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22. I'll never understand the people who romanticize him
Thu Jun 27, 2013, 09:09 AM
Jun 2013

He purposefully lied to take a job with the sole reason of stealing government intel. He then ran away with said intel to China and Russia, with his final destination unknown.

His actions are not mythical or heroic. He shares a mindset with Ayn Rand loving minions of Ron and Rand Paul. He believes he's striking a blow against the Evil Empire that is us.

Why people on a Democratic Party supporting website continue to fellate him is beyond me.

+1. nt newfie11 Jun 2013 #1
because BehindTheCurtain76 Jun 2013 #5
Yes. This. djean111 Jun 2013 #2
I don't agree with the course he took (not that he should care about what I think) Democracyinkind Jun 2013 #3
Some people identify with the ruling elites fasttense Jun 2013 #4
One analysis I heard recently theorized that people who don't really understand the leaked info KurtNYC Jun 2013 #6
Could the fourth one just be people who don't want to know? Demit Jun 2013 #8
K&R ! ! ! radiclib Jun 2013 #7
I am the most politically depressed that I have been in a long, long time. If didn't know for Douglas Carpenter Jun 2013 #9
"If there were any evidence at all..." randome Jun 2013 #10
No evidence of his wild claims??????? Except for these: dixiegrrrrl Jun 2013 #34
I don't see anything to support Snowden's claim that the NSA is spying on everybody. randome Jun 2013 #36
OK, they're NOT spying on everybody. MattSh Jun 2013 #68
If you want to believe whatever Snowden tells you, fine. randome Jun 2013 #72
The Verizon warrant is evidence. reusrename Jun 2013 #94
It's evidence of something we already knew and had largely dismissed as trivial. randome Jun 2013 #95
No, you should read what I posted. reusrename Jun 2013 #97
So all this... randome Jun 2013 #98
Now you are starting to sound a lot more rational. This is good. reusrename Jun 2013 #99
You point out the possibility of misuse without evidence to suggest it IS being misused. randome Jun 2013 #100
There is also nothing to prevent the possibility of a noble use, either. reusrename Jun 2013 #101
"Instead it is currently being used to thwart the will of the people." randome Jun 2013 #102
I believe we are literally two heartbeats away from a totalitarian state. reusrename Jun 2013 #103
Did you object to people in the Bush administration outing Valerie Plame? pnwmom Jun 2013 #11
As of now, he has done nothing of the sort. redgreenandblue Jun 2013 #13
Nice metaphor! - nt HardTimes99 Jun 2013 #45
How can you say that? pnwmom Jun 2013 #63
actually Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson have written on this subject Douglas Carpenter Jun 2013 #16
Yes -- that came out a day before Snowden's pnwmom Jun 2013 #65
But but but ... according to POTUS, PRISM only collects metadata ... Myrina Jun 2013 #24
No, you are incorrect. In the US, without a warrant, only telephone meta-data is collected, pnwmom Jun 2013 #70
Valerie Plame says, "In a way, we as U.S. citizens owe Edward Snowden a thank you.... Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2013 #74
That was written only about internal US surveillance and it was written the day before pnwmom Jun 2013 #75
So, she's changed her mind? Link? Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2013 #76
Nope. But she has a brain, and she's a rational, caring person, pnwmom Jun 2013 #77
I'll stick with what she said, not what you think she might think. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2013 #79
Right. What she said about US surveillance the day before Snowden said pnwmom Jun 2013 #80
I'd trust the press a helluva lot more than the NSA/CIA. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2013 #84
+ 100 - Well Said cantbeserious Jun 2013 #12
No fan of Snowden but I agree w you on many points emulatorloo Jun 2013 #14
No less a personage than Senator Dianne Feinstein played the 'traitor' HardTimes99 Jun 2013 #49
She's a war profiteering hawk neo-liberal gatekeeper bobduca Jun 2013 #89
you have nailed all of politics Enrique Jun 2013 #15
K&R! Fire Walk With Me Jun 2013 #17
nailed it; "some people identify with the ruling elites,.." Civilization2 Jun 2013 #18
It borders on blasphemy for some. It reflects poorly on their diety. Fuddnik Jun 2013 #19
So strange: it is like nothing I have ever seen , Kolesar Jun 2013 #29
I think a lot of these people who are so angry with Snowden LuvNewcastle Jun 2013 #20
