
Talk about dishonest bullshit pintobean Jun 2013 #111
It wouldn't occur to a genius like you BainsBane Jun 2013 #91
That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #101
Learn something BainsBane Jun 2013 #120
Women aren't the only ones killed. GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #125
LOL, only you and your imagination could hand-wave the facts away so creatively. *snort* X_Digger Jun 2013 #112
Wake up BainsBane Jun 2013 #118
So in your fevered imagination, it's CHL holders in TX crossing the MX border to kill women?!? LOL!! X_Digger Jun 2013 #122
No BainsBane Jun 2013 #123
Lol, get your story straight (if you can).. X_Digger Jun 2013 #126
Your dishonestly is repulsive BainsBane Jun 2013 #127
I'm laughing at your fevered imagination- that CHL holders kill undocumented women in the US.. X_Digger Jun 2013 #129
Everything she's posted here is nothing but premium Jun 2013 #131
I had though just overly hyperbolic before this thread.. X_Digger Jun 2013 #138
From my observations pintobean Jun 2013 #140
That's good, then. n/t X_Digger Jun 2013 #141
Post removed Post removed Jun 2013 #142
I tend to take threats to my life rather personally BainsBane Jun 2013 #187
If you have had threats made to you then you need to report them oneshooter Jun 2013 #209
You also take factual accuracy rather casually: friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #213
The Chicago homicide rate for 2013 is significantly down at 34% at the end of May. tammywammy Jun 2013 #218
Granted- but it's still double that of 'shall-issue' Houston. friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #224
Separate topic tammywammy Jun 2013 #225
This year BainsBane Jun 2013 #230
Well, good for them- their murder rate is now only about 1.5x that of Houston's. friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #240
Well, then we should expect the homicide rate in Chicago BainsBane Jun 2013 #242
It's possible- after all, the murder rate in St. Paul fell after 'shall-issue' went into effect. friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #260
I wonder what keeps the Japanese from murdering each other? BainsBane Jun 2013 #243
Possibly their extremely high suicide rate, i.e., they're taking it out on themselves friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #257
Post removed Post removed Jun 2013 #212
I'm a big supporter of CC, premium Jun 2013 #84
I agree with your "take" on " may issue". roamer65 Jun 2013 #145
Pass MadrasT Jun 2013 #93
38,000 homicides a year BainsBane Jun 2013 #95
Of which 2/3rds of those are suicides, premium Jun 2013 #96
I'm sure you can find a way to discount the rest of those deaths too BainsBane Jun 2013 #97
I'm not trying to discount anything, premium Jun 2013 #100
On your other thread Jenoch Jun 2013 #151
LOL, you people always tend to add the suicide numbers in. To be misleading I assume. n-t Logical Jun 2013 #147
That's really funny BainsBane Jun 2013 #148
He's not laughing about the suicides pintobean Jun 2013 #149
Cool story, bro BainsBane Jun 2013 #150
True story, sis pintobean Jun 2013 #153
Indisputable proof BainsBane Jun 2013 #156
I didn't claim cause and effect pintobean Jun 2013 #157
Right, you just thought I was stupid enough to believe the implication BainsBane Jun 2013 #158
I don't think you're stupid, and I'm not a liar. pintobean Jun 2013 #159
When disproving the claim that liberalized ccw causes an increase in crime, Bazinga Jun 2013 #199
I don't care about property crime BainsBane Jun 2013 #214
"I have seen no evidence provided by anyone." Here you are-the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports: friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #223
You do understand that correlation in and of itself is not proof? BainsBane Jun 2013 #236
I'm sorry but you're wrong again. Bazinga Jun 2013 #229
Someone just did make that claim BainsBane Jun 2013 #237
I did not. I demonstrated that your assertions that "CCW increases homicide" is wrong. friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #239
