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Le Taz Hot

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Tue Aug 6, 2013, 08:03 AM Aug 2013

Democrats' Move to the Right Profoundly Affects our Young People and Our Future. [View all]

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As a Boomer I lived through one of the most liberal times this country has seen. The policies of the New Deal were still in place and Johnson's Great Society, which included Medicare, was enacted. Civil Rights legislation was passed. Women won the right to have power of their reproductive organs as well as gaining their social and financial independence. In California, if you wanted to go to a public college, your tuition was free, books were affordable and part-time jobs were aplenty. The G.I. bill afforded MILLIONS of people to go to school, start businesses, and buy houses. Strong labor unions ensured families needed only one breadwinner to have a comfortable life. Pensions were a given in virtually all businesses as was health insurance, life insurance and, in some cases, dental and optical. These were ALL liberal policies and they benefited everyone. We benefited as a nation.

But it all changed with the Reagan presidency. Reagan was the perfect front man for the capitalist vultures. He gave the bloodsuckers cover with all that down-homey, ah shucks routine. He told the witless that gummit was the cause of all their problems. (Scapegoats are important when there is a power takeover.) They began one of the most successful campaigns to this day and that was to re-define the word "liberal" as a pejorative. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party, who didn't exactly love Carter and criticized him just as vociferously as did the Republicans, ran to the nearest corner, pulled their binky over their heads and looked frantically for their "passies." They accepted the narrative and we've lived with he consequences ever since.

But I think about the people who were born after the Reagan Era. The above experiences are foreign to them. They think shrinking jobs, wages, rights, safety nets, education, home ownership, etc., is the norm. They've nothing with which to compare. Further, there seemed to be nothing that would really get them up and work for changes as we watched more and more of our liberal world disintegrate. For a long time I didn't see many young people at rallies or political gatherings. But, in 2008, here comes Barack Obama. The young people seemed to relate to him. The fact that he was bi-racial was a plus and the prospect of electing the first African-American president was exciting and I think made them feel like they were part of history. And they were.

Then Obama takes office and takes a sharp right turn. Five-and-a-half years out young peoples' positions are more precarious than ever. Not only can't they find jobs with a living wage, education has fast become the impossible dream as has home ownership. Obama promised them and us a great many things and delivered on almost none of it. The disillusionment was apparent in the 2012 election as far fewer young people and other disenfranchised people who worked for Obama in 2008 were present.

So Obama's failures are two-fold: 1) He sided with the corporations at a pivotal point in our history. We could have begun to reverse so much had the desire by this administration been there. But he had to dance with them who brung him so virtually everything coming out of this White House has been corporate friendly. 2) Just as important -- he disillusioned millions of our young people. This was a population that was apathetic to begin with and here we have an opportunity to engage them and they WERE engaged for awhile until virtually none of the promises were fulfilled. This generation is a instant-grat generation and they see no grats for them. How in the HELL will we ever get them back and engaged again after this?

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K&R for Truth Tellers Octafish Aug 2013 #1