You also have an invalid premise Kolesar Jun 2013 #27
No, a winger hack and a paulianite report a story and it's taken at face value and then spun by uponit7771 Jun 2013 #32
nailed it Doctor_J Jun 2013 #86
It's an overactive sense of nationalism. AtheistCrusader Jun 2013 #21
I'll never understand the people who romanticize him NightWatcher Jun 2013 #22
pretty much Johonny Jun 2013 #33
I haven't heard of him expressing any Randian ideas. reusrename Jun 2013 #96
+1 tallahasseedem Jun 2013 #105
Authoritarian Personality Disorder. backscatter712 Jun 2013 #23
ding, ding, ding! HooptieWagon Jun 2013 #78
HUGE K & R !!! - THANK YOU !!! WillyT Jun 2013 #25
you have an invalid premise Kolesar Jun 2013 #26
I don't think your central premise is as cut-and-dried as you think jeff47 Jun 2013 #28
I'm with you here. Plucketeer Jun 2013 #30
Snowden is an admitted law breaker Progressive dog Jun 2013 #31
And to me, countries are for the most part arbitrary lines drawn on pieces of paper. redgreenandblue Jun 2013 #37
That is so incredibly idealistic treestar Jun 2013 #43
Well... redgreenandblue Jun 2013 #46
I only have one citizenship so I don't have options treestar Jun 2013 #52
To me, countries have more to do with form of government nt Progressive dog Jun 2013 #54
I'll see your nationalism and raise you Eugene Debs: HardTimes99 Jun 2013 #51
You don't have to be a nationalist Progressive dog Jun 2013 #53
You said, "I am a Nationalist" and I'm responding that I'm like Debs HardTimes99 Jun 2013 #55
You Quoted " I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth; I am a citizen of the world." Progressive dog Jun 2013 #59
Most, or at least many, whistle blowers are Doctor_J Jun 2013 #87
Ellserg didn't flee to another country, Snowden did Progressive dog Jun 2013 #111
So what? Doctor_J Jun 2013 #112
The plumbers are in Snowden's psychiatrist's office Progressive dog Jun 2013 #113
'Leakers', not whistleblowers. randome Jun 2013 #114
+1000 blackspade Jun 2013 #35
PROPAGANDA woo me with science Jun 2013 #38
Yep. With 100's of billions of $ spent, there is no way they overlooked online discussion forums. GoneFishin Jun 2013 #90
Conservatives usually have difficulty thinking for themselves, and also have difficulty Zorra Jun 2013 #39
K&R forestpath Jun 2013 #40
A straw man treestar Jun 2013 #41
I don't care if people commit treason in this country as long as it's in the best interests of the Apophis Jun 2013 #42
Wow. OilemFirchen Jun 2013 #58
snowden has done neither frylock Jun 2013 #60
Not sure how that relates to my post, OilemFirchen Jun 2013 #61
tell that to the founding fathers... grasswire Jun 2013 #62
Amen to that. Apophis Jun 2013 #64
Not in this case, however. OilemFirchen Jun 2013 #66
Over-reaching governments have never been stopped without people breaking the law Marrah_G Jun 2013 #91
That's ridiculous. OilemFirchen Jun 2013 #92
LOL! Marrah_G Jun 2013 #93
None of us have any idea what the collateral fallout of this release is Recursion Jun 2013 #109
You have the soul of a poet: HardTimes99 Jun 2013 #44
Why thank you! redgreenandblue Jun 2013 #47
Pavlovian Partisan Panic? whatchamacallit Jun 2013 #48
I think you went a long way to answering the question marions ghost Jun 2013 #50
Rec. Manning also; maybe more so. Smarmie Doofus Jun 2013 #56
its a combo of authoritarian types and Obama devotees (BOGers) quinnox Jun 2013 #57
let's face it; some are paid stooges and apparatchiks grasswire Jun 2013 #67
Flipped> People who are VALIDATED by his actions. Further, you approve of his leaking to China KittyWampus Jun 2013 #69
What? redgreenandblue Jun 2013 #73
I haven't seen strong condemnations ecstatic Jun 2013 #71
i disagree arely staircase Jun 2013 #81
It has nothing to do with his politics, he conspired to do damage to the U.S. still_one Jun 2013 #82
"our adversaries" redgreenandblue Jun 2013 #104
In their support of Syria, Iran, and North Korea. China also has the same reasoning. still_one Jun 2013 #106
Well, they're harboring Snowden for one Recursion Jun 2013 #108
Snowden took a stand and is risking his life Taverner Jun 2013 #83
No, what bothers people is that he is releasing our spying methods to Russia and China. still_one Jun 2013 #107
nationalists vs. internationalists is as big a part of it as authoritarians vs. anti-authoritarians carolinayellowdog Jun 2013 #85
I agree Harmony Blue Jun 2013 #88
If Snowden's actions can be shown to have cost lives... Orsino Jun 2013 #110
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