They are not demonstrably wrong BainsBane Jun 2013 #241
'Shall-issue' passed in Minnesota, and the murder rate did not increase. friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #259
When I have a chance I will search academic databases BainsBane Jun 2013 #244
What's wrong with the FBI's "Crime in The United States" reports? friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #258
You mean you did not have evidence at hand when you made your original claim? friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #261
I have read reports to that effect BainsBane Jun 2013 #281
You needn't bother- I've already done it, and provided links to same friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #282
how cynical BainsBane Jun 2013 #287
I *am* in favor of universal background checks. Search my posts. friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #292
You can stop pretending to look for that non-existant evidence now. friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #279
remdi95 BainsBane Jun 2013 #280
Oh, you mean pintobean's post BainsBane Jun 2013 #217
That's twice pintobean Jun 2013 #228
Your pal told me your post was evidence BainsBane Jun 2013 #235
It's been obvious from day one pintobean Jun 2013 #245
Oh, just quit whining BainsBane Jun 2013 #246
That made me lol. pintobean Jun 2013 #247
If you must know BainsBane Jun 2013 #251
That should be good for a laugh for anyone pintobean Jun 2013 #253
Oh the transparency page BainsBane Jun 2013 #256
The difference between "may" issue and "shall issue" gejohnston Jun 2013 #203
I see that you needed to go to Bansalot for help. oneshooter Jun 2013 #102
"My poll wasn't going the way I wanted, plz halp!" n/t Decoy of Fenris Jun 2013 #105
Even with their help CokeMachine Jun 2013 #110
I don't think that her cohorts in Castle Bansalot premium Jun 2013 #113
That just makes the poll totally useless. pintobean Jun 2013 #106
A link to this poll has been posted in the Gungeon. Happy now? (nt) Paladin Jun 2013 #116
Bwahaha! X_Digger Jun 2013 #117
Thanks for the link!! CokeMachine Jun 2013 #130
Hey, at least we all seem to agree "May Issue" sucks Recursion Jun 2013 #133
Just for the record... discntnt_irny_srcsm Jun 2013 #139
It seems to me that "calling out the troops" from Castle Bansalot didn't help. oneshooter Jun 2013 #143
So far, she's gotten one reply, premium Jun 2013 #144
"bansalot" BainsBane Jun 2013 #166
they gotta give this up. They aren't fooling anyone... CTyankee Jun 2013 #207
Truth is irrelevant to them BainsBane Jun 2013 #221
Did you see the original of that post? X_Digger Jun 2013 #146
For posterity aikoaiko Jun 2013 #154
Lol, you expecting an imminent self-delete, too? Glad I wasn't the only one. n/t X_Digger Jun 2013 #155
So how do you figure you're side is winning BainsBane Jun 2013 #164
In "Concealed carry" vs "No concealed carry", CC is winning, so there's that. Decoy of Fenris Jun 2013 #165
no BainsBane Jun 2013 #168
112 for CC, 91 against. Decoy of Fenris Jun 2013 #170
Oh, so lesser concealed carry that exists now BainsBane Jun 2013 #172
Sorry, didn't see a "Lesser concealed" option. Or anyone voting for it. Decoy of Fenris Jun 2013 #173
Number 2? BainsBane Jun 2013 #176
Nope. Decoy of Fenris Jun 2013 #177
fine. That's a good option. Let's enforce it. BainsBane Jun 2013 #179
I'd agree to that. Our common ground is far more common than you think, Bains. Decoy of Fenris Jun 2013 #181
That would be awesome! BainsBane Jun 2013 #182
As long as you are talking about very careful testing BainsBane Jun 2013 #183
I wouldn't be opposed to that, with a provision; Decoy of Fenris Jun 2013 #185
a statewide basis is fine BainsBane Jun 2013 #186
Though number 2 BainsBane Jun 2013 #184
Well it isn't going the way she wanted even after soliciting votes aikoaiko Jun 2013 #167
well, you recruited all kinds of members BainsBane Jun 2013 #169
I recruited nobody. aikoaiko Jun 2013 #205
Probably. n/t Decoy of Fenris Jun 2013 #171