K&R forestpath Aug 2013 #2
K&R.... daleanime Aug 2013 #3
Young folks simply don't know any better mick063 Aug 2013 #4
The defenders are partisans Le Taz Hot Aug 2013 #5
The older folks here know exactly what you`re writing about. democrank Aug 2013 #6
Yep, the Reaction that began in the mid-'70s has been wildly successful deutsey Aug 2013 #9
THANK YOU Skittles Aug 2013 #191
Clinton moved center right too ...Obama the same ...and some want a repeat of that with Hillary. WTF L0oniX Aug 2013 #215
Obama had an army in 2009, he told them to sit in the corner while the grownups ran things Fumesucker Aug 2013 #7
Jesus Christ, what a missed opportunity. Le Taz Hot Aug 2013 #10
He had the Nobel Peace Prize before he ever actually did anything Fumesucker Aug 2013 #30
I feel your pain. ctsnowman Aug 2013 #62
The greatest failure in a century, maybe in our entire history. Egalitarian Thug Aug 2013 #186
Isn't that whats wrong in America? No real patriotism and honor anymore... AZ Progressive Aug 2013 #189
Along with the loss of ambition to do great things. We'd rather not try than risk failing anymore Egalitarian Thug Aug 2013 #190
That's because he is their puppet. No vote rigging needed anymore. duffyduff Aug 2013 #222
Those young Dem voters represented the future of the real Dem party ...thrown under the bus. L0oniX Aug 2013 #218
I'll be even more base with my comment. AngryOldDem Aug 2013 #18
That's cause we did. zeemike Aug 2013 #203
This ^^^^ ctsnowman Aug 2013 #61
+1 leftstreet Aug 2013 #72
THAT will be the epitaph for the Obama Administration: bvar22 Aug 2013 #177
Fooled ya!!! blkmusclmachine Aug 2013 #197
In fairness, the Third Way/DLC/Blue Dogs in the House and Senate, Harry Reid in particular, Zorra Aug 2013 #195
Fooled ya!!! blkmusclmachine Aug 2013 #198
Loosing that Obama Dem youth vote will be the worst mistake in the history of the Dem party. n/t L0oniX Aug 2013 #217
Both the 2008 and 2012 Democratic party platforms were well to the right of the 1956 Republican one. hobbit709 Aug 2013 #8
The bare, unvarnished truth on DU. Whodathunk, huh? RC Aug 2013 #11
Oh, "they'll" be along. Le Taz Hot Aug 2013 #13
There's no point in responding to the nonsense. They are not real Dems anyway. L0oniX Aug 2013 #216
What policies demonstrate a "sharp right turn"? n/t ProSense Aug 2013 #12
Those policies have been enumerated on this board, Le Taz Hot Aug 2013 #14
You can't name them because there are no such policies. n/t ProSense Aug 2013 #15
They are so obvious to people who have lived it, or has paid attention. RC Aug 2013 #21
That's not a policy. Name the policies that demonstrate a "sharp right turn." n/t ProSense Aug 2013 #22
Apparently you can only understand Black and White. RC Aug 2013 #35
I prefer ProSense Aug 2013 #49
Just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they do not exist. RC Aug 2013 #50
Maybe no one wants to get bogged down in your sophistry here. /nt Marr Aug 2013 #78
That's not what "sophistry" means. gulliver Aug 2013 #181
I'm aware of the definition. Marr Aug 2013 #187
It started with leaving single payer Democrats out of the talks about health care. JDPriestly Aug 2013 #168
It started with focusing on health care without doing a thing about the economy duffyduff Aug 2013 #223
Actually, after reading the article I cite in the following post, I realized JDPriestly Aug 2013 #224
Drones ann--- Aug 2013 #36
student loan rate increases burnodo Aug 2013 #68
Are you serious? blackspade Aug 2013 #80
Yes, ProSense Aug 2013 #97
...I'm serious, and anybody can say anything presenting SKEWED facts. Phlem Aug 2013 #144
"Whatever Nonsense." ProSense Aug 2013 #150
OOO Phlem Aug 2013 #153
Ah, the usual self-aggrandizing blue links blackspade Aug 2013 #148
OMG..."blue links" ProSense Aug 2013 #151
More nonsense from ProSense blackspade Aug 2013 #156
And I responded with facts, and then you invoked "blue links" ProSense Aug 2013 #157
Your 'facts' link back to your own posts... blackspade Aug 2013 #159
