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Tue Jul 30, 2013, 04:12 PM Jul 2013

Where do you stand on the NSA? [View all]

Curious how many DU'ers here don't think its overreached and needs some serious oversight/modification.

26 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I unreservedly support the NSA & all its actions. Leave it alone.
1 (4%)
I reservedly support the NSA, & think it has overreached its mission. Rein it in.
13 (50%)
I reject the NSA completely. Abolish it.
12 (46%)
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Where do you stand on the NSA? [View all] KittyWampus Jul 2013 OP
Rein it in, add additional levels of transparency. JoePhilly Jul 2013 #1
Kick the private contractors out while revamping the oversight and laws governing think Jul 2013 #2
If I can get my black ass shot Maximumnegro Jul 2013 #3
Haha. DevonRex Jul 2013 #18
You have quickly become one of my faves here! Summer Hathaway Jul 2013 #42
Tell me first what NSA is doing. Downwinder Jul 2013 #4
I would base your answer on your own current understanding of what it's doing/not doing. KittyWampus Jul 2013 #5
In that case we would have to go to the source of the lying and cover-up. Downwinder Jul 2013 #12
You expect a straight answer from the Kitty? RobertEarl Jul 2013 #13
wtf is your problem? KittyWampus Jul 2013 #14
Hi Kitty RobertEarl Jul 2013 #19
Wow, I would say you and the rest of us who were attacked by a now banned troll are owed an sabrina 1 Jul 2013 #27
Not holding my breath RobertEarl Jul 2013 #30
What a shame to see so much support for an obvious troll. I also engaged him in that thread re his sabrina 1 Jul 2013 #37
'I go hunting a troll'. randome Jul 2013 #38
Isn't that special? RobertEarl Jul 2013 #45
Spying usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #41
My little sister used to do that. Listen in on phone calls and at doors. Downwinder Jul 2013 #48
Waaaaay Worse...there is no comparison to this unprecedented SPYING (LINK) usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #49
Don't see any greesewood switches involved Downwinder Jul 2013 #50
I think it way more than "overreached." snot Jul 2013 #6
Get rid of the Patiot Act and the DHS, take the DEA while you are at it. Rex Jul 2013 #7
+1 LWolf Jul 2013 #21
^^this^^ 17+ intel agencie$ Enough! n/t leftstreet Jul 2013 #22
I have the feeling that NSA itself would welcome some redefinition of its mission leveymg Jul 2013 #8
Pass. The whole damn survellience state ongoing trend needs to go off a cliff quinnox Jul 2013 #9
I reject the NSA and I want to see it abolished. Vashta Nerada Jul 2013 #10
Patriot act should never have become law. PowerToThePeople Jul 2013 #11
You're right, and I'd add to that the suggestion that we create laws so that they never come back. 1-Old-Man Jul 2013 #28
How about an option of customerserviceguy Jul 2013 #15
I'd pretty much call that option #2. KittyWampus Jul 2013 #16
If it were more specific customerserviceguy Jul 2013 #20
You want them listening to Yemen exchange students? think Jul 2013 #26
Yes. customerserviceguy Jul 2013 #31
Unless you think all Yeman exchange students are terrorists think Jul 2013 #33
Of course, not all are customerserviceguy Jul 2013 #35
then why waste the time, resources, and MONEY, especially now usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #51
'do whatever you want to foreign nationals, at home and abroad'. Absolutely not. sabrina 1 Jul 2013 #39
I didn't say "do whatever you want" customerserviceguy Jul 2013 #43
I'm one of those that wants to believe in a functional government in a adirondacker Jul 2013 #17
Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee must be cleared to see product DevonRex Jul 2013 #23
The NSA Should Never Have Gone from Two to Three Steps On the Road Jul 2013 #24
wondering if anyone else would vote KittyWampus Jul 2013 #25
As long as their checks keep clearing, I'm all about 'em. Robb Jul 2013 #29
Other: This poll is utter bullshit cthulu2016 Jul 2013 #32
I voted with option 2 but added my conditions in the thread. think Jul 2013 #34
Option 5 - ignorance is bliss Boom Sound 416 Jul 2013 #36
NSA is redundant with the formation of Homeland Security Harmony Blue Jul 2013 #40
Since nobody on DU really knows MineralMan Jul 2013 #44
Exactly how many security agencies does the federal government have? rug Jul 2013 #46
I dont stand on it, it stands on me markiv Jul 2013 #47
What's interesting is that it seems to be working as intended ucrdem Jul 2013 #52
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