the cognitive dissonance has already kicked in on the pro gun violence side BainsBane Jun 2013 #174
Why don't you just delete again? It'll spare you lots of heartache. :) n/t Decoy of Fenris Jun 2013 #175
So it is a pissing contest? BainsBane Jun 2013 #178
Well, it was, when you were "winning". Suddenly now it's not? n/t Decoy of Fenris Jun 2013 #180
Amazing pintobean Jun 2013 #201
guilty BainsBane Jun 2013 #216
#2 is Texas. they limit CC to trained and tested folks. aikoaiko Jun 2013 #206
read downthread BainsBane Jun 2013 #220
Amazingly, I created the various options to try to give people BainsBane Jun 2013 #222
your opponents just can't see that, but it is very clear. CTyankee Jun 2013 #250
Some people never seem to get beyond BainsBane Jun 2013 #254
Wow, your math really sucks, dude. BainsBane Jun 2013 #162
bear with me on this post please virginia mountainman Jun 2013 #161
Oh, a 45 BainsBane Jun 2013 #163
If I can't carry my claymore openly, why should you get to hide your gun? n/t Scootaloo Jun 2013 #189
Hey, excellent point BainsBane Jun 2013 #190
FWIW - Swords were/should be definitely covered... jmg257 Jun 2013 #210
Probably because one needs skill and physical condition to use a sword BainsBane Jun 2013 #226
Since you don't shoot, how would you know that to be fact. oneshooter Jun 2013 #227
Isn't that the point of the new snazzy weapons? BainsBane Jun 2013 #232
This is real competition shooting. what you showed is crap. oneshooter Jun 2013 #252
For example BainsBane Jun 2013 #233
Holy shit! Look at these guys!!! CTyankee Jun 2013 #248
Since you probably didn't bother to look at my post#252. oneshooter Jun 2013 #290
Are you calling senior citizens "indolent slob"s? GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #262
I'm glad your wife is safe BainsBane Jun 2013 #263
If you can conceal it, why not. oneshooter Jun 2013 #211
Not a Gun owner. Notafraidtoo Jun 2013 #191
Interesting poll results. beevul Jun 2013 #192
No, they aren't BainsBane Jun 2013 #193
Interesting group of "DUers" voting yes in this. DanTex Jun 2013 #195
Interesting, isn't it? BainsBane Jun 2013 #196
Well, it is somewhat of on illustration of an "intensity gap" on guns. DanTex Jun 2013 #197
I can't think of any BainsBane Jun 2013 #198
I really don't know why they have such a burning desire to "prove" that they are good Dems. CTyankee Jun 2013 #208
Seriously BainsBane Jun 2013 #238
Ah, now we gave it: Calling in MIRT to expunge those with whom you disagree. Eleanors38 Jun 2013 #271
Sigh BainsBane Jun 2013 #272
Ho-hum Eleanors38 Jun 2013 #273
Democratic Party gun policy BainsBane Jun 2013 #276
I have seen little to indicate you are liberal or progressive. Eleanors38 Jun 2013 #277
Really? BainsBane Jun 2013 #278
Really. Eleanors38 Jun 2013 #283
Your position on this issue is not in line with Democrats BainsBane Jun 2013 #284
More attacks, more animosity, more untruths... Eleanors38 Jun 2013 #286
Find one post in which I have ever advocated for banning all guns BainsBane Jun 2013 #289
I have to wonder BainsBane Jun 2013 #285
The calls went out, the trolls heeded the calls, no poll to small to sway DainBramaged Jun 2013 #291
Your 2nd and 3rd options Jenoch Jun 2013 #264
Too late to change now BainsBane Jun 2013 #265
"...some care about training and testing and background checks as a prerequisite." Jenoch Jun 2013 #266
excuse me, I live in that state "without a city" BainsBane Jun 2013 #267
I am trying to understand Jenoch Jun 2013 #268
because I believe much of the divide on guns is between urban and rural/suburban BainsBane Jun 2013 #269
How is disarming people Jenoch Jun 2013 #270
Complete disarmament and repealing the 2nd is extremely fringe. Socal31 Jun 2013 #274
I told her not to pintobean Jun 2013 #275
Yes, it's a temper tantrum. NaturalHigh Jun 2013 #288
Reminds me of the Caucasian-Canadian that purported to speak for African-Americans... friendly_iconoclast Jun 2013 #293
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