LOL! What a nonsensical red herring. ProSense Aug 2013 #160
You would know. blackspade Aug 2013 #166
His capitulation on the extending the Bush tax cuts QuestForSense Aug 2013 #98
This message was self-deleted by its author Phlem Aug 2013 #142
Here is just ONE of many: bvar22 Aug 2013 #124
So ProSense Aug 2013 #129
Oh, You want more? bvar22 Aug 2013 #133
LOL! How is ProSense Aug 2013 #140
Excuses...excuses.... but clearly you want MORE examples bvar22 Aug 2013 #147
Not ProSense Aug 2013 #149
Now THAT wasn't very convincing, was it. bvar22 Aug 2013 #162
Have you ever ProSense Aug 2013 #164
I didn't say I would implement Country of Origin Labeling, bvar22 Aug 2013 #169
"YOU Asked for IT!!!" (in big type) ProSense Aug 2013 #170
LOL bvar22 Aug 2013 #173
"Hoffa and Trumka know what it takes if they want access to the White House. " ProSense Aug 2013 #174
Are you really that far gone? Day one; before being sworn into office Barack Obama appoints Egalitarian Thug Aug 2013 #204
HUGE K & R !!! - THANK YOU !!! WillyT Aug 2013 #16
As a boomer living in WI, I often feel the earth has shifted beneath my feet... HereSince1628 Aug 2013 #17
Excellence response! Le Taz Hot Aug 2013 #29
Good post. The problems which came to full bloom in the late 70s..... Junkdrawer Aug 2013 #46
I agree with the exception that I don't see today's youth as much different from us. Bluenorthwest Aug 2013 #19
I don't remember it that way at all. Le Taz Hot Aug 2013 #37
I'm offering the literature of the times. I think that which you claim is 'today's youth' Bluenorthwest Aug 2013 #69
I'm the last one to claim perfection here. Le Taz Hot Aug 2013 #71
Thank you for this. AngryOldDem Aug 2013 #20
Oh, they'll stop by alright, but will read just enough of it, to post some BS why is is wrong. RC Aug 2013 #26
Oh, I know... AngryOldDem Aug 2013 #41
Your argument is invalid because "binky" and "passie" are the same thing Orrex Aug 2013 #23
What is this word 'passie'? Never seen or heard it.... Bluenorthwest Aug 2013 #25
I think he means 'passť' (French) RC Aug 2013 #28
Pacifier Orrex Aug 2013 #31
Nice one. blackspade Aug 2013 #86
Pacifier Fumesucker Aug 2013 #34
LOL! Le Taz Hot Aug 2013 #40
:evilgrin: Orrex Aug 2013 #44
It's a tragedy G_j Aug 2013 #24
Almost as tho' they made SURE it would be thrown away kenny blankenship Aug 2013 #83
K&R, great post Broward Aug 2013 #27
Kicked and Recommended! nt Enthusiast Aug 2013 #32
Which is why ann--- Aug 2013 #33
Advocating not voting for ANY Dems on a Dem site is sickening. SunSeeker Aug 2013 #85
Give us some real Dems to vote for, and we'll oblige. Fuddnik Aug 2013 #95
If keeping wingnuts out of those seats isn't incentive enough for you, how about the SCOTUS? SunSeeker Aug 2013 #107
It is "folks like you" LWolf Aug 2013 #102
Of course I'll work. And donate. SunSeeker Aug 2013 #106
But what for? LWolf Aug 2013 #108
At the very least, to elect Dems because they will not force women to have their rapists babies. nt SunSeeker Aug 2013 #110
Can you answer the question? nt LWolf Aug 2013 #120
I did. In other words, to preserve my ability to control my own body. SunSeeker Aug 2013 #123
THIS question: LWolf Aug 2013 #125
I am going to work to get DEMS elected, whether you think they're "neoliberals" or whatever. SunSeeker Aug 2013 #126
Okay. LWolf Aug 2013 #130
No, the disenfranchisement of the Dem base is caused by Republican voter ID/suppression laws. SunSeeker Aug 2013 #131
if D's are keeping abortion legal DonCoquixote Aug 2013 #146
as for me DonCoquixote Aug 2013 #141
And thus the march continues. nt LWolf Aug 2013 #143
so DonCoquixote Aug 2013 #145
no, it's the folks that accept republican policy from a democratic admin.. frylock Aug 2013 #115
The time to make that choice is in the primaries, not in the general election. SunSeeker Aug 2013 #118
i live in california.. frylock Aug 2013 #132
I do too. And no one said you're supposed to get enthusiastic about Hillary. SunSeeker Aug 2013 #134
living in california affords me the opportunity to vote my conscience.. frylock Aug 2013 #137
