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74. Should we ignore education in this discussion?
Sun Aug 18, 2013, 12:27 PM
Aug 2013

There are many kids who drive themselves extremely hard to maintain an 4.0 average, join school sponsored clubs, take on every form of extra credit and do as much community work as time allows in an effort to earn admittance and/or a scholarship to an Ivy League school. For some of them the stress factor is as mentally damaging as football injuries are to high school players.

How do you propose we protect these kids? Surely not by banning education.

Our daughter is an athletic trainer working in a middle and high school. It's football season! phylny Aug 2013 #1
and try not to let the testosterone splash on me." Thats funny bahrbearian Aug 2013 #4
Player weight limit wouldn't do anything Spider Jerusalem Aug 2013 #2
My son played football all the way through college. Two blown out B Calm Aug 2013 #3
Our daughter (see above, ATC) played soccer - two blown and repaired ACLs, phylny Aug 2013 #5
My niece, who is 9, just had her second concussion playing soccer. Robb Aug 2013 #9
When I was in HS I played Football for all 4 years and Im fine today. Walter-White Aug 2013 #93
My son would say the same thing. He was a running back and took some B Calm Aug 2013 #96
When The Money Of Liability Settlements... KharmaTrain Aug 2013 #6
Don't the families still have to sign a legal waiver? House of Roberts Aug 2013 #52
Limited Liability... KharmaTrain Aug 2013 #55
Yeah, good luck with that YarnAddict Aug 2013 #7
Never could be as long as tomorrow. CK_John Aug 2013 #14
Maybe we could wrap them in bubble wrap... Sotf Aug 2013 #8
For general out-and-out cruelty, your post ranks right up there with the average HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #10
Seems to me... Sotf Aug 2013 #11
Your cruelty (cloaked as it is in quasi-Libertarian rationale) deserves harsh censure. Consider HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #12
Public schools have no right to disable/maim a student for life. CK_John Aug 2013 #16
At which point did they put a gun to anyone's head... Sotf Aug 2013 #17
You don't understand group dynamics. CK_John Aug 2013 #18
K... Sotf Aug 2013 #19
Welcome to DU! Orrex Aug 2013 #56
Extending that logic would mean that motorcycle helmet laws and seat belt laws would be dropped. hedgehog Aug 2013 #95
Wow, so if any athlete has died in any activity that activity should be banned? Brilliant logic! n-t Logical Aug 2013 #20
Way to create a strawman (speaking of 'brilliant logic'). My post was in reply to HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #23
"Libtard"? wow. (nt) pintobean Aug 2013 #25
I don't know what else you call someone whose philosophy about dangerous HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #26
I've only see that word pintobean Aug 2013 #34
I thought it was used to denigrate Libertarians, which is how I intended it. I consider myself HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #35
I object to your use to of the suffix "tard" in this context. Brickbat Aug 2013 #28
In deference to your politely-worded objection, I'm editing all HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #32
Thanks for your consideration. Brickbat Aug 2013 #36
I'm actually leaving a sub-thread intact where pintobean and I discuss what HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #41
I gotta think there's a middle ground between banning football altogether and a mad max free for all Kber Aug 2013 #30
I agree concussions are an issue.... Logical Aug 2013 #37
Agree. Not another "ban" added to the Democratic Party's reputation. Eleanors38 Aug 2013 #61
I see pizza being delivered pretty soon GCP Aug 2013 #49
I agree with Sotf Purrfessor Aug 2013 #70
I was the one posting about lawns. thucythucy Aug 2013 #82
Did I mention you at all? I don't think so... Purrfessor Aug 2013 #83
Yes, you did. thucythucy Aug 2013 #88
You lose on this count... Purrfessor Aug 2013 #90
Whatever. thucythucy Aug 2013 #92
I played all the way from childhood in the parks to a year in college honestly I enjoyed it yes Arcanetrance Aug 2013 #13
Except for the spelling bee. progressoid Aug 2013 #57