And that's how Republicans get elected. SunSeeker Aug 2013 #212
i don't owe you or the democrats jack shit.. frylock Aug 2013 #214
You owe your country a vote that assures a Republican not be elected President. SunSeeker Aug 2013 #228
It is clear that you do NOT understand Presidential Elections. bvar22 Aug 2013 #219
It is clear you do NOT understand how Republicans get elected in CA SunSeeker Aug 2013 #226
Oh, I see what your problem is. bvar22 Aug 2013 #234
LOL. No, you're describing YOUR problem. SunSeeker Aug 2013 #235
Please Proceed. bvar22 Aug 2013 #236
There's very few "safe states," especially with Republicans changing winner take all in blue states. SunSeeker Aug 2013 #237
I disagree that advocating for a non-Democratic vote is "sickening." Maedhros Aug 2013 #127
Why would you come to this site if you don't want to vote for Dems? nt SunSeeker Aug 2013 #128
Because I believe in Democratic principles. Maedhros Aug 2013 #138
If you believe in Democratic principles, you should vote for Democrats. nt SunSeeker Aug 2013 #211
I'm inclined to vote for Democrats who believe in Democratic Principles. Maedhros Aug 2013 #220
ANY Dem is better than a Republican. SunSeeker Aug 2013 #225
No - some Democrats are indistinguishable from Republicans. Maedhros Aug 2013 #227
No, that is not reality. No Dem wants to force you to have your rapist's baby. nt SunSeeker Aug 2013 #229
And not all Republicans want that, either. Maedhros Aug 2013 #230
Her party does, and she supports her party. nt SunSeeker Aug 2013 #231
Here is Olympia Snowe's voting record on abortion issues Maedhros Aug 2013 #232
A DINO would not run against Snowe (she's not running again anyway). But she still supports the GOP SunSeeker Aug 2013 #233
It is fine as long as you are not doing it on a DEMOCRATIC site. SunSeeker Aug 2013 #210
I haven't pushed for third party candidates. Maedhros Aug 2013 #221
How is it that none of you ever think to look in the mirror when assigning blame Egalitarian Thug Aug 2013 #205
It does not sound like you're a member of the Democratic party. nt SunSeeker Aug 2013 #209
I have been waiting for big change sorefeet Aug 2013 #38
YOur Mouth To God's Ear!!! BlueManFan Aug 2013 #65
Reagan was a Reactionary. It's critical to understand what he reacted to as these issues remain... Junkdrawer Aug 2013 #39
Did you see Post #17? Le Taz Hot Aug 2013 #43
Thanks for pointing out that post. Junkdrawer Aug 2013 #45
Young people had no idea what politics and governing were really like. geek tragedy Aug 2013 #42
You could drive a truck through the massive gaps of history lacking in this OP BeyondGeography Aug 2013 #56
assuming this was meant for the OP nt geek tragedy Aug 2013 #57
Guess you missed the last graph nt BeyondGeography Aug 2013 #58
as a favor, could you pretend that I'm an idiot and explain geek tragedy Aug 2013 #59
To quote our convalescing friend George W. Bush BeyondGeography Aug 2013 #60
Yes it is. Takes work and patience. geek tragedy Aug 2013 #64
Thanks, Le Taz. K&R. antigop Aug 2013 #47
A sad k&r from this boomer . . .n/t annabanana Aug 2013 #48
Kick democrank Aug 2013 #51
Don't forget continued job offshoring ...gotta wonder about cheerleaders antigop Aug 2013 #52
Sad K&R. Too much to say. Overseas Aug 2013 #53
At least it's possible for some people to speak the truth here. KUDOS!! nt matthews Aug 2013 #54
I voted for President Obama twice justiceischeap Aug 2013 #55
"Ronnie the Saint" fredamae Aug 2013 #66
Too true! nt justiceischeap Aug 2013 #70
Yes. LWolf Aug 2013 #103
I'm also a boomer 90-percent Aug 2013 #63
If I've somehow conveyed to you Le Taz Hot Aug 2013 #67
Wasn't directed at you in the least 90-percent Aug 2013 #79
I enjoy and agree with a lot of your posts Lifelong Protester Aug 2013 #135
I see the lesser-of-two-evils voting strategy to be exactly what you describe. Maedhros Aug 2013 #136
+1000 blackspade Aug 2013 #73
The most oversimplified overview of American History treestar Aug 2013 #74
Obama is indeed a big factor 90-percent Aug 2013 #82
The assassination of a President and mere election of one treestar Aug 2013 #112
The absolute truth. 1000 x rec! If I could! on point Aug 2013 #75
K&R MotherPetrie Aug 2013 #76
Yeah. I lived it. Jackpine Radical Aug 2013 #77
You are writing the truth TM99 Aug 2013 #81
Instead of talking about young people and speculating about what they think perhaps totodeinhere Aug 2013 #84
This message was self-deleted by its author Orrex Aug 2013 #87
Good grief! Le Taz Hot Aug 2013 #88
What about your false claim that support for President Obama among younger voters declined in totodeinhere Aug 2013 #92
Beautiful posts from you. Very well said. Number23 Aug 2013 #183
No really? So there is a reason for all the young right leaning kiddies? Who woulda thunk! Safetykitten Aug 2013 #89
boomer here LittleGirl Aug 2013 #90
Good OP Taz Hydra Aug 2013 #91
I hope I live to see that opt out. LWolf Aug 2013 #104
We have to try Hydra Aug 2013 #121
The issue is one of Trajectory! HenryWallace Aug 2013 #93
Obama's failures. hay rick Aug 2013 #94
I'm reminded of a line in the movie "The American President." CrispyQ Aug 2013 #213
Kick and Rec! Fuddnik Aug 2013 #96
Kick n/t AngryOldDem Aug 2013 #99
It's the Jon Stewart generation Fearless Aug 2013 #100
K&R Sadly this is true Bryn Aug 2013 #101
"Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are 'It might have been". kentuck Aug 2013 #105
Exactly - TBF Aug 2013 #111
I ask myself why LWolf Aug 2013 #119
+1 Well said, my friend. n/t Egalitarian Thug Aug 2013 #206
If you go back and look at some of his old video clip he was always pro business. A lot of people JRLeft Aug 2013 #109
Not to slam the OP because on the whole, I agree ... Myrina Aug 2013 #113
Lyndon Johnson was remarkable, yet is relatively unknown NAO Aug 2013 #114
The Problem with Johnson's legacy is that it's tied to Le Taz Hot Aug 2013 #117
AMEN! bvar22 Aug 2013 #139
I recall feeling the fix was in during the 2008 primaries... cascadiance Aug 2013 #116
No change. blkmusclmachine Aug 2013 #199
Yep, K&R. Obama blew a golden opportunity quinnox Aug 2013 #122
I wish you were wrong on so many levels. leveymg Aug 2013 #152
"Never let a good crisis go to waste." kentuck Aug 2013 #154
The usual apologists are furiously spinning bowens43 Aug 2013 #155
Yep, talks the talk with eyes on the bold and the daring... WCGreen Aug 2013 #161
PUT THEM ALL ON IGNORE!!!! Skittles Aug 2013 #193
K and R Tiredofthesame Aug 2013 #158
Kick democrank Aug 2013 #163
I'm ten years behind you so I don't know what they call us BrainMann1 Aug 2013 #165
Standing Ovation K&R!!! nt Zorra Aug 2013 #167
ok, correct me if I'm wrong. Sarah Ibarruri Aug 2013 #171
Hope, change and disappointment locks Aug 2013 #172
Getting time for a new party for Democrats bl968 Aug 2013 #175
I am in my early 30's.. Notafraidtoo Aug 2013 #176
Bravo!!! bvar22 Aug 2013 #179
Kick n-t Logical Aug 2013 #178
Start the military draft .. again. That seems to get young folks engaged .. pretty quickly too. YOHABLO Aug 2013 #180
Their move to the right will be w/o me. - K&R n/t DeSwiss Aug 2013 #182
very well said! nashville_brook Aug 2013 #184
K&R woo me with science Aug 2013 #185
Obama and Hillary should've gotten out of the way, We NEEDED a REAL HERO AZ Progressive Aug 2013 #188
truly sad failure this president has been, retrograde in so many ways,.. Civilization2 Aug 2013 #192
corporate health INSURANCE Skittles Aug 2013 #194
The phony Democrats we've been allowed to vote for have been selling us out for decades. blkmusclmachine Aug 2013 #196
Although it's not all his fault (Pelosi and Reid "helped"), Obama's time in office Doctor_J Aug 2013 #200
As another old timer tiredtoo Aug 2013 #201
Opportunity squandered. Great post. n/t DirkGently Aug 2013 #202
I knew in 2008 that he was the largest receipient of Wall Street cash of any candidate in history Douglas Carpenter Aug 2013 #207
Exactly deancr Aug 2013 #208
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