Concussions.... Sotf Aug 2013 #60
Thanks for posting. No time like now to raise more awareness of the HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #15
I loved playing football. It was all I really had in high school that helped me fit in. I still... Logical Aug 2013 #21
Todays football is nothing like 10yrs ago. These are football factories. Players are 30% bigger, CK_John Aug 2013 #22
You are saying most high schools in the usa do not have a football team? n-t Logical Aug 2013 #24
True, major cities can't afford it, nor the liability. CK_John Aug 2013 #33
There are 29,000 high schools in America, 14,000 of them have football teams. Also.... Logical Aug 2013 #42
What do you call a "major city"? former9thward Aug 2013 #44
NYC. CK_John Aug 2013 #62
Except it does. former9thward Aug 2013 #63
Didn't know that. New since I went to HS(50's). CK_John Aug 2013 #66
That was 60 years ago! woolldog Aug 2013 #91
Interesting. The football program in our district is nothing like that. Brickbat Aug 2013 #29
There are high schools without football or sports programs?? Where might that be. madinmaryland Aug 2013 #31
Most schools don't have teams? Sheldon Cooper Aug 2013 #39
Really? Kber Aug 2013 #40
It's never too late to relive those HS years. ileus Aug 2013 #69
There's a reason it never catches on with the rest of the world BeyondGeography Aug 2013 #27
Thank you for your concern, but football is going nowhere LittleBlue Aug 2013 #38
Do you believe in science and the Scientific Method? - nt HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #43
lol what a stupid question LittleBlue Aug 2013 #45
Ask your pediatrician or neurologist how he or she feels about scholastic contact sports. I think HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #46
No, it's that I understand the risks LittleBlue Aug 2013 #47
Sorry, I don't think school should be a place where children risk death, whether HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #48
Then don't have your kid play football LittleBlue Aug 2013 #50
I don't need to talk to my representative, as the NSA has already fully HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #51
Science has examined football and soccer LittleBlue Aug 2013 #53
Should we ignore education in this discussion? Purrfessor Aug 2013 #74
Your post is one of the reasons I so enjoy and appreciate DU, as it often forces me out of HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #84
Thank you for your response... Purrfessor Aug 2013 #85
During my last protracted bout of unemployment before this current one, I investigated becoming HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #86
As I am sitting here, watching Sportscenter.... blueamy66 Aug 2013 #54
Congrats on your nephew LittleBlue Aug 2013 #58
Thanks. He's a good boy... blueamy66 Aug 2013 #73
Cheerleaders have just as many injuries. nt Demo_Chris Aug 2013 #59
Is Cheerleading More Dangerous than Football Go Vols Aug 2013 #64
Yes, it is. nt Demo_Chris Aug 2013 #67
One can, however, have cheerleading without acrobatics. One cannot have football without contact. WinkyDink Aug 2013 #75
I am hoping the new "body airbag" technology might make it safer Taverner Aug 2013 #65
My sons season just started yesterday...we have a good line this year ileus Aug 2013 #68
The day my son dropped soccer was a day Mr. Brickbat and I (privately) celebrated. Brickbat Aug 2013 #72
Many, if not most, non-contact sports are far from "boring." Baskeball, skiing, gymnastics, golf, WinkyDink Aug 2013 #76
cycling is in no way boring... ileus Aug 2013 #87
Soccer's boring!? Try track Kber Aug 2013 #78
BREAKING NEWS: High school football player dies after tackle AZ Progressive Aug 2013 #71
Man Dies After He Tripped On Sidewalk Purrfessor Aug 2013 #77
Being Inhuman is popular in America nowadays AZ Progressive Aug 2013 #80
I'm simply pointing that life in general, even activities we take for granted... Purrfessor Aug 2013 #81
I have a solution wercal Aug 2013 #79
First they came for the football players, woolldog Aug 2013 #89
Get rid of helmets and pads FarCenter Aug 2013 #94
Now wait just a minute Orrex Aug 2013 #97
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